This musical's getting popular & is annoying the shit out of me

The movie and the musical are such shitfests of tsarist propaganda, and of course the current generation is just eating it up. Bleh. I utterly loath the apologia/fetishism of monarchy, and especially the tsars as if they were some magical fairies who we should luv so much cuz aww muh princesses - this musical especially pisses me off with how its pretending to be more historically accurate.

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Couldn't get past a minute. God it's disgusting.

Is it?

Like, this can't be for a popular musical.

you have no idea what an artistic and cultural black hole Broadway musicals are

Totally agreed, it's a complete Czarist assault of the senses, but you gotta admit, "In the Dark of the Night" is one fucking bomb-ass villain song. Probably the only good thing about Anastasia in its entirety.

Are you surprised? Hamilton somehow also became a hit

Be honest, monarchist atheistics are grand as fuck, and conjure images of majestic castles, and luxury. Basically every kids dream.

I never understood how gaudy af aesthetics is appealing.

Eh I watched it as a kid, sorta liked it: Rasputin was a good villain. Tbh it is meaningless: it is White wish fulfillment fantasy, nothing more. It is harmless, don't let us become Holla Forums where we get triggered by every single piece of art that doesn't conform it our values.

Each of these is disgustingly busy, a simple clean design is worlds more appealing than this.

It makes me so mad people completely ignore the ohkrana

Yeah, what the fuck was the deal with Hamilton?
It seemed like it was promoted out the ass. I don't think I ever hear much about Hamilton from anyone who's not a talking head of some kind.


We are talking the broadway musical that made some odd changes. In the original the only lined about soviet life was:
"St Petersburg is gloomy, St Petersburg is bleak, my underwear got frozen standing here all week. Since the revolution our lives have been so grave! thank goodness for the gossip that gets us through the day hey!" then they moved onto the point which was people talking about rumors about the Romanov's, while the Broadway musical spends far more time singing about how bad Petrograd/Leningrad is. Also the broadway makes the mistake of the film worse, in the film people simply referred to the city as Petersburg in the broadway musical the Bolsheviks announced they have changed Petersburg to Leningrad yet in reality the Tsar renamed it in 1914 so the musical added new historical inaccuracy in their attempt to fix the film's inaccuracy regarding the cities name. Also by doing so it makes everything taking place in 1924 the year of Lenin's death yet we are suppose to assume people of the city are bitching about the revolution and talking about the Romanov's in 1924, at least with the film's 1927 date you could (badly) argue the people forgot about hardships under the Tzar and and had nothing better to gossip about. Yet the musical acts like nobody in the city gave a shit about Lenin dying and all the drama after his death, in 1924 more people would be interested in gossip about the late Lenin then the Romanov's.

Gee, I sure fucking wonder which one might appeal to the young imaginative mind.

When I was a kid, I though the animated movie was about a fairytale kingdom being attacked by raiders with the support of an evil wizard.
I rewatched it some months ago with all the historical background I learnt and it was like a tsarist propaganda movie but it's just a Hollywood movie. How much Hollywood producers could be crypto-monarchists?

Eh it was 1992, hating on the USSR was in at the time.

TBH I think Soviet architecture is more beautiful and less kitschy.

When I was young boy I used to read a lot of sci-fi literature (mostly Lem), fascinated of science and technology. Maybe that's why I prefer socialist architecture than this old middle-age's kind.


UGH this is 1000x worse than the movie version. at least there iirc the the whole anti-bol thing was moreso background detail. this shit tries to act like it's making actual points

Architecture of socrealism is other hand more monumental, but at the same time somewhat more reactionary. Maybe becasue it was invented in Stalinist era, triumph of counter-revolution.


more from Kharkiv, Ukraine

should I add which city is my fav?

Where's the second one? Looks comfy.

gray is a really shitty color to be honest

Usually, people into heroic fantasy are more into traditional architecture and people into sci-fi are more into modern archiecture.

when will this meme end?

Needs an edit like this one

This is retardedly funny, now I am wondering what a socialist revolution would look like in different fantasy settings. Sort of like this image but not really.

That's a medieval castle. I like medieval and that's why I like concrete fortress-like modern architecture because it reminds me of medieval and ancient architecture.
But what I image when I think about "monarchist aesthetics" is 18th-19th century baroque and rococo architecture, which is awful excessively overdetailed luxurious crap.

Brutalism is way fucking better tho, I mean castles are majestic/cool for sure, but Brutalism has a very raw and honest aura to it that really fascinates me

Habitat 67 is totally fucking cool, that's why it was sold off to private developers. Whole complex is private property now, you can only take pictures from the sidewalk

it even has a cool name.

I can get behind a few buildings like this, or even a small brutalist sector within a city. But an entire metro with this architectural style, while it would be an interesting visual experience to wander through for some time, would eventually wear me down psychologically.

Enjoy hearing someone flush the toilet every 30 seconds in constant cigarette smoke and nonstop loud music from 3 floors down.

Enjoy induced major depression

This makes me nostalgic for some reason. Anybody know any movies that show this style of architecture?

I really like brutalism, but I also find those "overdetailed trash" beautiful.

Imagine a worker's palace, it's structure and decoration able to bring to life the history of the worker's movement and still be of practical use.

it's ugliness is its appeal, to me atleast

The Tsar should unironically be brought back. It's the only way most of Russia can be unified and get rid of most of the states. I can't wait till Putin brings back the Russian empire.

Here's some shit from Disney cartoons.
The Dwarfs are unionized miners who have to give much of their bounty to the local prince so when Snow White arrives they cut a deal with the witch to have her cursed to fall asleep. Then they use her as bait to lure the Prince out of his castle so they can assassinate him.
Geppetto the workingman and his peers manufacture an army of marionette soldiers become real once they overthrow capitalism. Also they feed Jordan Peterson to a whale.
Dumbo and pals organize a resistance that overthrows the circus and sends the brainwashed circus elephants to re-education camps.
The animals get guns and murder the hunters and eventually all humans, and eventually the ecosystem corrects itself.
Cinderella has plenty of time to think about why the divide between the poor and the aristocrats exists, and when the prince eventually finds her she cuts his throat with a shard of the glass slipper she kept.
Alice convinces the subjects of the Queen of Hearts that her power only exists while they submit to her and that pretty much anything is preferable to her reign of terror, so they cut off her head.
The Lost Boys abduct bourgeois children to Neverland to train them in insurrection, leaving obvious trails for their parents to find so they can lure the parents into a trap and return the kids (now soldiers of the revolution) to receive their inheritance and put it to use.
Maleficent wins and instates Marxism-Leninism-Maleficism
Some peasants revolt because they think pulling a sword out of a stone is no basis for a system of government.
Instead of being a succdem, Robin Hood leads the Merry Men to kill Prince John so he no longer has to redistribute money.

Eastern European modernist housing is the best and don't even try to tell me it isn't!

It's one good thing that oviously was good in state socialism, is urban architecture, housing standards and in general idea in building houses.
Best childhood - in the socialist housing estate.

That's vanity and wastefulness, which is the reason why I dislike that style to begin with. The images I previously posted don't even fit my ideal standard of architectural frugality, brutalism is still too detailed/wasteful.
I'm a socialist not because I want to live a luxurious bourgeoisie-like lifestyle but because I want society to be organized in a way so that everyone only has to productively work as much as necessary as to satisfy everyone's basic needs and the same principle goes for architecture.

It's still pretty bad, but at least they changed the antagonist from "Rasputin the evil wizard whose magic caused the russian revolution out of his hatred for the romanovs who dindu nuffin" to a sort of sympathetic soviet bureaucrat who's trying to bury a rumor that could cause trouble. And they didn't pretend the Romanovs were all that great, or that Russia wasn't shitty under them (at least, not as much as the film did).

Doesn't excuse the entire fucking number about the displaced aristocrats who complain they don't get to live as lavishly as they used to. Or the way it contrasts communist russia with bourgeois Paris, or even monarchist Russia. But at least it's not as offensive to the senses as the film.

It's always mindblowing to me. You have so many talented people choreographing, set designing, composing, singing, but the results are usually empty spectacle, if not disgusting liberalism like Hamilton.

I can count on one hand the shows that are good for more than singing along to.

Broadway, like Hollywood, is a massive circlejerk because they have a prestige-based monopoly. Their content is a bunch of degenerate trash (and this is a legitimate non-Holla Forums use of that term) that celebrates the aesthetics of the most insulated bourgeois liberals in the west.

I always thought these designs were ugly and icky. Seriously it seems really weird to have a logo for your own family.

grew up int one of these brutalist beauties.
heating always right, never a day w/o warm water, flat easily modifiable and cozy

God imagine if they somehow ended up conquering an entire world, and they basically ruled 2/3 of the world at one point. Imagine the sheer amount of coats of arms on that fucking eagle

Imagine being this fucking deluded.

I can't agree with that. The designs are convoluted over-detailed messes. I'm not saying they needed some abstract representation, but good lord they should have toned it down notch or two.

As long as a second Lenin follows shortly after.

literally the first lines of the song are fucking retarded
It was literally the shitbrained Tsarist regime that fumbled into the biggest armed conflict that had ever been seen and decided Petersburg sounded to German so they tried to rename it Petrograd. It was the Bolsheviks who were like no thats retarded and kept calling themselves things like the Petersburg Committee. Also Tsarist Russia was literally shit and the people who wielded power were laughably incompetant

At least that line implies that life was still shit under the Tsar.

this image holds more majesty than the entity of the Russian monarchy

Now this is some proper fucking heraldry