I got fired today because of cheap capitalist labor i had a good job good health care but the swine of capitalism...

i got fired today because of cheap capitalist labor i had a good job good health care but the swine of capitalism outsourced and all you j-cat socialist talk about we are for the working class NO YOU ARE NOT you are for cheap capitalist labor.
You all talk like you control the government when capitalist control it you stupid stupid fucks.

1. We're against outsourcing
2. I'm sorry this happend to you
3. We are fighting for the working class
4. We hate porkies here and we hate porkies abroad

shove that sage up your ass capitalist dog.



you support the capitalist cheap labor i hope you mom gets cancer.

Sounds like someone's mad :^)

this is some pretty bad bait btw

What the fuck does this mean?
We oppose it, We even oppose immigration because it's cheap labour.
Outsorcing is a capitalist only thing, if you are against capitalism you are against outsourcing and cheap labour

But that's false. I think here we pretty much all agree that the government in capitalism is a committee of the rich managing the affairs of the capitalist class.

I think hes either drunk, retarded, or just baiting. That, or all three.

fuck you all thanks to your capitalist dick sucking for cheap labor my nana has to get kicked out of the rest home because i can't pay.

We're against capitalism. I think you got the wrong board friendo

so none of you are socialist ?

We're socialists, we're against capitalism

in english please

In glorius communis Russia your nana get free home in gulag comrade

what i need is white socialism not this capitalist lobor class of outsourcing buffoons.

there you go, he's just another lost Holla Forumsyp.

what is wrong with socialism for whites ?

Ethno nationalism is retarded.
What is white what is not?
Are americans white? because their culture is corporate trash and europeans don't like you.
Civic nationalism? Nothing bad with it.
No one supports immigration here, No one supports outsourcing. We are not liberals. You fell for the propaganda

What IS socialism for whites?

Hey Holla Forumsyp, I bet you don't even know what capitalism is, how can you want socialism for white people when you don't know what the difference between capitalism and socialism are?

so tell me how socialism started ?

i bet none of you fake socialist know who rudolf sutermeister is.

is he a faggot that keeps bumping a shit thread?

Read Marx

I think, you're confused mate, I was calling YOU out for being ignorant, but it's no surprise that reading comprehension isn't your strong suit either.

You may retort that I answered your question with one of my own, but that is where the answer lies wherein, if you knew what socialism (and by extension the capitalism that it's supposed to supersede) is, then you would understand why "socialism for whites" is a dumb nonsensical idea, like feminist-atheism.

This isn't a competition, you're not supposed to read to laud it over someone else like some dick measuring contest, but given that you'd recommended him, I imagine he's some irrelevant shill.

sorry i don't read fake socialism.

it shows

just because marx picked up everyone elses ideas doesn't mean you have to support capitalist cheap labor.

just because you're sad that you can't pay for your grandma's home doesn't mean being illiterate is a-ok

thanks for supporting the working class.

someone post Holla Forums bait pics

I think the retard is trying to put the blame for immigration undercutting native labor on us, as though that's either our fault, or fucking matters in the least.

Really ?
Is that what he's trying to do ?
Shit, thanks for pointing that out.

i think hes a pol falseflagger thinking were sjws who support rapefugees in europe


it's true in a way, if the left weren't so sectarian/reformist/revisionist/liberal/authoritarian/utopian/dogmatic we would've fixed it by now and none of this would be happening.