Have you ever wondered why the primary argument over the ancient egyptians is racial, rather than sociopolitical? Wouldn't you think the nature of ancient egyptian society would be more interesting than how stylized their self-representation in hieroglyphics was? There's a reason the debate is so stifled and controlled, and that reason is neoliberal cultural hegemony, for ancient egypt holds a dark secret that the neoliberals desperately want to keep hidden…


Consider the architecture of ancient egypt - Pyramids. Big Pyramids, Obelisks and other geometric shapes of smoothed stone. Now consider Brutalist architecture: Big geometric shapes of smoothed concrete (basically just crushed up stone.) - Coincidence? No. Fact. What about the nature of government in ancient egypt? We know for a fact that the government was centralized, that there were large forms of public works, and that there were heavy taxes levied, especially on land transfer. The neoliberals try to cover this up with their lies - they pretend that Pharaoh was a dictatorial, technocratic monarch in their own mould. FALSE, Pharaoh was a constitutional monarch like Elizabeth II (who is also SocDem.) Indeed, in the crown of the Pharaoh we can see much similarity between Ancient Egypt and Great Britain during her own later Social Democratic era, with the white crown representing the Northern Kingdom of Egypt and the red crown representing the southern - much like the union of crowns that took place in Britain.

Perhaps you wonder why the neoliberals are so afraid of the truth about ancient Egypt. The answer is actually very simple: Neoliberals are worshippers of the evil ""sun"" god Aten. Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten was THE FIRST NEOLIBERAL. He staged a coup against the democratically elected government after it began a building program shortly after he was crowned (although he would later take credit for the program as his own reforms collapsed) and set about destroying the traditional polytheist ancient Egyptian society and instead turning them towards the worship of a single god - Aten, notionally a Sun god but in actuality representing gold coins. In particular, efforts were made to wipe out the god Amun (who was also SocDem). Ordinary, Amun loving citizens were forced to remove symbols of Amun from their personal items by the neoliberal surveillance state Akhenaten established. He also tried to shift the focus of Egyptian art away from the perfect, benevolent-scientific forms adopted in traditional art towards a more populist, low-brow approach referred to as Amarna art. He also pandered to social liberals by having his queen engage in actions usually reserved for himself, instead of behaving in a traditional style befitting a constitutional monarch. He even set about vainly constructing a "global city" in his own honour - named Akhetaten. The waste of resources involved in constructing such a city caused severe damage to the Egyptian economy, exacerbating the problems caused by poorly thought out supply side reforms.

Foreign relations declined during this time, as neoliberals - despite their profession to love globalisation - invariably fail when they attempt to bring their overwrought neoliberal IR theory into the real world. There exist many historical writings from this period of foreign rulers complaining that Akhenaten snubbed or cheated them. In typical neoliberal market-oriented style, he sent Tushratta, king of Mitanni gold-plated statues rather than statues made of solid gold when attempting to purchase a bride (By this point, a free international bridal market had been established. Mises would be proud), and due to his poor foreign policy many allies of Egypt turned towards the Hittite Empire at this point.

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Fortunately after 17 years of Tyranny, Akhenaten died. Following on the Spanish model of succession from dictatorship, Tutankhaten changed his name in the second to third year of his reign to Tutankhamun, and began to restore the SocDem ways of the Egyptians, moving the capital back to Thebes and restoring the right to worship Amun. The city of Akhetaten was abandoned just as his crazy neoliberal ideology, and his temples were dismantled for use in valuable public works projects. Eventually, Akhetaten was even removed from the official list of Pharaohs by the civil service due to his unconstitutional behaviour. (This was done with the acquiescence of the neoliberal/aten cult at the time, as they knew they had to bide their time to recover.) Tutankhamun began large building projects like all good SocDem leaders, he improved the economy and brought it out of the Akhenaten induced crises using sensible Keynesian demand management policies, and he improved foreign relations by acting firmly but fairly towards other states. When he died young, his tomb was decorated with gifts from various countries showing what an internationally popular leader he was.

What happens next is a long and winding, confusing story. But who can imagine what wonders the Egyptians would have achieved had the neoliberals not sabotaged them from there onwards? And what of the significance of Egypt later becoming a member of the British Empire, which itself then took up the mantle of Social Democracy? What lessons in Social Democratic thought are waiting for us, under the sands of Egypt now? Sadly, modern Egypt has been subject to coups, wars, and pro-US dictatorships as the Neoliberals try to ensure we don't find out. One day, we will…

What's undoubtedly clear, and has been demonstrated by me right now, is that neoliberalism has been tried before and it simply doesn't work - but there is hope! Sensible, Social Democratic rule is always restored. What we are currently experiencing is merely the trough of a cyclical battle that has been fought over generations, and will probably be fought long after us. But only if you get out and (a) vote and (b) TELL PEOPLE, let them know the truth: ANCIENT EGYPT WAS SOCDEM.

Some believe that if you look at Concorde just right, you can even see the continuity: Those Pyramid wings. I am one of those who believes: Are you?

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He completely lacked popular support for his reforms, even after they had been initiated. That's the primary reason they were so easily reversed without great resistance from the citizenry. He wasn't leading a revolutionary vanguard, just trying to empower himself.
Also despite the fact he didn't abolish taxation entirely, he did remove taxation from the temples preventing them serving welfare statist goals. (While continuing to fund the military and bizarre vanity projects.)

He was of course revolutionary in the sense that neoliberals are revolutionary, in terms of overturning an existing order - but a reaction against such behaviour is something to be praised, not feared. Only genuine proletarian revolution may dare to challenge the supremacy of Social Democracy.

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