Find me a more wholesome leftist image. Hint: that is not a thing...

Find me a more wholesome leftist image. Hint: that is not a thing, a thing which is actually possible to accomplish given the current availability of leftist wholesome images. this image is the most wholesome leftist image

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thats pretty cute, but I bet if we had pictures of Marx with his daughters it would be a pretty good contender.

Marx was a based dad




tfw no bookchin grandpa

why live?

Was he? I thought a common accusation against him was that he neglected his kids.


isn't she an americanized westerner? like she even has some generic western name like "christina evans" or something like that

he was right


Who is the comfiest lefty papa/grandpa?

Marx. See:

Sorry but no his lifestyle was not comfy.

Bourgeois slander

You know that most of this shit is made up right?

Do you have proof of that?

Very unbiased

I think there's better versions of these somewhere but I couldn't find them right away



You have to go to a website that is ideologically opposed to Marx to find criticisms and personal wrongdoings of him. Marxist sites aren't going to talk about the "Jewish Nigger Lassalle" incident for example.

In a threeway battle which of these boybands would win?

Where are they getting the information? (other than the confession from Engels and some of Marx's letters)

Is this even a question? Bookchin. And Apo is his unusually successful son.

This is a stupid preconception.

herro there, sweethealt



Rounded pussy that got beaten up.

Never Forget Cable Street

Why isn't there a buddy comedy of Nicholas Maduro and Evo Morales?

on what grounds does stalin make this list? wasn't he famously quite cold towards his family?

Stalin died in his bed sleeping, that's a pretty comfy way of dying

The sacrifices of national syndicalists protesting imperialist wars will never be forgotten.

Sounds like Marx was into pony play.


I bet the moron who wrote that, like all the morons who write for, think Marx’s ideas are literally Stalinism.

jesus how short was she
I'm not sure if I can follow a femlette

Sounds exactly like me.

Man you don't swap around the L and R, the L just becomes R. ffs.

Not that guy, but altho I can't say anything about hebeing a slob, he did live in near-permanent penury. Ironically, he lived as bad as a prole, despite not working a proletarian job. By several accounts, his wife and daughters worked miracles when taking care of the household with the little money they had.

I understand that. However to say or imply that Marx forced his poor, poor family to live that way is wrong. He was a true genius and is one of the only philosophers that I actually respect uncritically as a person. He truly did devote his life to discovering truth instead of simply acting as an apologist for those in power.

Sorry, I didn't mean to say that.

ma boi

now you know who wrote this shit

Young Stalin was actually a very affectionate guy with a big heart. After his first wife died he got colder and colder


Dunno if the second one counts as wholesome.

Is the kid on the far right in the first photo blazing?

I always thought Benjamin had really adorable and gentle facial features, and his kid pics are the #1 cutest boy. The other is Simone Weil with her dad.

user please don't…

why is he so smug ?

you know he had to do it to em


baby lenin?


Who is Tito dancing with?


Plus didn't he cheat on his wife and Engels covered for him?

I love these.

Does Parenti still give lectures? I want to invite him to my college but he's so old now, I bet he just wants to lay at home and read.


Rosa is my waifu

Is Maduro bringing home that pizza to feed his country?


Let's hope the opposition doesn't try to burn the pizza.

too jewish looking imo

Mosley was the only good anglo



well basically OP got fucked


I wonder why the polish jew looks like a polish jew

U wot?

That isn't true he died on the floor covered in his own puss stroking out for hours because his body guards were too scared to go into his room.