Anniversary of john brown's death

we need to change that.
lets come together and acknowledged the most based american who ever lived.

Brown is an inspiration for christcoms everywhere.


We could have had a worldwide volcel christian commie paradise

Hehe he looks like jimmy dore

what does leftypol think about the accusations that Brown was insane or that he only did what he did because of religious fanaticism? A lot of right wing historians like to paint him as a bloodthirsty crazy person.

There's literally nothing wrong with religious fanaticism as long as it is directed at porky. Only liberals think that religious motivations are is inherently illegitimate.

Isn't that precisely what he did intend? The whole reason he attacked the armory was to hand out weapons to the slaves. Kinda shitty of him to lie about that right before his death instead of being savagely honest.

His visceral hatred and disgust towards slavery and slave masters would be considered rational and normal today. He is only insane by measure of his insane time.
A fanatic uses religion to justify their preexisting beliefs and desires. John Brown absolutely hated slavery and was also a Christian, therefor he found a connection between the two.

This, God's righteous violence IS the righteous proletarian/peasant violence

Imagine if Jimmy Dore outright called for the overthrow of the state and for proles in jackboots to push Jeff Bezos' mouth into the curb before directly getting arms and starting a Maoist style guerilla rebellion.



Nogunz socdems BTFO.

in case you didn't know, the "pastel bloc" were an anti-black bloc, explicitly pro-hillary group that were there to mitigate "violence on both sides"


Christian fanaticism mixed with leftism = Jim Jones

imperialist scum

*straps on airsoft gun*
"how do you do, fellow southerners"



They did a video where they show those were real guns.


this is pretty prophetic and powerful

John Brown and Fred Hampton were two of the most based people who ever lived.