How many of you are religious? How does your religion effect your political ideology? Are they linked to each other or do you keep them separate? How important is your religion to your daily life? Should other comrades look into your religion?

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I'm not, and hopefully the minority here are religious.
Everyone should stop being idealists and come back to Earth. Everyone should look into being an atheist and I don't think it is possible to keep your religion separate from a "traditionally" (and correctly so) materialist political viewpoint.

I wouldn't be Christian if I didn't believe that the resurrection and all that actually happened. I really dislike the "Christian atheist" crowd because I think (aside from Zizek) they fetishize "tradition, certain reactionary morals, European ancestry, etc". It's something we see from Holla Forums and other reactionaries, but certainly not really at the core of what Christianity is. I think people who scream materialism! kind of miss the point. I can't ignore the truth of Christianity just because its inconvenient to my politics.


If I had never been a communist I would have never become religious.

Very linked.

I pray a lot, study Torah, and keep shabbat.

They should definitely look to us for wisdom but you don't have to become Jewish.

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fuck magic

irreligious but deist.
I'm in favour of secularism but wouldn't have too much objection to anything between the cult of the supreme being and state atheism.

no gods no masters

I'm not married.

I'm not religious but I'm kind of spiritual. I don't have a religion but I align more with pagan and Asian religions.

Religion is false and evil.

You learn something new every day.

I was raised Christian, but I grew more disillusioned with religion the older I got. I consider myself simply a deist now. I believe there's prooooobably a 'god' but he/it has no interaction with humanity.

Christian here, doesn't really affect my politics very much. While I like to think Leftism has made me a better Christian, I think people can generally selectively pull out whatever they want from scripture to justify just about anything.


What's everyone's thoughts on Spiritual Anarchism? Specifically, Anarchist tendencies in some religious traditions. (If you're an atheist and hostile to religion and/or spirituality, that's perfectly fine, but I think this subject is worth exploring.)

I'm a Sufi Muslim and Religious Studies student, and I see anarchistic and communistic trends in the antinomian tendencies, such as the Gnostic Christians, the Jewish Sabbateans and Frankists, the Sufi, Bektashi and Alevi Muslims, etc. These sects (and in particular the Sabbateans and Frankists) often promoted subversive, feminist and egalitarian teachings and practices, and did away with sexist and reactionary dogmas.

Breaking the rules and criticizing reactionary bullshit prominent in their religions became a significant aspect of their theology (I'd suggest researching them if you're unfamiliar with their histories, it's really quite fascinating).

I know that in Turkey, the followers of Sabbateanism (known as the Dönmeh) alligned themselves with leftist organizations and movements (unfortunately, there are many right-wing and anti-semitic conspiracy theories surrounding the Sabbateans, especially in Turkey).

Perhaps anarchism could liberate religion from within, or rather, free spirituality from the constraints of religious dogma, in turn isolating and eventually destroying the reactionary orthodoxy, rather than destroying religion as a whole.

I'm from Nepal and migrated to the US as a child. Family always had a hindu background, but I prided myself in being "secular" and not following any gods. It was when I began to go through some really difficult times that put me in a state where I contemplated suicide almost everyday that I began to fall back on religion. I saw it as not something to be taken literally but metaphorically. To me, the deities in Hinduism, specifically Shiva, affected me on a deep level and meditating on Shiva allowed me to gain back control of my life and set things straight. Theres quite a lot of metaphors and symbolism in Hinduism thats really quite fascinating, and I suspect that many others who practice different faiths believe for a similar reason like mine. It does give meaning to life and gives motivation to proceed day to day fulfill your duties and tasks.

Here's Aldous Huxley describing the Shiva Tandava, which is quite fascinating


Reality is with the new pope and the liberalization of churches each passing day lefties should be infiltrating christian spaces to spread marxism. Also its easy to guilt trip christian into leftism than atheists, but judging from doxxing of leftards you are autist trannies with a persecution complex, because the church doesnt recognize you 68 idpol genders you losers

New Atheism was (sadly) my first exposure to "alternative politics," so I guess I have banana boy and NOT AN ARGUMENT to thank for my becoming an anarkiddie in a way. Recently I've been coming full circle; my politics have me interested in Buddhism and liberation theology.

Christcom Gang Where y'all At?

I think it's pretty likely we're living in a simulation.


I think that the religions that specifically believe they concretely know and are capable of comprehending something on the level of god are insanely egotistical and not in a good way. The underlining commentary always seems to convey that humanity is the center of the universe and I hate that.

H.P. Lovecraft was pretty spooked in some ways but his commentary on just how gullible and self-important humanity is in regards to spirituality was pretty legit.

I know that some Buddhist and Daoist movements in China had similar radical egalitarian teachings
but these idealistic and utopian movements will never succeed in becoming the predominant power
basically idealists have to get out

very old Buddhist and Daoist movements I should add, not modern ones

I guess I’m some sort of a Christian, maybe atheist.

I don’t think it affects my politics much, I mean I guess since I got a relatively lutheran upbringing I always really fucking hated hypocritical, exploitative right-wing Christians, so maybe that made me lean left at some point.

I don’t think religion necessarily harms one’s marxism. Our church, at least, teaches that science is all good and true; just a way to familiarize ourselves with God’s creation, marxist analysis shouldn’t be any different.


I honestly believe that the belief in god is a sign of mental immaturity. I know that leads to a million fedora tips, but fuck man, just the first word led to that.

I'm not religious (though I'm a theist), but the anti-religious nature of the general non-liberal left IMO is a detriment.

It's a different form of purity spiraling to idpolers, but IME it's another form of purity spiralling.

I like Gaddafi's Green Book and (I've yet to read) Abdullah Ocalan's Democratic Confederalism because it respects tradition and religion, whilst promoting egalitarianism.

Religious veiws are incompatible with materialist ones.

The Pope and Dali Lama are both leftists!

Jesus would have been a socialist if he would have been born later and in fact the things he taught can be thought of in many ways to be proto-socialist thought in my opinion
For example:
Mathew 6:24, you cannot serveboth money and god
Mathew 19:21, "Jesus said, 'If you wish to be perfect, go and sell your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.'"
There's more I'm sure, for example the line about the camel entering the eye of the needle being easier than a rich man entering heaven
I'm not religious but I try to live a life that jesus would have approved of


I like Daoism/Taoism, suppose more in the philosophical sense than the religious sense.

NazBol more like.

Well then why don't you bestow some wisdom onto me and answer my question

Please tell me you aren't a western college student

I'm a Christian, so disapprove of homosexuality and other sexual immorality

Let me ask you this; why do you give a shit?

Because it's a sin.

I'm a Christian and perfectly fine with homosexuality.

Pick one

Aren't you supposed to be a materialist? I can't really see how other peoples sexual preferences are relevant to anything.

Nah, I'm not going to share something secret like this with whiteboy Christian chauvinists on this board.

אני פשוט לא רוצה לחתת בתלמוד בשביל שאלה אחת. ואני לא נוצרי.

t. me in middle school

How many of you believe in evolution and how is materialism then compatible with your religious view? I think the more practical question to ask is what is the revolutionary potential of every faith. I don't think Tolsoy-esque anarchism will be of much value, to bring an example.

If we're already on the topic, how revolutionary is Freemasonry? It's a popular topic in the conspiracy club but I've only heard claims and no substance to imply the famous revolutions were fundamentally Masonic, tho my impression now is that it's pure LARP in the 21st century. Thing is, even masons I've met claimed Lenin et al were masons. according to them you don't actually have to believe in God, just a higher power or purpose like Communism

as opposed to what OP asked*

Depends in how you define religion: if only by "belief" then yes because my worldview (just like every worldview) is based on fundamental "self-evident" beliefs/assumptions/axioms such as: I exist, I can learn from reality, I should care about others, etc. If by belief in "otherworldly" realms and entities such as heaven and gods then no because I don't perceive it and so it's irrelevant.

But if I was religious I would be a Gnostic because it's the most logical and ethical religion since it rightfully judges the Creator of the Universe as evil (he needlessly created this meaningless and torturous world in the first place and then expects people to worship him) and since it actually has a true and material solution consistent with it's theology which is to stop reproducing, letting people extinct and therefore fully transcend the physical world. This is why Gnosticism is the only religion worthy of leftists, every other religion justifies the evil of the world, worships the evil master of the world that is responsible for said evil and (despite it's hypocritical aversion to sex) it perpetuates evil by bringing more people into this messed up world which according to it's theology most of them will go to hell.

No they're not, and they should be shot.

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Stop trying to force people not to sin you dipshit. God gave us freewill so that we might choose to follow in his light. Stop being so high and mighty thinking that you can save people, only Jesus can save people.

Right here bby

Question: how many people in this thread follow their religion as part of a search for truth, vs. how many only identify with their religion as part of a "club" (i.e. "being a Christian/Muslim makes you a better communist so that's why I believe it")?

Im not christian but Jesus was kind of a commie

Is he……/ourguy/?

sorry bro, that answer implies "absolute truth"

and you should know the Marxist stance on absolute truths

I don't follow a specific religion (so maybe this question isn't for me) but i do think many religions have truthful aspects to them.

It's the dogma and requirement of blind faith that makes religious organizations toxic.

dude, fuck off with your idpol

lol, bullshit. They are as reactionary as can be.

The catholic church has a business model based on proletarian exploitation through faith and absolute truths.

The concept of "Karma" (as in Hinduism) is a reactionary mechanism to eliminate class struggle as it contributes peoples material conditions to their actions in a previous life and thus justifying proletarian exploitation and oppression.

what are some good theological thinkers?

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Hm? Is Marxism relativist?

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What does our fellow christcoms think of the cleric constantly aiding fascists?


The higher clergy did while the lower clergy would aid revolutionaries and proles on the street and were also killed by the state being snitched on by their superiors

The coolest guy, Thomas Aquinas

It's called the clergy and quite a lot of them only paid lip service to the Nazi party, Italian fascism is a whole different can of worms because of the massive bribe that Mussolini gave to the Pope. Do remember that the Church will do anything to make sure that they are able to properly service the people of every nation no matter who runs it. Also thousands of Catholic priests were arrested and held at Dachau alone. Not to mention "Mit brennender Sorge". If we're talking internationally, the Catholic church will most likely always be Conservative in politics so their churches don't start getting targeted.

I do believe so, i mean it has to be to a certain extent doesn't it? Absolute truths are reactionary by nature. Since one can never be sure without a doubt that all information has been obtained on the matter, claims of absolute truths only serve to keep the status quo.

Anyone follow the LHP here?

The higher up they are the less I trust them. Many are quite reactionary, especially those in the priesthood. Monks and nuns are usually quite leftist.

Whoever wrote that needs to do some editing.

warhammer nerds need to stop larping imo

I do, I am Promethean/Luciferian

The reason why is a long history, I got my initiation under conditions of high strangeness and been on that path ever since. I am with le Russian bearded occultist man in this regard, you don't choose the LHP, the LHP chooses you:


The thing to keep in mind is that while this path can help you grow (for me it is the only path that gives me self-improvement as of right now, why I feel I need this self-improvement is… because reasons) you're not meant to stay on this 2edgy4u path forever, here the words of Anton Long/David Myatt are quite informative


Sooner or later you must make a leap from the sinister to the Numinous (or from the subterranean to the Solar, to borrow Evola's definitions), I confess I'm not ready yet for such a leap, but hopefully someday.

I do.

please explain the LHP

Religion sucks ass and should be removed

I only believe in the christian teachings of morality

everything else is shit though

Socialist liberates the material; Shin Buddhism liberates the mind.

Devout pastafarian.

Now you gone and dunnit.


Freemasonry is only loosely unified and individual lodges or groupings of lodges will have diffferent attitudes towards membership and ideas. Freemasonry and esoteric societies in general were pretty much intellectual’s clubs of their era. From the rennaisance to the enlightenment, if you were a philospher, or scientist, or academic in general you were a member of some secret society, be it freemasonry or Rosicrucianism (who played a role in freemasonry becoming an esoteric gentlemen/intellectuals’ society from a guild for literal masons and architects).

Freemasonry played an important part in the formation of classical liberalism, and a lot of french revolutionaries were members of masonic lodges, and the bavarian illuminati. Nowadays, freemasonry is just a porky gentlemens club but in the past I think it was a real hotbed for good ideas, important thinkers, and progress.


You don’t know dick about the world’s largest landlord

The jig is immediately up when you talk about hierarchies, the anolition of private charity, and property rights.

Kek, why did the Church actively work to topple Communist Poland and Republican Spain, in that case?

I honestly think religious leftists are the most dumb ass utopians around. I don't trust any so-called socialist unless they're an atheist.

Not that guy, I don't know the story but I would think it's not so difficult to see that the pope would have long lasting damage from these countries, bastions of catholic faith through the years, turning left. Especially poland a space for leftism in a orthodox tradition space. Reminder also that the pope is an absolute monarch, he is the last vermin of the rotten batch of ancien regime, 5/7/1809 best day of my fucking life. Seriously catholicism is cancer and we won't have a serious discussion about christianity until the damage he mafe on it gets rapaired imho

Thank you.

this has to be a troll

You must be new here to not know who that is.

Yoi're welcome, nothing has me seething more than this sort of liberal requalification of the figure of "the pope", especially with the fucker francis I trading all dem good boi points like "gays are ok I guess" while trying to survive by all the evil little puerile trash methods built up by the church since the counterreform… Imho we are in an age where the church just can't survive much longer without selling itself as something else than "just religion haha bro" but hopefully this will mean an end to the monster that regurgitated reactionary shitpost since the day it was concieved. They will try 1545 - 1563 all over again when they'll realize they are fucked I think