I'm looking into martial arts & fitness from a left wing perspective. If anyone has sources on boxing or wrestling and kickboxing training for example, that would be awesome. Every leftie should know some hand to hand combats
side note: part of the reason I want to get into boxing is because i sprained my ass running a couple weeks ago and it wont go away even taking it easy. Like my upper ass muscle and hip/thigh hurts now. I think I'm just going to have to give up running since it isn't going away. I'm just gonna punch a heavy bag for cardio

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You footwork is never good enough, always keep working on it.

Just gonna leave this here


Boxing, wrestling, and kickboxing are sports and if you take them you will near how to compete in a sport. They are not martial arts.

explain, how will boxing, kickboxing, or wrestling not help you in a street fight? How is kickboxing less helpful than for example, karate?

Any kind of close combat experience will help immensely in a fight against someone without it. Martial arts is a good way to get that experience without beating yourself up too bad.

Anyone doing HEMA? I've always been intrested but it's expensive as fuck to get into.

Pipe bomb is the best martial art.

whats HEMA

fuck off a body is the same whether its a porkies or a proles
got to /fit/ or if that isnt "left wing" enough for you go to /cuteboys/

Historical European martial arts, usually medieval fighting styles based on actual manuscripts from the period.

Historical European Martial Arts, It mainly focuses on fencing.

Pugilism makes up a significant portion of it though, and there's a lot of swordfighting that isn't just fencing with foils. Also I'm not sure how much they have on weapons other than swords.

Kickboxing, much like taekwondo, has you competing with a set of rules. There are often rules against kicks below the waistline or knees and elbows for instance. If you train yourself to ignore these things in the interest of sporting competition, you are depriving yourself of useful tools for self-defense. Especially low kicks, the reason they're usually against rules is because they work.

Just fuck off. Combat sports prepare someone for fighting far far better than any commando larping.

Dismissal and a straw man is not a refutation.

No shit. I'm not arguing with you - I'm dismissing you. Your ""argument"" is trash and doesn't hold up to reality. The idea that pic related aren't prepared for the streets is ancap-tier retarded.

Muay Thai or Boxing.

/cuteboys/ is far more right than /fit/.

Mixed fighting is definitely a step up from boxing or taekwondo, but it still suffers from the limitations of its rules. Street fights generally aren't 1v1 encounters in a padded octagon with no small joint breaking allowed and where clinching can stall for time.

Here, this guy does some good writing on the subject of sport vs self defense, have a read sometime:


is boxing still ok though?

Absolute fuckery. There is a metric tonne of evidence that combat sports produce fighting skills. 30 seconds on Youtube will find you a dozen videos of boxers knocking the shit out of people on the street. It's very telling that you think waki gatame is a worthwhile move for self defence.

Are you even serious? Small joint manipulation is nonsense that will not end a fight. Clinching is not stalling. Concrete changes almost nothing.

Don't listen to this retard. Boxing is extremely effective in any self defence situation. Being able to strike harder, faster and more accurately than anyone who's attacking you is invaluable.

All this time you've spent being an easily offended uppity faggot you could have actually read that article gained some insight.

Training to box well will teach you how to win a match in a ring with no low blows and gloves protecting your face from your own hands. I would recommend a wider guard further from the face in a real altercation though. Notice how much wider the bare knuckle guard was before the advent of gloves, this is an excellent example of how a system of rules and competition informs a style that doesn't necessarily teach optimal self-defense.

He is actually advocating waki gatame as a self defence move. This is retarded, because waki gatame requires unrealistic conditions to effect, a prior knowledge of clinching, and is a low-percentage move in the first place that gives you zero control over the rest of the opponent's body. If you did any grappling at all you'd know this.

It will also teach you hand speed, power, accuracy, agility and footwork, proper punching technique, head movement and a dozen other things that are directly translatable to any kind of street fight. If you can land on a trained boxer's jaw then you sure as hell can land on some thug in the streets.
This is elementary common sense and completely obvious to anyone who sees a boxer for the first time. Punching harder and fast doesn't suddenly and magically become useless just because you're outside with no gloves.

My dad tried to put me in judo but I kept skipping classes until he gave up. I kinda regret it now.

fuck judo so some muay thai, theres still time bro

It sure doesn't. And all the training in the world and becoming an Olympic athlete still won't protect you from a sucker punch. Civilian defense is about training the most optimal responses to a threat and giving the best probability of avoiding harm. I think your confusion here is that you assume critiquing sport combat as self-defense training means the alternative is a magic bullet, as if there's some sort of dichotomy going on here. My actual intention is to help you see the limits of whatever you're doing and maybe keep them in the back of your mind while you train.

Although I'm pretty sure boxing doesn't toughen your balls up. Unless Tyson walks around wearing a cup at all times.

Ridiculous, but explains why you have some obsession with "civilian defense" or whatever.

I'm not sure, but I think in every one of your posts now you have managed to construct and attack a straw man. Is it possible that your style has damaged your ability to form a real argument?

This is my first post in the thread, and thusly isn't meant to be some slide into a large argument engaging with you. As far as I can tell, all you have said is "Sports won't prepare you for THE REAL", when that isn't even what they were talking about. Anyways
If that isn't code for balls I don't know what is. Low blows won't work against anyone ready for them. You can't just slide your foot in between Tyson's thighs. Fighting a proboxer, ring or no ring, would have your work cut out for you.
He probably keeps on "making strawmen" because you have made no real, clear arguments. Everything you say just seems to be "Sports aren't the same as real fighting", which is just a dog whistle for gay shit like Aikido. Your language really isn't precise either, with the low blow I had to infer what you meant, and so did the other user. Then you go "Wow guis thanks for misrepresenting me".
Not going to make a large argument. I surprise myself sometimes

Martial arts and fitness have nothing to do with left wing or left wing perspective. Political ideology is not relevant in the act of combat. Go to /fit/.

So you've gone from
Just fuck off.

It's all very well to point out that boxing doesn't teach you low kicks. But if you're trying to use that as an argument against combat sports then you're a larping faggot.

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Larping as knights.

this post is garbage and should be completely dismissed.

Better than nothing, but 7 times out of 10 a fight becomes a grappling contest.
Judo is the most rounded Martial Art. MMA is also good.

Why are all these school fights coming form New Zealand?

Got an actual source for this? X times out of 10 an altercation is started by an attempted surprise blow and involves friends. Grappling in such a situation is never a good idea.

A testament to how your style has limited your ability to consider other targets I suppose. Did you know people have feet, ankles, knees, and thighs too?

No, rather than mean any kind of low blow you chose to interpret it in the most narrow and self-serving way possible because you are a dishonest debater.

If you get sucker punched and jumped by a gang of people then no training is going to help you. You're not going to Jason Bourne your way out of it. At least if you can grapple then you have a better chance of not getting held down or dragged to the ground.

I have a black bely in origami and a shotgun cant see the need for anything else

If you want to learn how to fight, get a group of people and train using free resources online.

t. Self taught black belt in Tae Kwon Do

best discipline tbh you learn how to move fast and kicks are more powerful than punches and you have more range. MMAcucks BTFO




Any amateur mma guy would beat the shit out of you. This isn't a craft you can teach yourself. Remember part of martial arts is humbling yourself enough to learn from others.

If you don't spar or do live grappling you're already at a huge disadvantage

That WebM is fucking badass. The fact he can recognize that combo in a fistfight is just amazing

What's wrong with that? You can be a self taught coder or cook and be great at that. Are you really telling me I need to pay a piglet $150-$200 every month and become a slave to their schedule so I can learn how to fight? Or is it better for me and a friend to go to the local library and use YouTube to study TKD techniques?

Yet the founders of these fighting styles made it up themselves… I wonder who taught them.

Yeah through FREE resources and not feeding the pig who owns the gym.

Grappling is stupid. Why would anyone want to be on their back in a street fight trying to pull an armbar on their opponent? TKD is the best art because it teaches movement and uses your legs to its greatest potential through their kicks that come from many angles.

And for injury user look into myofascial release on YouTube. You may need a tennis, lacrosse or golf ball.

I always get hyped when looking at no-rule streetfights.

Look at them, they will make your adrenaline go up. They are pure reality.

Not much, 90% of street fighting videos are two dudes swinging haymakers at each other

Well, it's certainly more of a hobby since fencing makes up a huge portion but there are those focusing on the post-1700s hand to hand stuff. For me, it's just fun to learn and practise. A sword in capable hands is worderful to look at so don't miss out. Go watch some videos be they theory, sparring or demonstrations.
I though that only applied for pic related but then I remembered all the protection you need even in blossfechten. My club is small and probably the only one in the country, so we just share whatever we bring.

I'm only a beginner (barely attended this year) and have practically zero sparring experience so forgive any mistakes in the following ramble. I can't stress enough on the importance of the sources. I took me a bit to realise and consider just how much can be taken from what is written, in between the lines and not written. Sources only begin to tell fully the what, how and why of individual actions and universal concepts in the Renaissance and it's never guaranteed we'll get all three. Cross-referencing between sources from different periods can be vital to understanding common ideas but you don't have go through so much trouble nowadays. Wiktenauer, videos, threads and articles are there for a reason.

It needs to be understood that the plays are a means to practise the principles that (hopefully) have been laid out by the master. Once one realises that they can be dissected into individual actions and start to consider why one action works better compared to another in a particular context (rule no. 1: don't get hit) the world of historical fencing will open up. Never be afraid to experiment but try to keep within the priciples of a particular master. Especially once the problem of size difference pops up which the sources never seem to discuss. Finally, it's always up to you if you wish to stay faithful to one method of fencing but you have to remember the main aspect of HEMA is the reconstruction of historical traditions.

I've no formal martial arts training but just gaining a better understanding of universal things like footwork and power generation through HEMA really helps me appreciate other, more relevant martial arts. Reading the sources can be confusing at first but there's always reference materials. It's like reading Beowulf or the Iliad for the first time and it's what I expect to go through again if I ever start reading theory.

A real, non intellectual/theory answer?

Look to violent career criminals.

They do 2 things, they do weight lifting, and/or do combat sports like Boxing or MMA.

And they learn how to sucker punch people.

A forgotten side of self protection: Self worth.

People with low self worth tend to give out 'signals' to people that they are easy targets. Abusive people or criminals often 'test' if they think their targets might put up resistance, people with low self worth will fail those tests.


Personal experience:

I do a bodyweight and mobility routine, practice punching my BOB dummy in the garage on the jaw, do expressive writing practice (eg. James Pennebaker), and eat a Paleo Diet.

The best book on martial arts that I've come across (and I've read a few) is an Autobiography called: Watch My Back By Geoff Thompson

This is a video where Geoff Thompson talks about fighting…


My favourite Australian streetfight. Completely outmatched and still got a pipe bomb. Let it sink in. No rule will save you from certain death.


I mean, look at these:
youtube.com/watch?v=r5AdpKtQkbQ ("German" longsword)
youtube.com/watch?v=Cob3JMmtctY ("Italian" longsword)