In the crude mathematics of murder...

In the crude mathematics of murder, Communism must be reckoned the most lethal ideology ever devised by human intelligence. The transatlantic slave trade killed maybe 10 million people, the Nazis maybe murdered 17 million. Communism globally killed 100 million people.
Some shot into pits. some arrested at night and taken off to gulags. some starved as state policy in order to enforce collectivization.
So how is it 100 years after the bolshevik revolution you still have people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts saying that the idea of socialism wasn't so bad, it was messed up in the implementation, arguing that it makes them morally superior?
The idea that real socialism has never been tried has been one of the most enduring myths in human discourse. But to see what is wrong with it, try replacing "socialist" with the word "fascist". Imagine somebody saying "well, we shouldn't judge fascism by the regimes of the 1930s that called themselves fascist, real fascism as a textbook theory has never been tried".
That of course would be a ridiculous position, we see that fascism in the end to bloodshed, war, and oppression and so has every single communist regime. Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Cuba; they all rely on firing squads and on labor camps 100 years on.
It is time to recognize the evil for what it was(You're it's next victim.)

Every single sentence you just typed has convinced me your an idiot. Your grasp of history is pathetic.

200 million people die every 5th or 6th in capitalist countries.

Don't forget; most of the third world has been capitalist since the late 19th century.

So by the same way of measuring, capitalism is still much worse than Stalinism, and stalinism is pretty pretty pretty pretty baaaaad.


Some of these are really unfair, but a lot of them are spot on, and would be counted in the black book of communism, had the shoe been on the other foot.

what ideology is that

Kidnapping men women and children for being considered inferior for the purposes of labor subjugation.

African slaves were from enemy tribes (for the sellers), so they were not kidnapped but captured.


That makes it okay that the Europeans bought them and forced them to work to death?

That's the point, genius. It's to show how absurd are the 100 gorillion claims.

Maybe say something about that so people who don't know that the 100 gorrillion claim is that exagerated would be able figure it out.

Communism : 100 millions / (1991 - 1917) = 1351351.35
Nazism : 17 millions / (1945 - 1933) = 1416666.67

We were still less murderous than Nazis during a much bigger timeframe.
and the USSR was state capitalist anyway
Capitalism : ∞ / (human nature) = ∞^ℵ∞

No it doesn't. It's wrong to make it about race. Also why the fuck are we still talking about this shit in 2017?

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do the calculation again


Because the fallout it still being felt today.

Yeah I know, I was making fun of you and people who put this shit on race
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Also perdy sure the "fallout" user was talking about includes economics. Segregation ended within the lifetimes of a lot of people. That means there's still a whole shit-ton of people who went to different schools, grew up in shittier neighborhoods and were altogether separated from and poorer than the rest of society, and that's all also reflected in what they are able to pass down.

This guy gets it

kek. I wonder what that one alleged death was

probally rosa


rosa parks

Haiti did not finish paying France reparations for their revolution until 1947, my mom would be born 11 years later. Also, segregation ended in the US in 1968, not that long ago.


Looks like we didn't kill enough, let's go for 60 billion.

Are you agreeing or disagreeing here?