I used to be a leftist until I realized they're all bureaucrats at heart...

I used to be a leftist until I realized they're all bureaucrats at heart, don't be fooled by all the calculated 'transgression' and snark, these people are cops. Shrinks. Low level security operatives working for an all encompassing managerial society of control. They hide behind the banner of common sense rationality, 'basic human decency' and other empty signifiers while presiding over the liquidation and banalization of being. Their role is fundamentally repressive, that of turning subjects into objects of management, oedipalizing them into the new postfordian power structures ie. 'women in tech', Lockheed Martin sponsored pride parades. The far right represents the logical conclusion, the completion and fulfillment of the radical critique of postmodernism, post-structuralism, queer theory etc. The radical critique that refuses to be recuperated.

Are you confusing us with liberals again?

Doesn't make a difference, the Marxist project died more than 50 years ago. Marxism doesn't exist in any real sense anymore other than a few out-of-touch academics and a couple thousand people online.

What about Labour? Jeremy is clearly a demsoc.

Corbyn? A leftist, but not a Marxist.

Marxist-Leninism, as it actually existed, was masculine, authoritarian, implicitly violent, autocratic, militaristic, and overwhelmingly white. They considered people who act like American or British leftists to be mentally ill or criminals.

Culturally, Marxism looks like the culture of East Berlin did - it doesn't look like NYC.

Sorry, meant to respond to you.

Marxism doesn't look like anything "culturally" (whatever "culture" means); it's purely economic.

I'm talking about Marxism as it actually existed in history, not your ideal theories.

We can't all be anti-establishment revolutionaries like Dugin.

A huge chunk of USSR was in the middle east and every other major socialist power was from Asia or Latin America.

Very true, your point is? I was just making the distinction that what today's leftists think Marxism would be like culturally has very little resemblance to how it actually was.

Lol what does this even mean?
Are you sure you're not talking of the petite burgeousie liberal?
Empty words without any meaning whatsoever.
Do you even know what are you talking about or do you just smash cool sounding words together hoping for a good result?
Gotta give it to you, it's not that easy to write so much while saying so little.

ur dumb

oh yes Mr. ☭TANKIE☭ talk dirty to me.

i'm using critical theory terminology, just cause you can't understand it doesn't mean it has no meaning.

petite bourgeois liberal / modern marxist. both the same thing. what they say they believe makes no difference. the far right is the only avenue for change anymore in the western world, leftism has become completely co-opted, and there's still a chance for the right to break free before they become absorbed into the totalizing specter of capitalism as well. this is the reason why the american right wing post-ww2 should have allied itself with the USSR, against America. America needs to die in order for the world to grow, and I don't particularly care which political faction gets it done. I would be fine with an alliance between the "alt.right" and the "alt.left" (lol)

You are an astounding moron, bucko. You’re right about having to move beyond Marx though.

i've read all post-left, post-marxist, left-communist stuff it's not enough. gilles dauve is not going to change anything.

The right doesn't need to worry about being co-opted because you are already supported by the establishment. Idiots, the lot of you.

depends on what you consider "right". there doesn't exist any genuine right-wing movement in America and there hasn't since the end of ww2, but the conditions both materially and otherwise are there for the growth of one.

Then illuminate me oh master, so that I may follow your light.
I was criticizing the fact that you are talking of fried air and hiding behind big words. You haven't actually said anything of value.
Can I ask how can you say this or am I supposed to believe you because of your incredible charisma?
How exactly is the far right an alternative to capitalism, when it supports the same economical structure?

read debord and deleuze

also far-right is anti-capitalism and a return to pre-Marxian socialism, how am i supposed to take you seriously if you don't even know the basics or haven't read any right-wing theory. don't respond to me again.


change, yes like destroying the american government which should be the main priority of any contemporary leftist or rightist

This does not answer my questions. If you're not capable of explaining what you read you have not fully understood the concept.
Again what is the modern marxist? How is the far right actually going to get beyond capitalism and with what economical structure?

But why I am having so much fun.

it's not my job to educate you :)

the far-right will replace techno-industrial capitalism with Not Socialism aka prussian socialism aka christian ethical racial socialism, which is premised upon natural patterns of life, labor, association, and command and obedience. the problem with leftypol is that they learn their history from high school classes so they think the NSDAP was MUH CAPITILUSM. just because fascism is inherently anti-marxist doesn't mean it's anti socialist (remember: marx didn't invent socialism) read Preussentum und Sozialismus by Oswald Spengler.

Much like the phony liberal left and ☭TANKIE☭s i see nothing but a Cultist of life, in a way you made no jumps you stayed in your place but changed the names.

Marxism is not "something that actually exists in history", it's a framework of analysis.


i would respect a ☭TANKIE☭ more than you at least they attempt to do stuff like historical revisionism. what's a life cultist, a christian? cuz if so, you're right, this is the real main conflict between left and right since the french revolution.

t. guy that was never a leftist
fuck off back to Holla Forums

WRONG, how is it even possible to be so delusional? Marxism has to be considered historically in its concrete manifestations. It's impossible to extricate Marxism from Leninist political doctrine or from the Soviet Union


… Yes, it is?

There is a reason i call ☭TANKIE☭s red Christians, you people are all the same moralists slaves, Gaia worshipers i swear.

I did not say that, but if you want to have an actual discussion, you should be able to explain yourself, since you are apparently so well read.
So you're not talking of socialism, then. Why are we even discussing?
Was the economy transformed in some significant way?
I prefer my braincells to remain alive, thanks.

Not if you want to start talking about real politics and not just the Frankfurt School.

Tankies are cool, too bad we didn't ally with them to take over america.

I'm talking about Nat*onal Socialism, and yes the economy was transformed in major ways I could recommend you some books but it's quite obvious you're not fond of reading sweetie :🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧))

YOu're just another one of those out-of-touch academics who conflate Marxism with an abstract doctrine that purportedly is pure in essence. To suggest that Communism/Marxism is something other than what it is as extant in the world borders on delusion.

you sound like a guy who just stumbled upon the wikipedia page for third pösitionism or julius evola
you're not special because you have a tumblr titled "revolt against the modern world"
wiki-hoppers man i swear

Oh I am fond of reading, but I occupy my time with useful books, not idealist crap.
Now my question is still there. How was the economy transformed by the Nazi party? Can you answer one single question? You did nothing else than state your idiocy in this entire thread, I think I deserve this one.

Okay, then you must accept, on the other hand, that fascism has always been capitalist in practice. Hitler and his disciples purged any remotely socialist members of the Nazis to appease German capitalists and the German military.

and YOU sound like a fool who's never read a goddam history book. DO you even know the main ideological foundations of fascism? List them to me. DO you understand the metapolitical dimension of Not Socialism is its nakedly political character that was and is coextant with a religious/historical/cultural imperative the absence of which is ordinarily considered to define modern political thought.

Out-of-touch with what exactly?

Marxism is neither abstract nor pure, it is the materialist and dialectical framework of analysis laid out by Karl Marx. In no way does adherence to Marxism force you to embrace every school of thought it spawned. Leninism implies (a certain interpretation of) Marxism but Marxism doesn't imply Leninism.

Communism is the real movement that abolishes the present state of things — private property, social classes, the state, the law of value, commodity production and the money-form. The USSR simply didn't go in that direction.

NOPE. Nazi Germany was anti-capitalist, anti all of modernity to the extreme.

FUcking idiot, you dismiss all of philosophy as "idealist" crap? You are an insult to Marx.

But this is the point, buddy. Your idiotic ideology is nothing else than an idealist framework with no substance, no economic basis.


Go back to reading Gilles Dauve idiot. Marxism is not the real movement of anything, yo uare exactly the people I am talking about and why the Left will fail again and again. Nick Land's dumb fantasy is vastly more likely to be the "real movement" of thing then yours will ever be

Yes, the Nazis were a Christian movement. Like I said before, this is the MAIN conflict of Left and Right post-french revolution, atheist immoral libertines versus pious men of faith

HOLY FUCK, you are so delusional. I will respect ☭TANKIE☭s and Stalinists a thousands times more than I will ever your kind

extremely spooky itt

The core of the Right is spiritual, and if you don't understand religion of course you will never understand right-wing views.

""I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.""
""We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian."
- Adolf Hitler

Marx literally eviscerated Stirner's philosophy, gtfo.

Wrong. NutSac is pagan.


The ideological foundations of Fascism go back to late 19th-century French national-syndicalism and antisemitism but they aren't all that important. Fascism is a cult of youth, violence, irrationality, purity and death before anything even remotely theoretical.

I'll give that to you, you really go out of your way to try and sound smart. Too bad it doesn't work.

You do realize that communism was first defined as "the real movement" by Marx, right?

Hitler's public comments regarding Christianity were cynical PR stunts targeted at a largely-Christian German population. He was critical of Christianity in private and so were many other prominent Nazi figures like Himmler, Goebells or Rosenberg.

That's right, because the USSR didn't abolish anything. The fundamental categories of capitalism were fully operating in the Eastern Bloc.

Those the only reason I consider myself a leftists.

Dumb Lenin and Stalin, they didnt go in the right direction. Why didn't you go in the right direction dude????

COMMUNISM is the REAL MOVEMENT that abolishes the present state of things. Too bad for Lenin his movement wasn't REAL. He should have just gone in the right direction, but don't worry now there is user on the internet who is going to do it the right way this time!


And Hitler should have done things right but he didn't and now he has accelerated wh*te ``genocide´´. What's your point?

t. abstract universal ideology


He's probably going to say that his special snowflake definition of socialism isn't marxist so this .jpeg infograph doesn't hold any water.

I'm actually of the mind that his story is quite correct, except that he never was a leftist and then he just became a standard "pluralist shade" of sophism. Might actually just be another generic post-left fag, à la Levinas or Agamben.

God i fucking hate nazi's

Does anyone want to fill me in on why so much of Fascist and right wing thought eventually degenerates into jerking off into gay summoning circles and trying to use magic so much of the time? No really though, this shit is everywhere in their stuff.

magical thinking just naturally leads to magical practice

Marx lived in England when he wrote Capital. You should read him


not sure which brand of far right you are but hitlerists are fucking retarded. nrx are fucking insane but also kind of interesting
the far right represents the other side and extension of postmodernism, poststructuralism and queer theory. Aryanism and the like are the pre-queer theory, how else are you going to remove oppressive aka Jewish structures and forms from culture
how else are you going to express your true gay black/masculine aryan identity as a part of the society.
Even if what the Führer says is false, it is still true, because from the standpoint of his racial/sexual subjectivity it appeared so. The Führer is the embodiment of the Will, and the Will is the Truth.
I'm gonna go ahead and call your identitarianism dumb, but what I say is meaningless because I'm Jewish/CisHeteroMale
Marxism is distinctly modernist. A cursory reading of late 19th century history of ideologies and ideas would tell you as much - everyone but the socialist left abandoned rationalism.

Read ancom stuff.


Toppest of keks

Is this psychobabble actually convincing to you?

hes right but also wrong
a lot of bureaucrats have adapted the left to their aims
logical conclusions in ideological front is like arguing about theology


go pester liberals or something

cancerfish rots from the head

basically youre not totally wrong if by far right you mean the always shifting internet "alt right". the leftists today are sad young people rehashing old arguments from the 19th and 20th centuries. they refuse to stop sucking daddy marx's teat and venture off into the real world as it is right now.

Nope. They weren't just capitalist either. They were gauche barbarians that nearly destroyed Europe in a 6 year rampage, killing more white Europeans than ever before. See this thread

Why don't you learn to become a proper reactionary instead of following populist plebeian ideologies such as Fascism?