Didn't know the author of Youjo Senki was a commie


That's pretty funny, considering how many nazis Youjo Senki has attracted.

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He probably just picks random countries with a "militaristic" past.

i remember reading like one or two years ago that he was a liberal that expressed sympathies for communism on his twitter or something

since this was so long ago i dont have any sources, sadly

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You've never seen anime fascists using this ugly thing as an avatar?

I think she looks cute, just reeducate her.

It's a middle aged salary man bro



same goes for Watchmen.
I always loved Alan Moore as a kid. then I grew up and found out he was a hardcore pinko.

Well yeah, if you actually look at Tanya, she's presented as a horrible person and a fascistic capitalist who wants to show the world Chicago School Economics. The author is directly trying to show how sociopathic bosses are terrible people and would become mass murderers in a heartbeat if given the power.
Right wingers don't see this since they want to self insert themselves as the 30 year old who gets isekaied into a loli Hitler

I couldn't watch youjo senki because of that awful fucking face. It's up there with Haruhi in terms of bug faced monstrosities.

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he calls himself an anarchist these days, still fine by my standards

imagine having this shit of taste

No, no I don't because I don't know Japanese and their culture is capitalist as hell.

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Honestly this.
Anime is capitalist, the author of this series can be as based as they say he is but he's still supporting the capitalist system.

More proof japs are bad at irony.

The commodities you buy right now are produced under capitalism too, you fucking nerd.

You're using right-wing talking points, retard.

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I found the author calling himself a 共産趣味, anyone know what it actually is?
Literal translation would be something like "hobbyist communism".

Here's the Wikipedia article about it:
As usual, machine translation isn't very helpful.

I'm guessing hobbyist=lifestyleist

The author isn't japanese dumbass

I hate the anime so fucking much it's so goddamn ugly



Was just in that thread. Some people didn't care, some were happy, & you had the occasional Holla Forumscuck that was mad. Pretty decent thread.

Wow, that thread was hilarious. Happy I don't browse /a/ seeing all the Holla Forumsyps.

Well, as far as political /a/ threads go…



I dont ever follow chinese cartoons but from what ive gathered inst Tanya supposed to be the leader of the in-universe Neolibs/Facists/Technocrats?

I only watched the anime, but she is a very cold and calculating officer in the faux-WWI setting. I'd bet anything this is the set up for her to become loli-Hitler later on. Why these idiots can watch/read this and somehow think she is the good guy is beyond me.



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You've never heard the old "you use an iphone/x product there you are actually a capitalist!" argument?

They're right though.
You're supporting the capitalist system by doing these things.
That's why I explicitly stated I rob everything I own.

You're just a lifestylist.

this is the second time i hear this expression in the last two hours. is a meem being forced?

The author literally described himself as 共産趣味, which translates as hobbyist communist. I'm not sure what exactly it means as my Japanese isn't good enough to read the wikipedia article about it.

The author described himself as a hobbyist communist.
From what I've read, he's just being glib about his own beliefs. From the anime it's pretty clear he's some variant of liberal

Hobbyist Communist actually means something in a Japanese context. I don't know how you could tell whether he is a commie or liberal from watching the anime, especially considering the anime isn't an exact copy of the light novel.

There are people in Japan who literally LARP as student communist rioters from the '60s, I'm guessing he's something similar


共産趣味 (Kyousan-shumi)

It's just a play on words from 共産主義 (Kyousan-shugi = Communism) since shumi and shugi sound similar. It's just an obsession with communist (and especially ☭TANKIE☭) aesthetic, nothing more. Most of them don't believe in communism, some of them have actual sympathies, some others are plainly anti-communist.

Carlo Zen is more of a radical centrist, maybe leaning liberal as he's big on democracy.

Basically this.

the tweets the nazi posted in sound leftist tho
unless that was was larp too 🤔

I saw a couple of pictures of one of their LARP sessions on 4/jp/, I wish I had saved it because it was utterly fascinating

Why are fashies obsessed with ugly frog creatures


Sadly, they live in an eternal state of being cucked and will never realize. It's probably better to let them live in blissful ignorance, but sometimes I just can't bear it.

it was a trap all along?

She is though, she's a 30 year old Japanese businessman

Tanya is literally a guy in the body of a girl.