Losers and virgins are lump-


In the past these people would be the most loyal force for change, who don't have family only a devotion to the cause. Why doesn't socialism appeal?

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Socialism appeals to me. But it doesn't help that the volcels on this board throw a fit whenever incel topics come up.

cuz the alt-right branded itself the virgin ideology, which means the left can't have a virgin vanguard, even though it has tons of frustrated virgins

Extremely deep seeded misogyny
Right wing politics fuck them economically and materially but it coddles their hatred of women.
They feel threatened by left-wing politics because women's liberation and feminism scares them. However, the fear is imaginary and constructed by right-wing figures like Peterson and Yiannopollis who act as if they're fighting some huge threatening force.
The cure to this is to explain class struggle, without mentioning feminism (and not in the lmao idpol is bad way). Then the shared struggle should open their eyes to how cool respecting women is.

Women don't respect us, they consider us leprous subhumans. Why should we respect women? Women's liberation is beta male enslavement and the sexual free market NEEDS to be regulated.

well actually the left can have a virgin vanguard, but with LARPers, LARPers don't like to make both sides similar, they have to be opposites in everyway, even when they actually aren't opposites in every way

Even that misogyny could be turned towards Socialism. You could explain that women act the way they think they act because that's a big way for women to advance under Capitalism. That's why superdork weird looking Elon has a 10/10 supermodel gf while that handsome bum on the street has at most a crusty punk gf. Girls only go for chad because chad is the type of person who succeeds in capitalism.

Marx warned you about the lumpenproles, why didn't you listen?

The left would rather shame them than offer an actual solution because they are an easy target. It's a bully mentality

This, holy fuck. I don't know why anything more nuanced than "X and Y are opposites in every way" triggers the fuck out of some people so much.

Zizek already has a ready-made explanation that kind of aligns with that line of thought
crust punk gfs turn into twee punk waifus when they get tired of sleeping rough and panhandling and settle down to start a bottled vegetable juice company

What do you think separates your material conditions under capitalism and exploitation from that of women workers? Wouldn't the arrangement of marriages be the opposite of freedom for men and women? What if you were gay? What if women just said they were lesbians and lived with another woman to avoid being forcibly married to a man they don't know?
Wouldn't this tear families apart?

That implies that women are succubus leeches that feed of the capable alpha males, or at least to them. As well, this treats women as prizes, that rich people get the "good" women and that the poor are left to the "bad" women. Letting an ounce of misogyny in isn't the way to go.
Misogynistic socialism is a dead end. International Women's Day is a Communist holiday for a reason (at least before liberals stole it)
Chad isn't real btw. Chad is who incels "perform" for, who they want to become sexually independent individuals by mimicking. The mimicry is meant to lead to their own development. However, the Chad they try to mimic is something they made up (or learned). It's an incredibly misogynistic, abusive, stupid, successful, and what they imagine women find attractive. However, none of these things make women like them. So when they try out RooshV or PUA tips, they get rejected. They conclude, then, that people in relationships have some inherent trait that incels don't have. However, it's the opposite. People in relationships - normal people, not Chad - lack traits that incels have: misogyny, unrealistic constructs of masculinity (and to a lesser extent femininity), etc.
As such, incels focus on physical traits - traits out of their control - like penis size, chin definition, wealth, etc. of themselves and obscure concepts of others, usually women (Women are just naturally evil, all women are whores, etc.) It's so they can say, "Oh, I tried everything, but I was born unable to have a relationship because I'm damned with a handicap and women are just evil by nature." In truth, they have no handicap. The reason they have no gf is because there's something they choose to do that makes people not want to date them, including people less attractive than them. And incels know this, but subconsciously. The physical traits and unchangeable fabric of reality constructs keep the incel from accepting his condition, though.

Being in a relationship isn't any guarantee that you lack those traits. I have friends who are in relationships but still don't have the most flattering opinions of women.

So I guess all the wifebeaters aren't misogynistic?

Because now they have online games and harem anime to dry their tear and all they want is to be able to enjoy those without being disturbed by pesky revolutionary politics. National-hedonism, if you will.

What if I want all 3?

Of course a FUCKING ROSE would hate women…

The left has chosen to associate itself with feminism, a movement that denies the men could ever have have any issues in life and devotes significant time to demonizing them. Given the choice between a movement that hates them and openly states it wishes to harm them and right-wingers offering mere neglect, the rational choice is is to support the side wishing to ignore you. Even leftypol is not immune to the disease; witness declare that anyone not wanting to subjugate themselves to the Not Socialist vulva owners party is an evil bigot. The answer is to cast these snakesand their poison out into the wilderness. Not that it will be done.

More like feminism has decided to associate itself with the left. We have supported women's liberation for over a hundred years.

Because there are no longer any socialists, at least in America.

It's simply only varying identity groups attempting to drain as much as they can from the rotting corpse of capitalism.

No one actually wants to work towards socialism anymore.

That's definitely true for some women. I doubt trophy wives of billionaires have any doubt of what they're doing. Marrying up is an expression for a reason.
That's precisely what Capitalism encourages people to think in places with more traditional gender roles; in places without, whether geographic or economic, people are just told to care about their job and mind relationships later.
That's my point, guys like Elon are definitely not chads yet they definitely get the women robots think chad gets.
I'd say you're putting the chicken before the eye. They have those problems because they didn't have certain personally and societally useful traits.
This is a very good point.
Now you're blaming alienation and bad socialization on the individual. Robots aren't alone because they're misogynistic, they're misogynistic because they're alone which then becomes a vicious cycle. On one hand they haven't swallowed the Capitalist ideology of "whether you win or fail is entirely on you", which is good, they just blame the wrong enemy for their problems. They think it's inherent female nature instead of problems caused by Capitalism like alienation, poor socialization, or a society that sees an individual's worth based upon their income.

You can hate modern feminism without being a misogynist. Robots go on Holla Forums and not here precisely because they are misogynists and we'll tell them to stop being idpol retards.

The relationship seems entirely reciprocal today.
"Women's Liberation" is a glittering generality with little inherent meaning. If one were to ask Daly, "Women's Liberation" would involve the removal of 80%-90% of the male population of the planet. I doubt that is what you support.

According to those "modern feminists", no you can't. As far as that movement is concerned, to disagree is bigotry.

Yet people here disagree. People will immediately call you an idpol retard if you say men are inherently sexist or oppressive, but again, the reason robots are on Holla Forums and not here is because we'll say the same to them when they say women are inherently exploitive and uncaring.

Why is this even a current meme, it's retarded as fuck
This board is about socialism, celibacy isn't within that topic
Make /leftyr9k/ if you want >tfw no anarchist gf threads


Yeah but that's not what these "volcel vs incel" threads have been about


A simple google search will find you people who believe the world is flat. You'll also notice that the overwhelming feminist majority elsewhere has declared people here as not being feminists. The reason the robots aren't here is because Holla Forums tell them we are feminists and we have idiots here who are unable to face that they, very much, are not.

Mate, just join a fucking cult if that's what you want, get mass married with a bunch of other assholes and leave the revolution to the grownups.

why are faggots like this allowed here?

If anyone unironically says this they're very likely a shitposter from reddit.

That said, "incel" is not really a thing. It's what bitter sociopaths call themselves when they aren't smart enough to get what they want on their own accord. Sexual repression is a serious issue for the mentally ill, physically deformed, etc, but not everyone's problems are caused by forces out of their control. Some people are just unlikable.

Feminism is not the reason they can't get laid.

Where did I say it was?

Solve economic problems first, and then solve social issues, okay?
Its easier to not be a misogynist if you have a home, food on the table, and are useful to yourself and your peers.
Much harder to not be a misogynist if half your time is spend watching porn, and the other half is spend serving privileged bitches who have much more than you, while appearing to deserve much less.

If you were "unpopular" in highschool, and you spend most of your waking time having to work a shit job, when exactly do you meet people?

You need friends to make friends, and you need friends to meet women, and you need to be part of a group to go out and make bonds and so on.
If you just had bad luck in the last moments you were free, which is school for most of us, then you are in a situation where you haven't the means and time to meet people.

If that's not what you implied, your comment is irrelevant.

Self-described "incels" very rarely have actual life problems.

How can people say incels cannot get girls because of muhsojiny? Do you people even take a walk in the outside world? Do you even see all the shitty abusive relationships? I think everyone that says this shit is even more of a woman hater than incels, you basically say "no problem in any relationship, everything is good" literally you hide all the shit that poisons relationship, have you ever seen a guy beat his girlfriend? A lot of female friends of mine had this problem and its shit and madness and no these guys were not incels they were cool dudebros with lots of friends. Fuck you people who make this shitty argument you are either in bad faith or completely detached to reality.

Thats a very hot opinion, fagtron. Mind arguing it a bit?

They aren't virgins solely because they hate women, they're virgins because they are narcissistic. They lack any sense of self-awareness and think others exist to serve them.

Yes, because "incel" is a term endemic to specific communities, not a general neologism. It is meaningless outside of echo chambers.

t. member of a specific community that has a lot of its own terms

I partially agree with you. It's not so much that people are incel because they are misogynist, but rather that they get caught in a positive feedback loop of rejections and radicalization. They get rejected, they search for a reason other than them being not worthy, they absorb misogynistic propaganda. They try again with their newly acquired perspective and get rejected even harder, etc.

Of course the problem under all of this is the commodification of human relationships. The sexual market. Relationships between individuals are no longer merely an expression of the attunement or synergy between them, it is (and must be) an expression of wellbeing and socio-economical standing of the person.

Society does not look down on a woman dating for example a short guy because it's disrespectful, but because they perceive as a misplaced investment. A missed opportunity of furthering their virtual position in the imaginary relationship market. They did not maximize their profit and this is a sin in our society.

Of course if we see interpersonal relationships as a pseudo-market it follows that there will be wealth accumulation and exploitation and in fact the data shows us exactly this.

You never knew a faggot full of himself who has a girl? Maybe you are the one who needs to get out the basement
Maybe there we are getting closer to the problem but even there a lot of no really self perceiving guys get girls. It's not that incels probably have social problems or some shit I guess, it's easy to get girls even if you are a loser asshole. I know this place is full of 15 years old who want to feel cool but plase stop this shit it's dumb annoying and only pours gasoline on the dumpster fire that are these threads. The only problems of incels are social and related to alienation of capitalism evertything else is bullshit by assholes

The difference is that we don't pretend our memes and banter have meaning outside of our board. These retards consider "involuntary celibacy" to be an objective fact and want it to be adopted as such.
There is also the fact that it is a nonsensical term to begin with. Celibacy is, by definition, voluntary. You cannot involuntarily do something voluntary.

t. uses terms like wage slavery or economic imperialism



It has sense as you explain it, it's more of a vicious circle of self verification of toxic ideas than "muhsojenee is the cause"

The only real difference between "incels" and abusive people in relationships is personal effort.

Political terms have meaning, including stupid ones. Don't be disingenuous.

I'm sorry does the incel community have a political theory to support their specific terms?

Also can you explain to me how are they contradicting?

You arbitrarily accept some terms as "real" and other terms as "fake", based on which ones support your world view and which go against it.
This is dishonest. Make an argument other than "I refuse your term, because its not in the dictionary".

"Race traitor" is a meaningful term, it's just completely retarded if you aren't a Holla Forumsyp.
Okay, I refuse your term because "involuntary celibacy" is inherently nonsensical. Happy?

Dude what are you even talking about? I'm not the same user that said incels do not exist, I intervened only because you made the claim that wage slavery and economic imperialism are contradictory and meaningless.
Please start making sense.

"Wage slavery" is inherently nonsensical, because a slave has no rights, whereas receiving a wage means you have a right.
Yet it is a useful term and sees much application on this board and even in popular discussion.

Its almost as if throwing the dictionary at people is not an argument and you should open your mind to new ideas and your veins to the outside world.

Read Bor… I mean the conversation. I am comparing special group terms he doesn't like to special group terms he does like, hoping he will stop being selectively stupid.

The logical implications of terms are what matter. Race treason makes perfect sense if you subscribe to racialist ideology, "incel" does not, even in context.

New ideas should be open to criticism.

Wanting to have sex, but being unable to do it, makes perfect sense in the context of what incels believe.
Similarly to how wage slavery makes sense in the context of socialists.

Saying "no its shit" is not criticism.

No, it isn't. You just don't have a canned answer for the fact that feminists, while not the cause of these men's pain, deliberately and malevolently rub salt into their wounds.

Then they are not celibate, by definition. They are trying to falsely imply that this inability is intentionally forced onto them.
All criticism sounds like whining to people who see themselves above it.

No shit, these pissants represent what they think men are like.

Top reaction

Will this image become new epic meme?

And wage slaves are not slaves, by definition. Yet the term sees use.
Stop arguing with the dictionary, you fag. Make an argument or fuck off.

Yeah, no, the point of the term is that wage employment is not voluntary in a political sense.
I don't need to refute something that cannot stand on its own two feet.

Not that guy but your level of mental gymnastics is just too high for any mortal, I can't tell if you are serious or not

I think an oxymoronic term is stupid. I fail to see what is disingenuous and convoluted about that.

You know nobody has a problem with terms like "living dead" or "soft metal" but you seem to can't accept such a stupid shit thing like "involuntary celibate" I know you tried to be cool with your thing to join the anti incel club but it's stupid shit and you are forcing this. Nobody cares its an oxymoron, if you feel smart about this cool but nobody fucking cares, you are stupid.

"Incel" is not meant to be ironic or humorous, it is a twisting of the definitions of words to suit an agenda.
Learn to take criticism like a man or go back to Reddit.

Most incels *are* leprous subhumans, though. Maybe if you stopped acting like an entitled asshole and started taking better care of yourself you could actually get laid?

Wouldn't it be easier to unite the proletariat if it wasn't divided by racism and sexism, though? I feel like you have to fight everything together to actually build a mass movement.

don't you have some chad to fuck?
if anyone is entitled here it is you, thinking you some hot shit because you happened to have a pussy

I'm not a cis woman you fuck, I'm a tranny who was Holla Forumstard incel until I realized my own personality was my main obstacle to getting laid. Instead of wallowing in it, I did what I could to make friends and overcome that shit, and now I have two partners. Of course, you're probably boned if you have no irl social outlets whatsoever, but regardless, you aren't entitled to women's bodies.

Right, so you're happy to maliciously torment people so long as they have testicles.

So you're saying that incels should work on themselves if they want to succeed in life? Sounds like a familiar strain of self-help doctrine. Perhaps they should start by tidying their rooms.

It does sort of sound like that, which is why I added the last line. Incels are the way they are partly because of masculine socialization and alienation, sure, but they're still never going to change unless they remove themselves from toxic spaces and start learning how to act like normal people.


Most incel's are human garbage.


I legitimately don't understand how people accomplish this. Sex honestly doesn't interest me that much, but it just seems to happen once in a while. I'm only 18, hella autistic, not muscular (I run half marathons so I am in good shape, health-wise but my arms and shoulders are tiny and effeminate), and I still have slept with five women and one guy without ever putting in any effort. Where you home schooled during high school? Did you go to college? Do you go to social gatherings? Do you fly on planes?

Someone explain it to me I am confused.

Sex "just happens" when you are social person who isn't hideous and doesn't have problems relating to others.

How are there this many people who cant relate to others? Where are they? How can I meet one?

cool story bro
it could just happen if you're lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time

else you need to deliberately make effort to get laid
which is a fucking pain in the ass

They're shut ins. You don't meet them because they don't enjoy/have the means or connections to attend social events.

It's not about entitlement it's about status. As far as society is concerned there is something fundamentally wrong with you if you are not having sex regularly. For many of these people it may be because they want to feel something special and the idea of casual sex makes them sick.

It appeals to some of us. Why it doesn't appeal to them I have no idea.

This seems likely at least in part

Well then that's the problem! They should just go outside!

This. As long as you're not totally obnoxious and can actually get along with people they will want to fuck you on occasion.
t. volcel

This. The only bright side is that some of them actually turn into tolerable people when they finally get laid.

Forgot shitposting flag.

You can "unite the proletariat" on economic issues, so they together can solve the economic situation, and then the rest will follow.
You don't need to have the same opinion on rap music, the Fermi Paradox or smartphone brand to be able to agree on economic policy and work together to reform it.