Is the final battle against the capitalists gonna be like Naruto where we have OP super powers and defeat the reality...

Is the final battle against the capitalists gonna be like Naruto where we have OP super powers and defeat the reality denying cucklords? Will there be epic battle music in the background as well? What kind of jutsu will we be using?

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It's going to be like Berserk where it gets delayed year after year until we die.

narutofags get the wall

stop making me sad user

Pleb-tier. It will be like instead.


[Spoiler alert, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann]

No it will be like Kill la Kill where anarkiddies and ☭TANKIE☭s put aside their differences to kill porky and their minions.

I'm just pissed at the hiatus and want to see Guts finally fuck Femto up.

Most likely half the population dies unless some ballsy politicians just coup the government

Sasuke did nothing wrong. Nardo should have let him kill the hokages and end magic-ninja feudalism once and for all.

sasuke and the Uchiha are genetically programmed to become autistic edgelord serial killers whenever they fall in love. Uchiha genocide was necessary.

Is Guts a good anime/wtf ever you call it?

90s anime was the GOAT
manga is even better if you can tolerate the hiatuses.
modern anime is total crap and should be avoided at all costs

Guts is a reactionary who is fighting against the true dialectical hero of the series.

Griffith is a porky who fools his followers into thinking he's got their interests at heart. He's just a prettier Elon Musk whose cult is made of demons instead of redditors and he gets to fuck a princess instead of Johnny Depp's sloppy seconds.

griffith is quite literally the anti-christ. His primary goal from the beginning of the series was to become king (ie porky).
Guts is proletariat, he spent his whole life as a mercenary selling his labor to others.

I have no taste so I can't judge, but I liked ReZero when I watched it. And some other, more objectively degenerate shit.

I meant the modern berserk anime dingus, that's what the discussion was about

How does that sound like you are talking about Berserk, it's not like Holla Forums is known for keeping threads on track anyways.

the fat that the entire rest of my post, including the attached image, referred to berserk specifically?

Is the modern shit that awful 3d? Dated as the '97 anime is, I can't take the new Zodd seriously.

Oh my god

it's going to be like legend of the galactic heroes, where a facist rises to power and kills half humanity