Fuck Tankies

Fuck ☭TANKIE☭s. This is some shit from a leftbook memedump in my town, a bunch of activists from various different groups are in it. People started posting sectarian memes and its been a thing. It's mostly SAlt Trots VS 3rd worldist ML types like the guy in the image. I'm pretty much the only non ML/Trot/DSA person on the page, we have a local IWW branch that I'm in but none of them are in this dump.

Anyways fuck this guy. Thoughts on left unity?

(original meme included below)



Why american ☭TANKIE☭s outside of here are so high on idpol?

Haha, that's right, anarchists are just dumb sectarian babies who can't handle the bantz xD

Come on dude. ☭TANKIE☭s, ultras and leftcoms have been mostly chill with each other the last weeks since there is /leftpol/. No need to start this shitflinging again which is going to come down to "commoditiy production" after 100 replies.

Why should ☭TANKIE☭s and anarchists NOT be opposed? Just because they both say they want a Communism doesn't mean they are allies. At most ☭TANKIE☭s and anarchists could have a short alliance, but no longterm cohesion is possible. Holy shit utopians can set on fire.
Of course, I read further and some guy makes the exact point I just attacked.
What?! My bad, everyone allow us to officially commence the monarchist-socialist-fascist-mercantilist united front to oppose Capitalism. I hate how stupid people are sometimes.
Cool, but an excuse for a utopian world view.


Useful idiot.

The Russians go out of their way to help Assad. Their imperialist interests are not in Syria, they only want to retain their fossil fuel sales to Europe. Assad accepts help from Russia because they don't imperialists interests in Syria directly, whereas the US does. I know nuance is lost on your guys but that's an important difference one should make.

Tankes and anarkiddies are leftwing capitalists.

Everything is anti semetic now

I mean, in regard to left unity, I am personally an anticapitalist in regard to anything else. While I ascribed to libertarian communism, I am a communist first, and will fight for communism.

suck my taint and read a fucking book faggot

Bad post

Have fun with your totally not capitalist "decentralized planning".

Anarchist have yet to explain to me how decentralized economic organisation doesn't immediatly revert back to capitalism due to the law of value still exisiting, especially considering the levels of unequal development.

tankie and leftcoms unite against anarchists


Considering Leftcoms usually agree with me on pretty much everything up until the point where I say that the USSR was socialist, I see nothing wrong with that.

If you think about it, Leftcoms advocate for stuff that's even more Stalinist than Stalin was himself, especially Bordigists.

Literally all the ☭TANKIE☭s who will NEVER FORGIVE NEVER FORGET about the no‐good very problematic things the anarchist writers thought/said will excuse Marx for racism

Marx wasn't really racist though, whereas anarchist writers have undeniably written entire pamphlets about Jews controlling the world.

He's right though. Just replace "white" with "Anglo/Yankee/Labor aristocrat."

I really don’t know what Emma Goldman did that was so incredibly racist that Marx didn’t do when he used “jewish nigger” as an insult, yet anarchists do not condemn marxism in light of Marx’s language

Major anarchist writers didn't just use anti
semitic insults in private banter. Antisemitism was a major part of their ideology.

"lmao just stop being sectarian and support me already"

Was the greasy greek right all along?

Thank you, I'm taking this image, although it is slightly "cringy".

So the options are "the left eats itself while capitalism still flourishes, allows reactionaries to divide and conquer them" or "leftists eat each other after capitalism is overthrown, making it possible that a leftist faction wins the struggle".
I don't see how this isn't an obvious choice.
Wouldn't even be a problem if Trots didn't base their political identity off of splitting, if anarchists didn't have chronic teenagerism and we went ahead and stopped pretending that the "muh oppression" leftists were leftists at all.

Given that each faction thinks the others are crypto-capitalist, it isn't an obvious choice for obvious reasons.
And you think you are blameless? Why would anyone want to ally with some uncharismatic faggots who can't shut the fuck up about actually existing socialism that for the most part doesn't actually exist anymore?

I mean I'm down to ally with anyone who isn't an authoritarian, isn't just a leftist because they get buttfrustrated when their dad tells them to take out the trash, and isn't so wrapped up in their identity as the lone-sane-man and the conscientious objector that they're essentially guaranteed to split from any movement for the sake of their own vanity.

If that means I piss off some LARPing trots, Antifags or anarkiddies, I can live with that.

So you're not down to ally with any of the left.

maybe not any of the parts of it that you're familiar with.

Well you've crossed out Anarchists, Trots, MLs, and MLMs so there's at least 95% of the left right there assuming you're not a retard who thinks Democratic Cops of America is socialist. I guess that leaves some fringe Marxist-Snowflakist groups who would be crushed by the superior numbers of any of those sects, assuming they ever got more than ten people in one place at one time.

we are, though

not all anarchists, a lot of them I'm okay with. Anarchism didn't splinter as much as socialism did so it's a lot harder to tell just by the name if a group is infested with teenagerism or not.
Way easier with socialists. Any of them praising Lenin or Mao or North Korea are likely ☭TANKIE☭ LARP groups, and any of the ones who print newspapers or do other hilariously anachronistic things to "raise class consciousness" are Trots.
Anyone else, the syndicalists, the unionists, classical Marxists, communalists, the non-teenagery anarchists, I'm fine with all of them.
If socialism really is 95% ☭TANKIE☭s and teenagers then it's a doomed movement anyway.

"Every type of socialism except for my needlessly spesific ideology of Marxism-Maoism-Antistalinism-Anarcho-Primitivist-crypto-capital-market-pumpkin-pieism is not real socialism"
DemSoc is real socialism, fite me

And why should anyone care? Modern Anarchists don't follow that part of their ideology as such it's entirely irrelevant.

You have this weird focus on teenage rebellion, almost like you're a teenager that prides themself on being grow up and non-rebellious. Authority is a spook, and accepting it doesn't somehow put you above others who don't.

or I don't like that a political movement I like is plagued with 14 year old ingrates who actively make us look worse, yet we refuse to eject them. Good try though, armchair psychologist.

I guess I have to pick which authoritarian porky I want to support or I'm just an idiot centrist with no political opinions.

What world do you live in where 14 YOs are regularly involved in political movements?



Marx was controlled opposition!

Plato, Paul, Marx… they're nothing but some goddamn narcs!