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From: >>2288547's thread, discord is up. We using 5e with a homebrew setting that rips off the First Crusade, TES, and Tibetan history and smashes them together in the DnD 5e system. Its got some minor changes to the armour aspect, making it more historical and whatnot. JOIN UP

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oops, server is discord.gg/B85HNaK

blease join us

blease :——,D

5e is reactionary. Play OSR.

its the easiest one to pick up tho :(

No it fucking isn't, the page count is extraordinarily huge for no apparent reason. I recommend picking up The Black Hack and some of its supplements, should be a link over on /tg/.

we just want to have fun user. don't you?

das it what you gotta do mane, i even have a sheet that does all that nasty calculation for you


Revisionists GTFO

gamers are the vanguard of the revoultion


No thx


Are you open to someone who has never played?

They are open to it.


Reminder this Saturday at 6 pm est is Session 0 where well be discussing how to use the server best for the large number of people, thinking that it coulf be used as a sort of hub for multiple games


Server stuff:
- Please chip in to say whether or not youll be active either in a game or DM'ing (in the server) otherwise as to not
have the server cluttered. If by next week you havent said anything you'll be removed from the server.

- People are free to DM and pitch new games, another chat will be made for you and your group.

- Feel free to invite whatever friends you think might be interested.


- First session is Saturday 23, 6 PM EST

- Make sure to PM me your character so that it fits in with the setting.

- Next week i'll talk with my players to see how they want to start up, whether be already in a group or they
sorta meet up on the first session.

- Leveling up will be slower.

- Fights present more of a challenge.

- The campaign will be a mix of roleplay and fighting, leaning towards what the group wants.

- The 5e PHB, an editable PDF, and a character generator sheet are stickied in the Additions chat.

- House rules and homebrew stuff is also posted in the Additions chat.

- The setting is based around the historical setting of the First Crusade with heavy influence from Morrowind, you guys will be starting out in not-Constantinople in the not-Byzantine empire
just before the First Crusade hits
he setting is very much influenced by historical events, but fantasy races are present however they tend to exist around the geographical area that they were concieved, for example Elves
and Dwarves exist around the north German/Scandinavian area.
The factions so far are the Empire of the Phoenix (not Byzantine), the Chaldean Empire (a mix between Sassanid and Mesopotamian), the Tyhrrenian Kingdom (not Normal Sicily), the
Khazar Khaganate, the Principality of Kiyv, the Papacy of Tyre (not Roman Catholic mixed with Celtic), and the kingdoms of Salinas, Asterion, Galens, and Aquitaine
(Not French, German, English, etc.).
the religion is different too so if you're doing a religious character ask me about it.