Go to college's D&D club

Going outside was a mistake

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there's your mistake. anime is the only truly leftist nerd medium.
Join your local anime club, purge it of idpol and recruit them to fight for the coming revolution

weren't leftists the beta loosers that play with DnD?

Anime is chock full of right wingers. Ever heard of the anime right?

Anime is just a bunch of power fantasies and fever dreams of Japanese permavirgins.


I expect better from you comrades. If you want to criticize anime, please use better arguments.

You really should watch more anime.

kill them

The world is turning more right-wing each passing day. Leftist global revolution when?


I wish I had a tabletop group around my area. I wouldn't care if they were reactionaries I just want to play again, I haven't since grade school.

You could always set one up, I'm organising a Misspent Youth game with my local furries.

D&D >3.5 is fucking shitty corporate trash, you probably dodged a bullet there, as I'm sure it was fifth edition.

is Pathfinder any good?

Don't know, never played it.

Pathfinder is excellent, highly recommend

HMU im DM'ing vro

Duh, all the leftists are in marxist study groups, not playing fantasy games.

jesus christ faggot just play the fucking game

If you like 3.5 you'll like pathfinder since they are basically they same.


It's a slightly better 3.5, but retains all balance issues and went for more base classes than presteige class overload.

Problem solved.

Really makes you think.

The only problem is it's ridiculously roll-heavy once you start getting higher in level.

Roll one of these and woke your pals to the reactionary state of most fantasy fiction. You would have a completely legit RP reason to overthrow the monarchy and execute opportunists. You could literally just use theory to justify your actions if your party objects.


While gamers of both the tabletop and electronic variety can be fairly right-wing I've noticed that they tend to be more critical when the material forces actually impact their hobby, like with this latest EA fiasco. Pulling this stunt probably wouldn't actually move them in that direction but it might be funny.



Understandable, roleplaying is the essence of their existence.

But I don't like superhero movies.

Fuck off back to Salon, or Buzzfeed please.

Whole 20th century, and ongoing. When finally judeoright financial system falls apart completely.

Anime is infected with a small minority of reactionaries who spend 5% of their free time watching anime and 95% of that time loudly complaining about how the SJWs are going to confiscate their figs and ban their torrented ecchi OVAs.

Fuck you faggot. When you hang out on halfchan and Holla Forums for years, you hear shit. When you start hearing faggots say shit like "current year", "oy vey", "you have to go back", and the like, it only means one thing.

Yeah, this is a recurring theme in 'nerdy' hobbies. Really makes you think regarding the Aryan alpha male who will breed the white race back into prominence and all that, but it's mostly just annoying.


At least you have someone to play with. I have like one friend who shares my table top rpg hobby and it sucks. We bot really want to play.

I don't even have that. Serious question: Do pen & paper RPGs like D&D actually work when played exclusively over the Internet? Is it fun?

That /tg/ gamefinder thread keeps staring at me, and my years of vidya RPGs are wearing thin.

I haven't tried it. Been thinking of doing a solo campaign for my friend tho, and that would have to be done over the internet. I think it can work, but Its probably always going to be more fun face to face I think.

Is /tg/ as Holla Forums as Holla Forums is these days? Been years since I frequented it.

I always find it so awkward face to face. The characters I want to play are totally unlike me, so it just feels cringe when I, as some loser dude, have to pretend IRL to be clever, charming, or anything else I'm not. I wanna pretend to be someone else precisely because of how much I hate being me. But it's probably better without overwhelming insecurity and self-loathing.

Regardless, play-by-post is awful and always dies because it takes a month to leave a tavern. A site like roll20.net with actual virtual sessions might be better, but I haven't tried.

unironically this, except that i do sprinkle in some agitation into conversations i force myself to, but going outside to treat my "social anxiety" only reminded me that i'm not scared of social interaction but rather not interested in dealing with their dumb shit

Yo nerds if anyone is interested in a dnd game i can DM, through discord its pretty easy with rollbots, dont know how to roll20 yet, just hmu

What kinda game you talkin' 'bout chief? Voice/text? Le generic fantasy setting / World of Darkness / Warhammer? What hours are you available? etc.

Both, though for players id prefer voice. Im most likely going to use text more than vc due to the fact that where i live the only internet connection that i have is in a library thats open till 1am

Its a WIP homebrew that rips off the First Crusade, TES, and Tibetan history and smashes them together in the DnD 5e system. Its got some minor changes to the armour aspect, making it more historical and whatnot.

Saturdays 8 PM EST

good anime tbh

Liking it is one thing – you can enjoy anything as long as you are conscious of it being trash – but constructing this myth of "leftist animu" is just commodity fetishism disguised under a false banner.

What's the fucking difference? Both are hyper-standardized genres.

Except art still exists not tailored for the profit motive or informed by market surveys. Hard to find it, sure, but far from impossible.


OP thinks he's surrounded by literally Hitlers but it's actually a bunch of yids saying oy vey.




Not sure if attempt at joke or never lurked Holla Forums

Tbh its not set in stone and i can change times, though saturdays would have to be, or fridays

Tbh i just feel a Holla Forums dnd group would be so much fun to play with since most dnd groups are majority Holla Forumsyps. I can make a discord and put up an invite, ill post it in a couple of hours when i get home

But can we play as furries though?

5e has lizards, birds and tortoises, so yeah

Uh huh, and now you're going to say video games are infected with only a small minority of reactionaries as well. I don't care if you watch anime or not, I used to be a huge fucking weeb when I was younger, but if you're denying how conservative weebs are at large then you're just willfully ignorant.

Someone should set this up.

I'm serious when I say that there's a silent majority of liberal/centrist/apolitical anime fans AND gamers.

I've talked to a lot of people who are sick of Holla Forumsyps hijacking every fucking discussion and turning it into something about race or SJWs

When I played D&D I had zero problems playing my cute catgirl ranger characters.
My favourite was a bimbo who stumbled into answers of puzzles more than once.

Any recommendations?

Black Rock Shooter

How are gamers reacting to this anyway? Let me guess, EA are full of communists or something. This is one of the things that really fucking frustrated me about the gaming "community", and why I rarely interact with them anymore. All of their problems are very clearly based on the capitalist model encroaching on their hobby. They will do something like whine when a capitalist market takes over the modding community (where the means of production are available to all, all shared property is common, and there is no monetary system), and yet in the next breath they'll talk about how the free market will solve all problems and whatever other right wing horseshit.

Gamers are the Vanguard of the revolution *comrade*

Discord server is up!


How does one start going outside less and reading more?

Get in here!

Shinsekai Yori and Shangri-La are very interesting from a leftist perspective.
For mindless fun Baccano!

i am

actually it went surprisingly well. EA took a decent hit with BF2. Nothing game changing, but the outrage was enough to move governments and Disney.

im shy :#(

Its ok user were kind accommodating people!
unless you a trot


See: >>2290453**

If you want an OGL game, use Fantasy Craft. It's the same idea as PF but its overhaul of 3.5 is more complete. And some of the rules suggest one of the designers may be familiar with Marxism.
The material is pretty ripe for adventures/campaigns involving class struggle.

That sounds really interesting. I didn't know PnP games had that level of detail.

And then there's GURPS.

Wouldn't making your own thread make more sense and attract more attention?