Women is oppressed

Meanwhile, you have someone like Angel Merkel who has more power than most western presidents.
How do liberals reconcile these things?
How is feminism anything other than female Nationalism and female back-patting?

because thats bourgeois feminism, not marxist feminism.
good feminism is feminism concerned around making birth control available to women, and helping working class women who are actually oppressed.

Why do you need feminism for that?
You can make arguments for it without a poisonous ideology.

Not all birth control is the pill user.

Also, I think feminism lacks the ability to fend off liberalism. There's nothing inherently anti-liberal about it.
They can just as easily claim to be defending the interest of women even if they are bourgeois, because it's technically ideologically consistent.
This has been going on for the past 50 years. The slow decline isn't some neoliberal anomaly.

You have a meme-based understanding of the issue. Feminism is simply a concern for issues that are specifically faced by women and it can be approached in many different (and often opposed) ways. Saying Hillary Clinton is a feminist is like saying François Hollande is a socialist — sure, that's what it says on the label, but…

what makes feminism poisonous? you have this strawman of feminism that you dont want to get out of your head. Feminism is quite simple womens liberation.

pls don't attack idpolers with dumb arguments, it makes them look smart.

Feminism doesn't (necessarily) posits that women as a group share common interests. Just because you want to study the issues faced by women doesn't mean you believe they're all united by virtue of being women.

silly argument
with it you can also claim women were not oprressed during elisabetan england and when Hatshepsut was a pharaoh

How feminism exists after Margaret Thatcher is beyond me

Traditional gender roles is not oppression.

read engels

The person with a meme based understanding is yourself. Go read some Millet, Dworkin or Daly.

How is what I have claimed not correct?

Holla Forums's "anti-idpol" everyone

Stop trying to start shit, dumbass. Some one instantly replied dismissing his bullshit, yet you go "Waah waah Holla Forums is sexist", anyway.


Because that shit is systematic around here, don't pretend like it isn't.

They are.


Read Ulrike Meinhof
Birth Control means war against working class

Uh, how? I can't see how women having control over their own reproductive life could be described as a "war against the working class".