How were africans treated and assimilated in the Warsaw pact?

How were africans treated and assimilated in the Warsaw pact?
I am myself mixed race, and when I look at many documentaries concerning countries like the Soviet Union and East Germany, it seems like white people were thousands of times more predominant than they are today.

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The "no the Communist countries weren't living hell on earth you fucking idiot" cheat sheet.

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There was no external mass migration in Communist states, as it should be.
The USSR helped Africans by accepting gifted black students in universities, so that they could go back and apply these skills for the betterment of their people.

Hi Holla Forums, the reason especially western European societies were ethnically more diverse was because of capitalism, Europe was mostly destroyed after WWII and cheap labor from North Africa and Turkey would allow to reconstruct a lot without lowering the living standard of Europeans. Obviously such a thing didn't happen in socialism.

In East Germany, you got a bunch of Vietnamese people, I personally know one whose family migrated there in the 70s. But they were mostly academics.

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Very interesting, but that does not explain why there were next to none but black academicians and students who came to work in the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc, and they were very few.

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There weren't hardly any black Russians to begin with, or barely any, since they didn't have the triangle trade like the UK and America, so it's hardly like they were oppressed they just didn't exist.

There was no big migration, it's a trait of capitalism to move masses of poor people and betray them of heritage and home.

However we did have refugees and guests that came to study. My "half" brothers father was of arab origin for example.
They usually were homed with their own countrymen but there was inclusion at the universities, workplaces and in cultural life.

Besides these were was a great diversity of people and their cultures from all the socialist republics.

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Well I know Vietnamese refugees in East Germany were kept under a tight leash, if a Viet woman got pregnant with a German, she would be forced to have an abortion.
I think the general concensus was that mixed race neighbourhoods would ruin social harmony.
I'd have to agree.

[citation needed]

they were prohibited from developing personal relationships with GDR citizens despite the official rhetoric of socialist brotherhood.[14] They were formally blocked from integration: all areas of their lives were regulated by government regulations, and pregnancies among female Vietnamese workers were punished by forced abortions.[15] They were sometimes subject to xenophobic violence, and even when their physical safety was maintained, they became the target of resentment due to their preferential access to consumer goods.

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How come whites are so afraid of marxism when it literally aborts mixed race babies?

It doesn't seem as that's that whole story.

Pregnancy, according to the 1980 agreement, women had the choice between one Abortion and immediate return to Vietnam. A journey home under these
However, circumstances meant a social and financial catastrophe for women: the Shame, which meant an illegitimate child in the home, the self-payable
Repatriation costs and the imminent high fine left an abortion as that
minor evils appear. 84 Only another agreement of 26.01.1987 made possible
if applicable, a return trip to Vietnam after confinement, if the, personal
Location-it required, however, from the Vietnamese Embassy or through one
attesting medical report was. Finally, as Vietnam invaded, it finally became
by means of a further agreement dated 1.03.1989 86 permits the work stay in the DDR to continue even after childbirth.

I don't speak German so I only have google translate to go by, but it looks like the GDR had employment problems of its own with the post war population growth. It seems too that it wasn't just "get an abortion or leave," but contraceptives were provided also, and eventually abortion or deportation was done away with, I guess.

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"Multiculturalism" is a neoliberal capitalist construct. Nativism & a homogeneous societies are necessary conditions for actual class-based scientific socialism.

Otherwise it will become "we gotta fight capitalism with brown capitalism!!!" as you see today


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it was soviet russia in the 1920s, and of course nobody is saying that things like that happened every time somebody was racist