Value of labour in Canada

My father makes $36/hr as a lineman at our local plant. He started 20 years ago at $21/hr. I started at $14/hr a month ago. They only hire contracts and provide zero benefits or pensions.

How can I be more internationalist when mass immigration and globalization have destroyed my small city, the union, and my prospects. I want socialist nationalism but people call me Nazi. I donate to workers united and volunteer in West Africa every other summer. I care about other races/people but I care about my sons and my community more. I'm sorry.

Also i'm starting to think the NEETs are right about the Jews. Someone convince me i'm being brainwashed or show me the light somehow.

How is Porky depressing your wages and crushing your unions Cohn or Patel’s fault?

Since mass immigration started we've lost all our bargaining power. Now we have to compete with the third world and we get third world wages and third world benefits. We've lost 40,000 factories and added 5,000,000 immigrants to my province in the last two decades. I'm not going to go onto a diatribe about Jews but they make a good point. I'm not anti-feminist or anti-abortion or anti-affirmative action but Jews led all of these movements in Canada. The international Jewish press has debased large amounts of our youth. This is indisputable.

Jews seem to run much of the media in Canada as well. They run almost all of these enterprises at a massive loss too, crowding out the market. Jewish influence is overwhelmingly negative that's for sure. It took me many years to come to this conclusion but if it's possible to be convinced otherwise I would.

Not to mention socialism/communism is hated worldwide because a handful of sadistic Jewish communists exterminated tens of millions of Christian Europeans. The damage might have been permanent.

Mass immigration has almost bankrupted our province as well. We've added $240b of our $300b debt in the last 15 years. Our hospitals are packed full of the "international proletariat".

I'm starting to become convinced that international socialism is the perfect way to stop nationalist socialism, the only realistic socialism, from sweeping the planet.

collectivist ideas like communism need a collective to apply to in order to be coherent, this necessarily means having an in group and an out group
your in group can be as small as a hippie commune or as large as a nation, historically speaking

This is a neoliberal problem not a socialist problem
These immigrants are bing exploited
You are being exploited since yoyre forced to compete because the factories want to maintain profit above all else, if they can hire labour for 10 cents over 11 cents they will
Dont go against these immigrants becsude chances are youd be doing the same thing, being economically forced to leave their homes and families in order to have better living conditions
This is capitalism, this is right wing economics at work, dont go against the poor man trying to not go hungry, go against the factory owner that forces you to "compete" more in order for HIM to gain more profits

Also stop going to Holla Forums, whatever gold they strike with da joos is because they have a very controlling lobby in finance, nothing more

Bargaining power only matters under market conditions, i.e. the thing we're fighting to abolish. Also spare me your antisemitism/holodohoax bullshit.

well porky was the main party pushing for Patel to immigrate.

There's nothing wrong with being afraid of immigration as a wage worker. If your labour is in high supply and low demand, your value goes down. Add to that the fact that illegal immigrants do not cost taxes to the employers and you can easily see how they are used to fuck the worker.

You are completely in the right to protest against this, but you also need o understand that it is not the immigrant's fault. He is simply fleeing from an economically oppressive country to a lesser oppressive one, but he is being royally fucked as well, as he is forced to accept a low wage with little to no benefits and political representation, while being most likely in debt with whatever organization managed his coming to the country.

The solution is yes stopping immigration, but to do that it is simply a matter of making the immigrant as valid as a choice as the local worker, this means political and social representation, rights and guarantees for immigrants as well. It's a simple matter of self-interest, if porky does not get anything from the immigrant he will not be interested in continuing to import cheap labour to the country.

The 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Hibernians🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are just as prevalent in Canadian media, banking and government (they basically run Montreal) so why aren't we talking about the Celtic Conspiracy?

BO is part of the hibernian conspiracy. I knew it
The eternal anglo will not win

And Porky cares more about his profit than your backwater town and your children, so tough luck.

I guess this is what happens when we base our positions on our own narrow vision and "Fuck you I got mine" mentality rather than cooperation and mutual aid.

By all means do continue imagining an irrelevant nation like Canada can enact any change on it's own. Capital is international and not subservient to any nation, we need international socialism to fight. You'd think the Soviet mistakes would be well learned by now.

Jews are 1% of the Canadian population.

Canada was great before mass immigration. We had a progressive society. Now we're turning into a third world country.

Organize the immigrants that are here, and restrict the flow of new immigrants. There is no reason to resent Pajeet or Zhou themselves, they’re in the same boat as you. Organize with them, unionize them.

Canada is completely segregated.

Whites move away from them, and they choose to live in their own ethnic enclaves nine times out of ten. Multiculturalism has never worked throughout history so it doesn't surprise me.

Some 90% of the countries on this planet are ethnostates. International race blind socialism is suicidal and that's why it's pushed and tolerated. It's not a threat to anyone but working class whites.

I didn’t say anything about multiculturalism, I said put aside your petty spooks and work with your fellow proles. If people naturally self segregate then that’s because they are spooked, and you are making that worse by being spooked yourself. Immigrants are a reality, you can either work with them, organize with them and struggle together against your common enemy, or let porky divide you and get nowhere, or worse drive them into the arms of neoliberals.


Actually the opposite is true, porky has always pushed for racial and national division because it prevents the working class from uniting and acting together. Porkies literally fund shit like BLM, but threw COINTELPRO at groups that advocated racial unity and socialism like the Black Panthers or IWW. How can you resist porky when you are at war with millions of your fellow workers? Porky has all the resources, all the money, all the military power. The ONLY thing proles have on their side is sheer numbers, and that only works when we put aside spooks and act together.

Socialist internationalism is not the same thing as globalization you retard. Also, crises and the lowering of wages will still happen with or without migrants. You might want to start looking why either of these things are happening at all.

That is not fucking true holy shit youre completely obviating the historical processes of mainstream cultural hegemony on the effects of these states, fucking read books about history, cooperat with your fellow man in order to not have porky exploiting you all and drop this racialist bullcrap, Canada is NOT becoming a fucking third world nation because some Pajeets moved in, if anything its CONSERVING its status as a first world nation through the exploitation of this international labour that guess what also want to find food for the table and a life for their kids


yeah I'm sure immigrants all just "chose" to live in shitty segregated neighborhoods


"Multiculturalism" is a recent construct. Most people didn't see themselves as part of a broader "culture" as we understand it until the 19th century. The reason why so many nation-states are ethnically homogeneous is that those were established on the very premise of a common ethnicity.

You can literally make the same kind of tabel for various industries if you replace Jewish with let's say Irish people. Just google it.

Internationalism is the understanding that the struggle for socialism doesn't stop at your country's borders and that is is part of a global movement aimed at abolishing capitalism — the working class has no country and shouldn't fight among itself for scraps. It doesn't mean not being critical of capitalist globalization.

"Mass immigration" in itself didn't destroy your city; capitalists wielding it as a tool to better exploit the working class did. Pajeet isn't responsible for your miseries.

Mass immigration didn't "destroy" your union; the advent of neoliberalism in the late '70s did.

Socialism can't exist in a single country. What you actually want is protectionist social democracy at best, i.e. a discriminatory welfare state.

There are many Canadians who aren't your sons or part of your community, and you seem to have no issue with them entering into competition with you on the job market.

God this screencap is always relevant when Holla Forumstards start spouting their bullshit.

White is just another term for European Christendom. It's an ethno-cultural-religious grouping. Far more coherent of a group than "Jews".

I don't want to compete with third worlders that will work for a dollar an hour. Competing with the third world has destroyed my community and my country.

We were 95%+ European from ~1650 - 1990


No you can't. "Google it" isn't an argument. International race blind socialists (almost entirely Jewish) destroyed socialism. Racial/nationalism socialism took the entire world to defeat it. China, a racial/national socialist country, will be the world hegemon soon.

Make an argument.

It's usually the capitalists who push for open borders and endless migrants. It's easy money for them and one of the laziest ways to get quick profit.

They are also not "third worlders" when they come over. Porky wants them to drive labor value down, porky also makes sure living conditions in their home countries continue to deteriorate. Of course they will move if they can, but even then the most dirt poor of them do not come over, this causes a brain drain in these countries.

No. Internationalism has destroyed our unions and our living standards. Nationalist Socialism, like we had for half a century, was perfect until we opened the borders first to Jews and then to the rest of the non-European world.

Jews created the rise of Hitler instead of a more peaceful leader. If Jewish communists didn't savagely exterminate so many people perhaps socialism wouldn't be hated the world over.

You cannot have socialism with private property.

wtf is that supposed to mean? I volunteer in West Africa and I know just how unwelcome I am in 99% of Africa. My wife wouldn't last two minutes in a rural Indian/Pakistani/Thai/Arabic village.

I'm convinced you internationalists are plants that have and will continue to destroy the only successful socialism that has ever existed. China will NEVER open its borders.

Not an argument.

I'd like to see how you justify that.