The EU

Is it bad I like the EU because of it's open border policy? I would legit consider reforming it just to keep the open borders between the nations.


Are you talking about the Schengen Area or immigration policy?
If it's the former then that's not so bad.

The EU exists, and has always existed with one goal in mind: to undermine any barrier a nation could erect against the hegemony of capital.
The free flow of labour is a part of this.

schengen area, the immigration policy of mass migration isnt good for workers, from my elementary knowledge of economics.


Could you ask a more specific question?

why are open borders necessarily capitalist? whats wrong with the free flow of europeans in europe? BTW, I understand why the EU and the eurozone - 1 currency for the entire continent is bad for the poorer nations and their workers. I dont understand why that means open borders as a concept are anti-socialist.

No, it's pretty cool.


As long as capitalism is the dominant mode of production, capital will always desire to expand itself by exploiting ever more labour. Importing cheap labour from other countries is a fine example of this.

i still dont see how this is a problem of open borders exactly? are open borders and free movement of people antisocialist in essence?

Yeah it' pretty lit. The objective of European comrades shouldn't be balcanization but keeping the unity and building a red banner above it. Red europe is the objective. Antiamericanism is fundamental

t. Pole

The point is being materialists and not idealists user.Yes there's nothing inherently anti socialist in believing or wanting open borders, but in a capitalist society the same policy will be used to fuck workers sideway all over the continent.

aha im actually greek
got you there.

if you're greek and pro-EU you might actually be mentally ill

and i agree with you. the question is, in a red world, where socialism is the mode of production, there will be open borders and we wont all be nazbols right?

I don't see what would be the point of maintaining arbitrary limits to citizens movement. It's not a revolutionary concept, it's pretty much how society worked until national states formed.

except im not pro EU, im pro open borders. I said i only liked the open border aspect, and i understand how badly the EU fucks greece.

Even more to note, greeks outside of greece tend to dislike greeks within greece as being lazy tax evaders and generally only want benefits. the narrative that greeks are lazy has some truth to it, even if thats not why the crisis is happening.

Just like with my country however (another of the PIIGS) this perceived laziness is better described as apathy. The economy is so clogged up and stale that people coming in from the bottom of it see nothing else than a monolithic institution built to be impregnable.

I still laugh my ass off everyday our state sponsored media keeps blabbering about economic growth when there was just a minor positive change in the economic indicator-flavor of the week. Can't blame them, elections are not that far away and the "left-wing" party in power has already succeeded at loosing the majority of their voting base.

No. Europeans are capitalistic and are voting for right-wing people and fascists to preserve their dumb borders. There are no such thing as borders. They don't understand this. There needs to be an elite of some kind to shut them up. That's where the EU comes in. I'm glad more Africans and Muslims are coming into Europe to destroy capitalism and hurt fascist institutions like churches

t. Holla Forumsyp retard who thinks this is actually what leftists think

Why would ordinary Greeks pay taxes if the Greek bouj pays literally nothing in taxes? Doesn't seem lazy, it seems principled.

i want to clarify that I do not necessarily agree with them, since i know greeks arent lazy people. they simply arent going to pay for a government and system that cheats and lies to them. They are a product of their environments, corruption breeds corruption. Im just telling you that a lot of the greeks who leave see the greeks back in greece as lazy and "cheap".
Consider this, a lot who leave are petit bourgeois restaurant owners who can see a people who work the most hours in europe as lazy because they dont pay taxes to a bunch of two-faced, EU-puppet liars.

Well green parties and socialist parties have been in charge for the past decade or so, so this is all happening under their watch and approval, so..

meant for

immigration is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself

I'm genuinely quite sad somebody took time to write this nonsense.

I wonder who could be behind this post

it is actually, just not for the immigrant workers, the locals tend to get higher wages as a result of it, assuming there are enough jobs, which since the 70s isn't true

lol, Schulz is not a socialist, PES aren't socialist.