When will it come back?

When will it come back?

When we abolish the necessity for profit.

I can't wait that long

Does Rachel even post here anymore?

Never :(

catgirls are fucking stupid(Die scum)

Is that statue for sale?
For how much? You yanks don't deserve it

t. Reddit

I wish Russia would decorate Lenin's statues instead of Saturnalia tree too…

Hopefully never

I wanna give fascism headpats

when liz kendall takes over the labour party following the untimely but natural death of jeremy corbyn, leading them to victory in the 2019 general election on a blairite manifesto

and not a moment sooner.


Just give me a catgirl ideology foot album and I'll be happy.


I wanna give Leninism handjobs

i'm interested

When Rebel is sacrificed to R'kka.

Catgirl are overrated,
We should include more monster girl.

Monster girls are reactionary. The culture around them anyway, it's actually kind of inexplicble since the moral of all those games is tolerance and coexistence.

open you heart at true love go to >>>/monster/

Ofcourse you would


Girls with tough boyish exteriors are made for headpats

There's one look

But there is

Too obvious


This is unprofessional

After the Rebel incident, no.
She will not.

Like most people that used to post here, no.
Holla Forums has been bleeding users over the past several months.
That is a big reason why Holla Forums is so slow now, I think most people have retreated to discord or twitter.

Right now we are in a death spiral of few interesting threads -> less people posting -> few interesting threads.
Given that this is a site-wide problem, I doubt we will recover.

You don't wait, you do.

Very unprofessional, I hope it's just a short funban (less than an hour)

Perhaps it's high time to adapt. As cozy as image boards get, perhaps we should sooner or later consider a more dynamic medium such as mentioned discord. Afterall it's success highly resembles that of irc back at the time. More often than not we're seeing people complain about the board being all talk without deeds to back it up. Of course it's highly unlikely to organize people from all over the globe, but as sparse and scarce as we get, to make up for the distance and "decentralization" should be one of our utmost important goals. I'm more than sure that the left's had enough of passiveness over past few decades, if we're to elaborate and dispute then may it either be constructive indeed or at the least serve as support, insipartion or somewhat more purposeful leasure, if not procrastination, as if philosophers didn't have enough time on their hands.

Either way, in spite of all advantages coming from anonimity, perhaps strive for a collective of individuals wouldn't be all that far off the image. Afterall this place gathers minds diverse enough in thought already. At last no use in becoming an echo chamber.

I wish




There are always other means of verbal and visual exchange.


Well, they do it for free, it's understandable.

You are a fucking retard.


no maoist?