Quick question, do you lefties at least believe in the Jewish Question? I'd expect you to be okay with it...

Quick question, do you lefties at least believe in the Jewish Question? I'd expect you to be okay with it, seeing as the ones in question are ultra-atheists like you commies and anarchists. But you are also not in their club, never will be. In fact, you are a cog they take advantage of

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I guess that depends on how you define the "Jewish Question" tbh. Do we believe that a cabal of Jews control the world from behind the scenes? No. Do we believe in blaming all of society's ills on the Jews? Again, no. But if you're asking if Jewish culture is shitty and produces a bunch of people with anti-social tendencies, then yeah, probably. But the Jews are hardly the only group of people with a shitty culture that produces anti-social behavior.

Course not but Jews do run the world and they do promote fun

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Are you the same guy who thinks AIPAC controls American foreign policy?

You are wrong and an idiot. End of question. They are overrepresented in the elite because they were more or less forced into money lending and, unsurprisingly made a lot of money and made a lot of people mad. Your "resistance" culture is more or less the thousnd year whimper of sad fucks who had no clue.

Lol, no they don't. And even if they did (which again, they don't) their control over the world is only enabled by a system which allows a small group of people to decide the social and economic policies that the rest of the world has to live with.

Prove it wrong

They practically do control america's middle eastern foreign policy.


the burden of proof lies with you.


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I'm . and I provided an argument for why it doesn't really matter if Jews control the world (which they don't) since it's the political economic system that even allows a minority of people to have power over the world in the first place. To even reach the spot at the top of our capitalist hierarchy you need to be cunning, deceptive, and cruel. Even if you got rid of all the Jews and the Jews were the ones running things another group would just end up filling that role.

Ok, so maybe they were forced into money lending and made a lot of money from it. That would still be Jewish over-representation.

If Jews did rule the world, they would promote these social and economic policies that would promote them

IDK, do they? Why do you think they don't?

Not really no.

Uh I don't think they own foreign policy, but they sure as fuck are heavily influencial in it. You can't even talk about them without getting labeled an anti-semite

I guess it depends on what you're okay/not okay with in how the elite of the times govern the world. I don't like Jewish hegemony

You can't criticize China or Mexico without being labeled a racist either.

So they made a lot of money, and surprise surprise, in the century where the market is God they are overrepresented in the priestly class that is bankers, reporters, etc… Why don't you just wake up already?
You say we (Socialists?) are a cog for the Jews but that is simply untrue. Most socialists oppose markets and all that have their head on straight oppose the bourgeois state, and these two things chiefly constitute the apparatus that Jews happen to be overrepresented in.

I was hoping we could reconcile on the liberal disdain for Israel on here at least

Any group in power will promote social and economic policies that promote the interests of their group. The issue isn't that any particular group runs the world, it's that we have a political economic system that allowed situation to exist in the first place. You talk a lot about Jewish over-representation, but you never hear anyone talking about Irish over-representation, even though Irish over-representation is actually a thing. Why do you think that is?

People often have a preference for people within their own groups, and we currently have a system which pits the interests of different groups against each other. Why don't we change that instead of going after a race you don't like?