Which first world country will be the first to fall to socialism? and why/how would this happen?

Which first world country will be the first to fall to socialism? and why/how would this happen?

Bonus question: (to fill up 200 character requirement) Which country will be the first to fall to the far right/fascism? and why/how would this happen?

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France or the US

Will these fall to the left or the right?

The problem is that traditionally when the far-right start getting political power the far-left gets some too, but that's not the cause.

no chance in hell

Idk, It almost happened once before.


Any of the south european countries or france.

Which first world country will be the first to fall to socialism?
none once a big one like the USA or germany goes fascist it will influence/coup all of the others into being fashy

Socialism: Mexico after American neo-Imperialism.

America is already a soft fascist state.

Depends how you define socialism I guess…

I vote for the south of France (Occitània). Ariège and Aude departments both have something like 20% poverty rate, high unemployment, and vote far-left in every election (while bourgeois reformist it does give an indication of the predominant mentality). Languedociens and Gascons were the first victims of French imperialism (Croisade des Albigeois) and their regions have a long history of resistance to capitalism and the state. In 1907, there were mass strikes in Narbona which came very close to creating a socialist Occitan breakaway state (Révolte des Vignerons). G*d willing, it could work this time and would no doubt take the form of agrarian socialism given that so much of the region is still highly, highly rural.

Completely agree.

I love those flags


Agitation in the "Midi" would be easier than a tarte de vic. The only problem with their culture is that 1. it's patriarchal as hell, given how the men internalize the "fin'amor" stuff, and 2. the flux of porkies from the north and also right-wing retirees are driving the regions farther to the right (coupled with xenophobic views of migrants).

Here's some communist propaganda I saw in Toulouse a few years back.

Yeah, I wasn't talking about the liberty league being socialist, I was talking about them pretty much being a fascist plot by the rich.


The US will RISE to Fascism

I think it's pretty much foregone that the us is gonna fall to fascism. I think Jeremy is doing some neat things in the UK and France has a really good chance for a full revolution. I think it'll probably be crushed by neo-fascist Germany and the unified EU army though.


The uk tbh.