Based Finnish man murders the EU

FinnBol just destroyed the EU in his newest video using Lenin's analysis of imperialism. He also said we shouldn't participate in EU elections or in the EU parliament as we would legitimize it and uphold the illusion that the EU is democratic. Leftcoms should like this.

no thanks

Are you okay buddy?

become frustrated when reminded of existence of furrites

A ☭TANKIE☭ complaining about imperialism while also defending stalin's satellite states.

You don't know what imperialism is.

FinBol should talk about immigration some time. I read his partys website and their central committee said they’re against work-based immigration and stuff like that.

FinBol might be NazBol.

"Stop playoing the game" doesn't work when you're trapped in it.

The EU parliament isn't part of the game. It's a powerless institution. He didn't say not to participate in elections that actually matter.


what elections are those, then
I mean, if the EU needs to be changed - how to change it? you say that the europarlament is unimportant, but what body can we elect that matters if the EP doesn't

How do you expect to bring about world revolution? Peacefully?

National elections? I don’t think he wants to reform EU but rather to abolish it as it currently stands. So the best way is, probably, to vote for anti-EU parties in your own elections. Or to engage in other anti-EU activities.
The european parliament is absolutely not going to abolish EU, that is for sure.

I Know that violent expansion is fundemental to bring an end to capitalism
I simply find the ☭TANKIE☭s view on the subject with all their "Muh Anti-Imperialism" talk to be a bit hilarious when one takes into account just how much violent expansion their quintessential nation did

Also the Soviet Union wasnt socialist
So even using the Leninist definition of imperialism that states that its only imperialism if a capitalist state did it what the soviet union did was still imperialism

Imperialism isn't violent expansion. You don't know how Marxist-Leninists define imperialism so stop talking about it.

"It isent socialist Couse its not using my pseudo marxist Line of tought that say socialism Will never exist".


Whoever criticizes capitalism, while approving immigration, whose working class is its first victim, had better shut up. Whoever criticizes immigration, while remaining silent about capitalism, should do the same.

Immigrants can also be the working class, you social fascist.

No, they are just increase in the reserve army of labor when they arrive, weakening the unions and labor power of the workers.

This is true, and it's exactly what liberals wanted. It's an convenient distraction from the real enemy, the liberals themselves (most European socdems fit in this category as well, but I'm sure you are aware of that). However, we should still stress solidarity with victims of imperialism.

Capital is either exported to the cheap labour or the cheap labour comes to capital. There's really no difference. Stop being a succdem.

Hate to be the one to say it but he is wrong in a number of ways. Firstly in saying that leftist parties should not only participate in national politics and not in EU parliament elections. There is nothing to be lost in participating, and on the off chance that you can send a few people to Brussels, they get you a bag of Eurobux that would otherwise go to some liberal halfwit. On top of that, you can use those representatives to gum up the work of this sham parliament as much as possible, and show it for what it is.
Secondly, the distinction between imperialism and normal capitalist exploitation is forced. He mentions multinational mining companies extracting minerals in Finland and dumping the money in tax havens. This is something a national bourgeoisie can and will do just the same if you have a normal capitalist development.In addition, multinationals are in fact multinational. The dividends paid by those so called imperialist mining companies will in fact be recycled by the financial sector and end up in, among others, Finnish pension funds. It's global capitalism, you have to deal with it as it is and not as what you want it to be. It's not the foreign porkies that are the problem, it's all of them.

why is this a revelation now? When has it ever been acceptable to participate in bourgeoisie political economy?

Uhh for leninists and M-L:s? Always been ok to take part in your usual elections

Not participating in any established political system is a one-way ticked to becoming a tiny irrelevant sect which accomplishes nothing.
You would think that someone who reads Lenin would understand this


You just described those who do partake in the system. The difference is there is no room for champagne socialists to gain power if you reject elections.

neither will you

Not our problem.
It sucks for them, but all immigration does is depress wages for native working class. You could argue I'm not sympathetic to them, I could argue you aren't sympathetic to natives who suffer.
Personally I am nationalistic. The more "unified" the more the current oligarchs cement themselves. Immigration is a tool to dissolve nationalism and allow banker backed unions to eliminate opposition, spread out and lower wages.
Immigration is not the answer, and it will only get worse as automation increases and you have less jobs as a result, but more people and therefore an excuse to depress wages further. Why do you think Google wants more people in coding? It's because more choices means Google can treat workers worse, then get away with it because 5000 people applied and want to avoid being unemployed.

This. Even then
I fucking hate globalists. They don't see how they are helping corporations and banks, then scream how you're racist because you dislike systems that prop up banks and shit on common people. Then they say they care about working class people, and how they are anti establishment. Nothing is worse than "left wingers" who do nothing but undermine the left. At least people know a capitalist doesn't represent us, but these people claim to do so, and mislead people who have good intentions.