Daily News Thread 12/2

Senate Passes Tax-Cut Bill in Milestone Move Toward Overhaul

Senate Republicans narrowly approved the most sweeping rewrite of the U.S. tax code in three decades, slashing the corporate tax rate and providing temporary tax-rate cuts for most Americans.

Israel Bombs Syrian 'Military Targets' near Damascus

The attack, like several others of its kind, was reportedly carried out in Lebanese airspace by Israeli jets.

Mexican congress approves law allowing army to act as police

Mexico’s ruling party rammed a bill through Congress’ lower house Thursday giving the military legal justification to act as police, stream-rolling objections by rights groups and opposition legislators who said it would effectively militarize the country.

Honduras election: Army given more powers to quash unrest

Honduras has given its army and police more powers to contain unrest following violent protests over last Sunday's disputed presidential election.

Nigeria: Suicide Bombers Kill At Least 13

Roughly 53 people were injured and two bombers were killed.

Trump’s EPA will no longer require mining companies to prove they can clean up after themselves

The Trump administration will no longer require mining companies to prove they have the means to clean up the pollution left in their wake, despite a long history of contamination.

Japan court sentences U.S. base worker to life for rape, murder

A Japanese court sentenced a former U.S. military base worker to life in prison on Friday for the rape and murder of a woman on the southern island of Okinawa, public broadcaster NHK reported.

Turkey's Erdogan says U.S. courts cannot put Turkey on trial

Courts in the United States cannot put Turkey on trial, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday, in reference to the case of a Turkish bank executive who has been charged with evading U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Alternative for Germany: Police and protesters clash over meeting

Several people have been hurt in clashes between police and anti-fascist demonstrators in the city of Hannover.

ExxonMobil to Fund Guyana Lawsuit Against Venezuela

U.S. oil giant, ExxonMobil, has teamed up with Guyana to bring the Guyana-Venezuela border issue before the International Court of Justice.

Voyager 1 fires up thrusters dormant since 1980

If you had a car sitting in a garage for nearly forty years you’d forgive it for not starting with the first turn of the key. Now imagine it’s 21 billion kilometers from home and you just heard that engine purring from interstellar space.

Amazon apologises after delivery driver defecates outside man's home

Amazon has apologised to a man in California after one of their delivery drivers defecated in front of his house while making a drop off.

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The Amazon driver probably shit on the lawn because they aren't allowed to take many bathroom breaks.


Science Suggests We’re Making Fish Homicidal Through Antidepressants We Flush Into the Water

First a lobster with a Pepsi tattoo, now fish made mad by meds in the water.

The Houthis: Revolutionaries Pegged as Religious Extremists

The Houthis enjoy wide support from the Yemeni people, and the movement itself can be more accurately described as a national liberation movement.

Twitter Has Literally No Explanation for Why Trump’s Anti-Muslim Retweets Are OK


This isn’t the end of austerity – it’s a new age of cruelty economics

Consensus seems to have shifted, but austerity is far from over. The chancellor has committed us to yet more years of misery while the rich get richer, writes Richard Seymour.


In identity as a job creator so the government can't tax me.

*I identify

The unemployed need to be punished for not working silly, the money corporations get from tax cuts won't be divested into shareholder's pockets, bonuses, or investments into BRICS countries, it all goes to good American jobs.

The result of this tax bill is going to make the 2007-2008 financial crash look like child's play. I can't wait, tbh.

Why? Neither Trump nor the republicans are going to get blamed for it? Mises.org articles will be spammed everywhere on social media proving it was Backscratch O'Donnell's government regulation that caused the next crash.

The goal should be to weaken western hegemony. We need a multpolar world in order to build socialism.

Rubbing the economic crash in his face will almost make this worthwhile.

Oh I don't care who gets blamed for it, I just want to accelerate the heat death of this fucking awful country.

So out of the BRICS countries and their allies, who is most likely to spawn a woker's revolution? I'm sure you'd agree that post-Mao China is not a worker's state.


It would honestly be depressing if Alex Jones didn't pick this up because it'd be proof that he will cuck even for pharma companies

At least make an attempt to haul him out of his own ideology before you get in your "I Told You So"s



Accelerate to warp fucking speed.


I have a cousin that does the same and he's a teacher. Can't wait until it comes back to bite him.


That was actually my first thought as well.

Im witnessing the descent into self assured destruction asshole leave me to my screaming


Why doesn't new user 2.0 use the Morning Star as a source?

They cover stories the mainstream press won't, they are a cooperative news organisation not beholden to advertisers or private interests and were the only leftist publication in the UK that supported Brexit.