What is the most evil company that ever existed and why is it Chiquita Banana?

What is the most evil company that ever existed and why is it Chiquita Banana?

Anyone suspect they could be behind the recent turmoil in Honduras considering how they (as United Fruit Company) were behind multiple coups and bloody wars in Latin America throughout the 20th century?

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Say what now?

No one on this board wants to talk about this shit? I am disappoint.

They used to be called the United Fruit Company. They were behind a fuckton of atrocities in Central America. Look up the 1954 Guatemala coup.

Who cares about a banana conspiracy when there are far more interesting ones out there.

ur going to need to elaborate

Look at what's going on in Honduras right now. You honestly believe this company isn't involved somehow?

It's not Chiquita Banana you fucking idiot

Nigga once again to repeat the old adage nut read a fucking book
United fruit owned a massive amount of Guatemalan land at that time. In 1950s Guatemala elected a communist sympathizing president who attempted to reclaim that land for Guatemala, which prompted United fruit to lobby the US congress to take action. The response was the cia overthrowing the democratically elected government all to protect some porkys profit in a foreign govt. if you aren’t opposed to that but sorry you are on the wrong board

Was he? I thought he was left-leaning and then promptly smeared as a communist

East India Trading Company says hello

That’s the same fucii g company you dolt. They changed names. Ffs leftypol is shit tonite and I’m not even op

From Wikipedia:
The Guatemalan Revolution was disliked by the United States government, which was predisposed by the Cold War to see it as communist. This perception grew after Árbenz took power and legalized the Communist Party.

Boycotting United Fruit is the only 'moral consumer choice' I ever make
Bananas watered by the blood of the worker and the leftist aren't very tasty to me

Relevant doc:

It's not just some alien conspiracy theory either. Keep in mind, UFC owned nearly half the land in Guatemala and Honduras and fucked over nearly every other country in the region. They were huge players.

IMO it’s the perfect example of corporations gone wild

Exactly why capitalism cannot be trust to act in people’s best interests

Also take into account Arbenz's overthrow is what prompted the Guatemalan Civil War a few years later. Lasted for over 30 years and 85% of the deaths were Maya natives (a literal genocide).

I´d say it´s ExxonMobile aka Standard Oil Co., Standard alright to fuck up with everyone standing over a little oil

When you find out the history of capitalist wars for control of fucking bananas of all things.

Son I thought ☭TANKIE☭s were the supreme arbiters of imperialism. A lot of drama on this board is in regard to what constitutes imperialism. And yet you know nothing of this? Really?
Come on tanks. I really shouldn’t be surprised. But here we are standing at the precipice of imperialism and you faggots don’t even recognize it?

Chiquita banana is indeed a harsh tale of exploitaition and regime change, but Standard Oil goes beyond since oil is found everywhere

Great video but the coups actually started before 1935, in Colombia (1910 I believe).

the latest coup is HIllary Clinton over Honduras, I´m just glad the bitch lost with Trump just because of that, she deserved it really

So one might say it's a…

*puts sunglasses on*

…Banana Republic?

You think what's happening there now could be a potential coup? I also bet Venezuela is.

It´s all her and Obama´s doing in Honduras, once again bringing a democraticaly elected president down in Central America to install a right wing regime. No wonder there´s violence there again because now they are helping agian to steal the election


Amerika is truly a disgusting nation. You wonder why Guatemalans and other Central Americans aren't flying planes into Amerikan buildings.

It´s easy for Washington and the CIA to manage these little Central American countries, but no wonder America will get gangs like the M-18

Something tells me Banana Republics are the closest thing imaginable to "anarcho"-capitalism.

Just imagine living under the tyranny of a foreign corporation.

The worst part is those are actually the terrible breed of bananas that were considered trash by the industry up until the cloning went wrong because it made them susceptible to panama disease (thanks capitalism.) Now the only way to enjoy the real banana is to visit isolated regions of the world like the Congo.


Another postcolonial shithole, wonderful.

You are very picky, yes you don´t have the Kardashians there but what?


that´s the stuff

yet with or without Trump, come whomever American president the line will be the same, fuck those tiny barely noticable countries

i'd say it's about average

Sorry, I'm new to being a ☭TANKIE☭ :(

This is the history of Latin America, you could have said the same about Che
This is the reason "banana republic" meaning political instability and world irrelevance is a thing

He did show interest for a rundown, don't be a faggot

stay in school


Well supposedly they taste pretty similar to that artificial banana flavor due to having more of what's essentially the 'banana chemical' (which the artificial flavor is a pure concentrated form of). This is why the guy in the video/people who eat them in general say it tastes 'more banana'. So even having not tasted one I think I have a good idea of what it tastes like.

It is a shame though, I've always felt that way about bananas. You get the 'cavendish' ones because you feel like eating a banana, and then you eat them and they never quite live up to expectations.

The best tasting bananas I've ever had were some I had in India (I was in the middle state of Maharashtra), they were tiny but goodness gracious they were so flavoursome and incredibly sweet.

Some old lady was hawking them on the train so I can only imagine that they were local produce.

watch this, this simplifies it.

this is pretty decent too:
It touches on the "Banana massacre" in 1928 as well. Truly disgusting stuff.

The most evil company in the world is Israel™.

absolutely disgusting, and all just for damn bananas

Capitalism's ability to commodity anything with such militancy is truly a testament to how expansive the system is. How far the infinite growth principal will go until everything is a commodity to bought and sold in a market.
A fearful revelation that there can be no ethical consumption under this stage of capitalism scares a lot of people off from socialism tbh but hey there is always a nice hybrid Tesla for all the life-stylists and champagne socialists out there.
Nothing is scared under capitalism, and nothing ever will be.

What was Lenin's word for it? Hyperexploitation I think?

Good lord it reads like a resident evil file written by a evil scientist

No banana companies this time. It's just a fucking retarded president who's too fucking retarded to know when to give the people concessions and is getting his ass burned because of it.

bump because it's an actually good thread

Exploitation of Latin America by the US has always been heinous shit

Cartoon-villain tier. Jesus what the fuck.

b-but think about the bananas


The average Congolese women is way more attractive than the Kardashians

Holy shit, saging doesn't make that obnoxious "SAGE!" show up anymore. Nice.

no wonder he's a liberal

just write it with a capital S

Well that's interesting. Thank you, user.

Any update on Honduras?


This is a strange time to live in.

super-exploitation I kinda like hyper-exploitation better tho

Bananas are disgusting, anyway.

Bank of England tbh

this is a mid-tier one
the worst thing they've done I can recall is give a large section of the population of the third world and surburban gardeners of he first world cancer through marketing untested pesticides

If you grow crops that monsanto has an effective monopoly on, and your crop gets infected by monsanto genes through pollination, they take you to court for copyright infringement
They also contributed to the creation of agent orange

That’s only partially true. They’ll take you to court if they think you stole the seeds but not if the were simply cross pollinated by a nearby field

yeah and Mitsubishi, General Motors and Mercedes all made bombs and war machines
and again agent orange is bad for its mutagen properties
roundup is still on shelves and thats a well documented carcinogenic substance so they're still doing it today

having a patent on genes isnt a thing yet as far as I know but they are pushing it at the moment
its the height of insanity tbh, like patenting the sun

I believe you can patent genes but they just need to be sufficiently artificial. You can’t just discover and isolate a genetic sequence and patent that. But what you ca patent is the use of that gene, for instance inserting that into a host to carry out some function since that did not happen naturally

I work in a garden-center. You ouldn't believe the amount of roundup that passes through our doors.


It doesn't matter to them how the crops get contaminated because they win the lawsuit either way

Monsanto has a patent on the gene that makes their plants "roundup ready"



I dont want it to happen but it it would be interesting watching the legal shitstorm ensue if GM salmon ever escaped into the wild

Hard to compete with this one.

East India Company was a total boogeyman though, its the feuding maharaja's and mughals fault they even came to prominence in the first place
this one was an evil one though, they came during the companies existence in India and became richer than the company could ever hope to by creating the global opium trade and indirectly causing the opium wars
David Sassoon & Co., Ltd

You mean the Dutch East India Company

literally funded RWDS in inferior america

Step your game up.

Chiquita fucking banana is literally the worst since belgia during leopold ii, period.

it was 1928 actually, and it wasn't a coup, people went on strike against the united fruit company, they literally wanted nothing, like they wanted religious holydays, good nursing stations, normal hours, and to be made employees of the actual company instead of being contractors, well the usa sent a telegram to the colombian goverment saying something like "protect the interest of our corporation or we just might be sending some aircraft carriers there", and also united fruit threaten with pulling out of colombia entirely, and because they had a monopoly on fruit distribution the colombian goverment marched the army there and shot more than 3000 people with machine guns (the strike wasn't even violent), they then transported the corpses to the sea, and to this day the goverment denies everything

so reminder that gringos deserve every bit of shit that's comming to them, i won't be crying when the next 9/11 or vietnam war happens

Going to have to say that by terms of Evilness, it's pretty hard to beat United Fruit. The others are really big and nasty but United Fruit is just pure evil.

i should also add that the us goverment specifically ordered colombia to march the army, like how fucked up is this, like the time the us goverment ordered colombia to put all germans, japanese and italians in concentration camps for years and sieze their property

well this thread I guess is now a collection of capitalist fuck-ups, so let´s not forget the hell Union Carbide brought to Bophal


theyre also trying to genocide bees because they want to patent pollination drones




(Not Safe For Khrushchev)



Comcast or Disney, cant decide which.

someone post the clip where he pours maple syrup all over himself before shoving a banana up his ass.

Neither comcast nor disney went out and actively had thousands of people shot.

I cant imagine anyone being that stupid tbh
globalisation is whats killing bees
relaxations on quarantine procedures on international trade resulted in a invasive species of tick carrying a virulent parasite native to malaysia being exported around the globe, its the parasite inside the tick thats causing mass death in bee hives and colony collapse syndrome

whats more evil?
murder of the few, or enslavement of the many

Bananas are pretty interesting items. The Banana wars of the 90s between the US and Europe are fun read for economics.

Okay buddy.

When did I say I supported markets? Or is this a strawman based on the flag? Either way your argument is weak

thats a problem but whats really killing the bees is rampant use of pesticides, especially when the crops themselves are poisonous.
i mean hey, this stuff is for killing bugs.

*throws a dart on a dartboard where instead of numbers it's jews*

And what about Oil Companies lobying for wars in middle east, companies which use african slave labor for mining minerals, private militarry contractors or most of the petty-burguise in third world who use child slave labor, directly or indirectly profits from sex-slave trade… and so on

Human beign is dead and here is nothing more than ritual of capital, different types/fractions of capital need to sacrifice human life to different extent in order to reproduce as capital. There is no good, bad or worst fraction of capital, we are opposing it because it's capital not because it's bad capital


the one that makes those round salty buttery crackers. oh yeah ritz
now they make jalapeno RITZ and they are TOO SPICEY some people dont like them THAT spicey, ok, RITZ? >:/

oh and toblerome damn they hurt my teeth like WTF why do they put hard shit in chocolate bars like that wtf. and white cholate pretzels are trash who buys that

they helped to ruin guatemala because the country wanted a bit of fertile land so their people wouldnt starve. Actual communists were baffled when the US government said there was a communist insurrection about to happen there. It wals always about money and the nepotism links between the chikita banana leader and his brother in the cia.

But the Banana company is the all-time most evil company for their bloody coup because it was against a communist movement. I come here and get as many laughs as on the other retarded Holla Forums board.

Charities are the most evil companies that ever existed.
Sick warped freaks ruining countless countries for their own sick greed, and all the while, claiming it is to benefit - tax free.

I agree on nestle, since they are buying up the fresh water supplies of people all over the world - not just in third world shitholes either.
Everything else pales in comparison to this level of criminality - deliberately depriving people of their own water.

You'll never be white, raul.

We should've launched the nukes.


There are literally "Israeli" and American pistachio lobbies funding neocons to keep sanctions on Iran alive.

If you thought what you read about your class struggle in your funny books that are popular among edgy youths even scratches on real world issues you are in for a major surprise.