Why do many people support idpol here of all places?

I believe that a stable society is not achievable without accountanility.
For a board obsessed with gulags and hating idpol, I'm surprised that a lot of people here brush off some hate crimes as "cherrypicking".
If you want to get people on your side, then don't defend their enemies. Yes, these people are enemies of the people, and should be held accountable for that.


There is literally no reason to believe we would condone this. Please explain why you are being disingenuous.



I see you have a high degree of understanding on the board's position.

Go away with your islamophobic bs, stormweenie.
Uhm no, we don't care about breitbard articles.

You're attempting at baiting the red liberals here

t. redliberal
There is nothing "islamophobic", racist or anything like that in this article. It's not even a breitbard piece

When has anyone ever defended the sort of racist filth in your pic on this board without being dogpiled with scornful mockery by 90% of the posters in the thread?

If you're not from here, please, READ THE FAQ BEFORE YOU BAITPOST:


Leftypol claims to not support IDpol until someone says something about: muslims, gays, feminism, immigration then they go full SJW in an attempt to be the opposite of Holla Forums rather than leftist

have a better pic, prequel deserves better

because some people here jump at the thoat of anyone seriously considering that there is a problem with lack of accountability for racial minorites because of PR issues.

They don't, but they do mock anyone who presses for the matter to be actually solved, and legit threads about this are sometimes bumplocked or deleted, and then there's this denialism like it doesn't ever happen.

To clarify
I mean like the rejection of discussion doesn't happen, I know that no one denies that the irl crimes happen.

This is true

Have you ever lurked this place for more than a few minutes? Because you'd know that people who support Islam as a religion, liberal LGBT politics or bourgeois feminism usually get a rough time around here.

It gets old, fam.


Not that much latley. Seriously it's more common to see people calling the anti liberal crowd reactionary. Before Cville what you are saying was true, now we are flooded by liberals.

I have never seen that. Sure, Holla Forumsacks will emphasize nuance, like noting that there are positive elements in Islam, homosexuals aren't all depraved perverts, not all feminism is or has been misandrist grifters, immigration is primarily an economic rather than cultural problem, etc. But NOBODY on here goes full contrarian SJW without being flamed alive with shitposts.

Seriously, point out a post in another thread right now.

Bullshit. We aren't being "flooded with liberals", you really need to drop the persecution complex.

Not denying that, but neither are threads about the topics.

You cannot seriously defend here stances against immigration without being called spooked.

Fuck off Holla Forums

Because immigration itself isn't the problem, your liberal capitalist government is.

Fuck off with your racist propaganda, facist.

true, the daily heil has a much older, richer and more storied history of classcuckery, bootlicking, racism and other assorted inhumanity

The vast majority of Holla Forums tends to be opposed to immigration.

This, I've never seen an immigration thread where consensus wasn't anti-immigration. About the only libtard position I see threads dominated by is the occasional vegetarian spergout, and then only on ill-founded environmentalist grounds.

Because all their reasons for them inevitably are.

Because the majority of Holla Forums are now former Holla Forumscucks.

i hate when people say racist media make up stories to sell
i'm a blonde girl with an angelic face and big tits that was raped, beaten and killed by a black muslim gay communist
after police tracked him down, they proceeded to give him an award, monetary compensation and a bible so he could pee on

Do people believe that "dey took our jjobs!1" is just a meme?
They want immigrants to work the fields. They import workers to lower wages. Why do you go to such length as to ignore what's staring you in the face just not to sit in the same side as racists?

And people become more racist when immigrants take their jobs, desu

Try to read more charitably. I think the post you replied to clearly meant "there are legitimate arguments against immigration, but Holla Forumsacks don't make them".

It doesn't read like that, and if so it's a very out of place response.
I was not talking about Holla Forumsyps at all, I talked about what happens here on Holla Forums when people defend those views.

He said all reasons were inevitably spooked. I don't know how to read it differently.