Intelligence agency involved in latest Australian “terror” scare

By Richard Phillips
2 December 2017

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What the fuck, why isn't anyone talking about this

WSWS has some good coverage, but when I see headlines like "Can't Kevin Spacey Get a Word in?", it just reminds me why I don't read them regularly.

Except they're right when their point is that people shouldn't be publicly excoriated based off of hearsay and accusation, at least without the opportunity to defend themselves.

No, they're not right.

"Innocent until proven guilty" is a purely legal concept. It has nothing to do with whether or not society should condemn these people. Communists have no problem concluding that a cop murdered a black man, even if the case hasn't gone to trial yet, because the evidence, statistics, and common sense overwhelmingly point to the cop being guilty in 90+% of cases. Likewise, I have no problem believing that a Hollywood movie star regularly sexually harassed and assaulted his colleagues, because it happens all the time and the amount of effort that would go into faking it isn't worth ANY body's time, no matter how much they hate Spacey (or anyone else that the WSWS has dubbed a victim of a "witch hunt".)

Nah, you can fuck straight off my dude, especially with trying to conflate cops and actors as if the circumstances are at all the same.

K. Go fuck yourself, you moron.

You're nothing but a stupid piece of shit sucking the nuts of bourgeois moralism. You should kill yourself immediately, if not sooner.

not who you're replying to but holy shit the damage control

You're the one literally defending a millionaire right now, you stupid motherfucker.

Of course you don't deny being a bourgeois moralist piece of shit. I'm not surprised that someone so infantile as to conflate cops killing people with the merest accusation of sexual misconduct is also so fucking stupid that they can't distinguish between
opposing bourgeois witchhunts
with "defending millionaires."

Go back to r/socialism you braindead dickpump. I'm sure you'll get all the upvotes you crave for your brave stand against critical thought.

Sex scandals are pretty much the easiest way to destroy someone. It’s the oldest trick in the book, kid. The whole “who slept with who” angle has completely lost its pizzaz—no one gives a fuck anymore if you accuse someone of sleeping with someone besides their wife anymore. It’s not damaging.

That’s why they go for sex assault accusations now since it’s more titilating and it’s the victim is automatically guilty in the court of public opinion. People aren’t spooked about sex in itself anymore so the way to do this is to accuse someone of breaking some invisible contract.

I mean if I wanted to hurt or harm someone it’s simply one of the easiest and least risky ways to do so. For example, the KGB specialized in using sex for blackmail and I’m sure other police/intelligence agencies do the same.

Capitalists are prone to a culture of sexual debauchery, including rape and pedophilia. This is well-documented. You are defending this culture for God knows what reason.

It certainly isn't because Spacey is a leftist. He's a hobbyist venture capitalist and has hundreds of millions invested in various startups. He was also going to be the chairman of a for-profit media company before backing out.

So, yes, child molesting rich fucks who think they can get away with anything because they're famous and have a shitload of money are very comparable to police officers who think they can shoot anyone and have immunity. They are very similar cases and I have no problem comparing to the two. In short, go choke to death on your own spittle you blubbering Neanderthal.

Look up the percentage of false rape accusations, look up the percentage of unreported rapes, and then go fuck yourself.

Pretty much. You don't even need any evidence, or proof, or corroboration.

It's even worse now because its being used as a screen to actually reform the system, hold anyone that is actually responsible or guilty to account, or make any kind of meaningful changes at all. Hollywood's propaganda organs get to clean house, no one faces any real consequences, and then certain brainlets get to feel good about hashtagging away the bad men they're told to hate.

You gonna post those sweet FBI statistics to “prove” that false accusations don’t happen? Might as well post the FBI statistics proving blacks are more violent and so on while your at it?


I can't even imagine how much of a piece of shit you have to be to assume rape victims are lying and to downplay the severe psychological, emotional, and physical trauma of rape.

Go fuck yourselves with the biggest, sharpest stick you can find.

How many accusations are true v how many are false doesn't really matter in the least tbh. Even if only one out of a million turned out to be false it wouldn't make due process any less necessary or public accusations any less irrelevant.

This honestly




Assuming rape victims are lying is just as bad as assuming nobody could ever be lying about being raped and people should be scrutinized without proofs.
Think about it.

first, you shouldn't be using your BV tag when its irrelevant to whatever you're posting about you dumb faggot


What "we" should be doing is pointing out how making this a gender issue is SJW 101, as though female managers, executives, etc aren't just as guilty of this as their male counterparts, and it's the evil Kevin Spacey or whoever alone that's evil, and not the whole Hollywood system, including the innumerable actresses complicit in maintaining it, especially when they know first hand exactly what results that system produces.

This is just another example of bourgeois identity politics being used to obfuscate the system and its results by making it about the individuals doing it rather than the system that gave these people the power and immunity to do it in the first place. Even if Spacey is guilty, locking him up and throwing away the key isn't going to do one single fucking thing to prevent this institutionalized rape factory from continuing unabated, especially considering that the worst that is likely to happen to Spacey and the rest of these powerful Hollywood scumbags (in the unlikely event that they're ever prosecuted, and the even unlikelier event that they're found guilty) is that they'll be out of work for a few years before being rehabilitated back into the system, but this time with more women (or even better women of color) in charge. But hey, maybe to all the young people raped at the hands of this abysmal apparatus it'll be a ray of comfort knowing that the people in charge this time were female-identifying instead of sinister patriarchs.

Here's the thing, you're making it an identity issue. I am not. Women get harassed in the American workplace, these are facts. You are oblivious for thinking otherwise.

I don't know about you but "bourgeois identity politics" in regards to abuse in the work place sounds like you're the one defending the bourgeois from the open secret Hollywood and other powerful organizations, hell even your local mom and pop, they all at one time or another engaged in sexual harassment or at least abuse of their employers.

I was just mocking how far you really are willing to take it to not address this issue entirely. It's an open secret, you're just not in on it because apparently you were raised in a barn.

Eat shit. There's no reason to conclude what happened based purely upon hearsay.
Or would you be for putting Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton back in prison because yeah dude she totally killed her baby?

That's a load of shit. There have been multiple cases proven to be bullshit despite recieving media attention and "obviously" being true.

I'd beat the shit out of you in real life because the evidence already shows you're guilty.

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yeah I'm sure there's loads of chicks calling their male secretaries or whatever into their office and then pressing a button under their table that locks the door or dropping their pants/skirts and rubbing their clit in front of the guy

one of the reasons why male-on-female harassment is more looked into is because the physical power difference is bigger
an average woman can't overpower and rape an average man, while an average man can overpower and rape an average woman
so when you post a picture of some woman patting a guy on the ass as proof that the "other side" does it too it's ridiculous because it strips all context from such interactions

and because it's more prevalent - I don't have any stats on this, but common sense says that since there are probably more men in superior (or equal) working roles to women there will be more incidents of man-on-woman harassment

You're the one that has from the beginning insisted this is about male employers and female employees.
Yeah, you're right, but it's not only women that are the victims and it's not only men that are the perpetrators.
Yeah which is why I said

you're strawmanning me to death here, about 90% of what you wrote about me I neither said nor implied in my post ( )

Yeah you're right.

Police have a duty to protect society as a whole from crime but can mistakes, though overall the do more good than harm in the long run.

Actors have no duty to society but to drain them of time and money, but can sometimes do good, though overall they cause more harm than good in the long run.