Was this the perfect anarchist society? They had direct democracy (Pirate Code)...


Was this the perfect anarchist society? They had direct democracy (Pirate Code), no government and swore fealty to no one. Captains were democratically elected by their crews and could be easily deposed if the crew felt he's not doing his job in the common interest.

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Was it real?

Historical Materialism BTFO, im not a leninist anymore


Why didn't the Pirates of the Caribbean movies show this kind of shit? They inexplicably portray the pirates like bloodthirsty bandits and drunks (who for some reason are still good guys) instead of regular sailors impressed who finally got enough of their tyrannical aristocratic officers and mutinied, who then go on to plunder their former oppressors and free likewise enslaved sailors.

Maybe it was because in the first movie the pirates were the bad guys, which they forgot about in the sequels but still kept the same worldbuilding.

Because it's a Disney movie.

It's proto-agorism

Honestly sound like historical revisionism to me

And Disney loves rebels and underdogs.

I don't think it was ever historical fact that pirates were authoritarians or slaves.

Honestly in an era where class consciousness needs to be built as quickly as possible I think that a big budget movie about pirates would be great. It’s already a popular subject, and there is plenty of room for excitement in a pirate story. They could make a movie about a Libertatia style pirate republic made of mutinous sailors (who rebelled against tyrannical aristocrat officers) and freed slaves. Emphasis could be placed on the democracy and egalitarianism of pirate society in opposition to the exploitative slavery of feudal Europe. The story could follow a sailor across his whole career from his mutiny all the way to a heroic last stand of the pirates against the European powers.

Pirates of the Caribbean didn't portray pirates in general that way. The nasty ones were the spooky ghost pirates who were in a living hell. The regular pirates were just dudes out to make a living outside "normal" society. They're portrayed consistently as being free but orderly and self-interested (pirate code) while the royal navy are hapless morons who get fucked by their slave morality.
One of the pirates - Gibbs - is a former royal sailor. This is partially there in subtext.

But it's a fucking disney movie what do you expect?

So Somalia IS actually existing Anarchism?????

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Watch Black Sails.

I actually lived pretty near to where Roberts was buried back when I was in Wales. The guy is a legend.

I can name a good few of the pirates that flew those Jolly Rogers from memory.

1st row 1st flag and the 2nd one 1st with ABH and ABM are the flags of Bartholomew Roberts, Black Bart.

Aha! I knew it! I thought I remember reading that he changed up his flag at least once. Thanks for the confirmation, user.