"Don't Call It Fascism, This Is The Future You Chose"

We've gotta rethink the number of 20-something western men who're far-right cuz the way I see it there's way more of them than they/we think there are. I mean, how else could you explain every comment section and every thread related to a post going against the holy race """realist""" doctrine of I.Q. being genetically linked to race and proof that "shitskins have to go back" to save huwite civilization turning into this, a shitstorm of Nazi frogs and comments of "READ TEH BELL CURVE CUCK":


Again, this is everywhere on the internet from what I've seen. Neo-Fascism's the new punk rock. You wouldn't risk getting virtually de-platformed by your own viewers/readers attacking you with almost religious fanaticism if this wasn't so. There's a reason le rational skeptics keep their mouths shut when it comes to race unless they wanna shit on some SJW. Even they know how much of a right-wing torture chamber the internet is these days. I'm starting to think at least 25% of millennial men in the west have fallen to this white nationalist idpol.

What's your estimate and how do we (if there's even still hope) save them? After all the way things are going right now future internet historians are gonna remember the millennial generation for giving birth to cyber-nazism.

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Bots man:
They are more prevalent than you think. It could be anyone

What about the comments? Like to dislike ratios could be explained by those, but not whole comment sections with uniquely worded posts.

Most of the people you see clogging up comments sections are probably middle-aged dudes shitposting at work or at home.
You also forget that about 50% of millennials want socialism
blame the media for fixating on every little nazi with a dapper suit and a hitler youth haircut and giving them basically free advertising. meanwhile even the Democratic Cops of America gets comparatively ignored until they start winning elections

Lmao you don't know that Autism Level is genetic? What is this flat earth society?

Do you really expect us to lay down and take it as our countries are literally being invaded by an alien and openly hostile peoples who see our social safety nets as one giant cash register?

I thought about that. Honestly, I don't think it's as much the media's fault as it is SJW types'. Not cuz they're wrong, they could actually shred Holla Forumsflakes when it comes to debates on race, economics, politics, ethics and all that shit, but they just don't bother and instead act like fucking retards which makes the alt-right look way cooler by comparison to the average millennial. That "this shit is not funny" girl from the HWNDU stream said as much.

Don't remember saying it wasn't to be honest. We call that a strawnan argument round here. I said the genetic hypothesis alone does a shit job of explaining the differences in scores between groups. For example, the black-white I.Q. test score gap in burgerland.


Didn't realize Australia, New Zealand, The United States and Canada were "white countries" too. Even if they were I'd say the immigration process to screen for "hostile people" and to make sure only people who'd be a net benefit to the economy of a country are let into a country like say Britain or The United States is a lot different from the Last Of The Mohican-style setting you're describing, drama queen.

Doubt it. I mean, Polish, Italian and Irish immigrants to The United States in the 20th century averaged in the 70s for I.Q. when tested. Like I said, there's more at play here than genetics.

Still not exactly relevant to this discussion though…

Why should whites care about net neutrality, white advocacy is being censored on every by private firms already. The same goes for the rest of the right to a lesser extent. There is simply no incentive to care about it.

PS: That pic related…holy shit…

You schizophrenic? Who're you talking to and what's net neutrality got to do with this thread?

my mistake

Outdated, Impossible, preservation date expired.
I'm more scared of liberal "democracy" tbh

They didn't, that's a myth

Afroplasm I'm just curious and I'm not trying to stir shit up but do you identify with your white half ancestry at all? Most mullatos seem to not and go full kill all ypipo, although I have dated a girl that was a self hating mullato.

I ain't "scared" of fascism either. I know it's just edgelords LARPing these days with big dreams of being like what half of Europe was in the early 20th century. I'm just pissed off that this much time and effort is being put into white identitarianism by so many young people when they could be taking on shit that actually matters.

Proof? While you're at it try proving the average I.Q. of the huwite race ain't gone up by between 15 to 20 points over the last few decades.

I always fill out mixed race on forms that require you to fill out a section for your race so yeah, I guess I consider myself half white…

No, you fuckers don't accept anything. You don't accept it when I say brain size is correlated with Autism Level when I link to Standford University. And you don't accept that the different races differ in brain size, although cranial measures show this. So why should I go through my archive for something you won't believe? Nothing is in good faith with you guys


the irony of a poltard writing this is…exquisite

The Polish, Italians and Irish are all Catholic.

I hereby decree you…


Hail Kwanza Victory!

Except this has nothing to do with the evidence you are linking. You are just vaguely assuming unrelated things all mash up into one unified holy truth for you to disseminate among the cucked plebs. When you look directly at race and intelligence research, actual causal evidence is virtually nonexistent.

It's really cool when you post a link that's supposed to back up your claim and then someone reads the whole text instead of just the carefully chosen part you copied and pasted and realizes that the neuroscientist basically says "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know."
Your answer to someone pointing that out will be that the neuroscientist's just an SJW uncomfortable with THE TRUTH.

Flynn Effect. Boom.

Black-Americans are protestant yet the alt-right swears they're subhuman. Why does this matter?

ROFLMAO Just watch…

Trying to make far fetching conclusions based on some comments is hardly a smart idea

Because Catholics are retards, continental ones even more so.

Education trumps genetics.
All right-wing policies destroy education and opportunity, therefore intelligence.

Read the link I posted. There are entire academic fields devoted to this very subject, such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, as well as various scripts that can be run to generate massive amounts of comments on various websites.
I am not by any means saying that 100% of reactioncuck comments, not by a long shot. Reddit's /r/the_cuckhold sub has like 500,000 subs, there's a lot of these faggots out there.
But thing is, various agencies such as the FBI or the NSA have learned alot since their Cointelpro days. The internet has become a major source of discussion and debate, much in the same way the forum and town center of ancient Greece was a center of political discussion for people. The elites and the police agencies realize this and it is undeniable at this point they use bots to influence the discussion. An example of this is the GCHQ's JTRIG program:
The link about net neutrality demonstrates that corporations likewise use similar tactics, such as bots. The article suggests that ~1 million comments on the FCC's comment webpage were manufactured. Each comment appears unique but is generated by algorithm and thus feature similar structures. It takes data mining to see this given the sheer size of comments we are talking about and the slight variability between comments

I'm a non-Marxist leftist (you can tell by my username), one thing that annoys me is the (IMO) arrogant attitude of some Marxists and Anarchists, the notion that 'presenting counterarguments is a waste of time, because they won't change their mind'.

No shit, that people won't instantly change their mind on the basis of one debate on the internet with you!

If you watch and read religious and political 'conversion' and 'deconversion, stories people often adopt and decouple from an ideology, due to exposure and interaction with arguments and information, from a variety of sources, over a period of time. Also personal investigation and contemplation is a large role.

I wish Marxist and Anarchist would learn… You will not be able to address and dismantle every foundation of their political belief system alone, you're not that smart or informed. Noone is.

The left seems to think that assault (antifa) or shaming is going to get people to either turn away, or be silent about their alt-right beliefs. (I would be called a 'brosocialist', and I'm critical of the purity spiraling, LARPing and idealism of the non-liberal left. So I've experienced the same shaming and a hive mind, that alt-righters experience.)

I've been following the and manosphere for a few years. The alt right IMO is mainly comprised of people who were part of the Anti-SJW, MRA, MGTOW, Libertarian, 4chan, and gamergater communities. Those groups have already gone through the experience of being shamed, and it doesn't silence or discourage them, it actually galvanizes them. Perceived persecution is one of the reasons why they become alt right so shaming and assault fuels the movement.

My views on how to confront the issues of the Alt Right…

Based on my experience and observation.

Shaming will not work.

Assault will not work.

What can work is… Counter propaganda, and counter arguments.

IMO the only way of effectively doing that is to do the research on what they believe.

I have a big 'to read' list but these books often recommended by Alt-Righters are on my reading list…

Why Race Matters by Michael Levin

The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald

If We Do Nothing by Jared Taylor

Books that can help form counter argument to the Alt-Right notion of; genetic determinism of criminality, white identity, and the notion that Jews are responsible for the bad things that European nations have done…

The History of White People By Nell Irvin Painter

Race And Culture By Thomas Sowell

The Content of Our Character By Shelby Steele

Preventing Violence By James Gilligan

The Concise Untold History Of The United States By Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

Empire of Cotton By Sven Beckert

Hence why I'm increasing the sample size to draw my conclusions on by asking you people…


Orthodox Christians are not only closest to the original Christians, but vastly superior in every other way to Western European heretics.

Protestants are subhuman, it has nothing to do with race
Catholicism is the one true church

No doubt. Shit, I heard that bitch Trump put in charge of education on a federal level ain't even got a university degree, yet she's telling people bout how great charter schools are compared to public schools. Irony…

Even I'm too annoyed to discuss climate change with them. They only reply with ideological bullshit, long disproven science articles, collections of bullshit studies/misleading studies that actually support climate change, etc. Nobody has the time to read all the shit they post. I won't read those Mises Institute arcticles just because they supposedly disprove my argument that weapong production made american economy good in the WW2. Both Chomsky and Varoufakis said otherwise.

All of the shit they reply with is crap/kook science, misunderstood science, ideolgical bullshit and retarded bullshit. Too much information essentially created a post-truth. world. Nobody can keep up with machine-produced bullshit that porkies use to mislead the public.

I don't blame SJWs for not debating this stuff.

hello reddit

Makes sense I guess. Especially when it comes to megasites like Reddit where like 5% of the world's population visits daily. I've seen some pretty shady shit go down on the major subreddits as far as moderators and obvious shills goes. Pretty sure I saw a pic of moderators on Reddit conspiring to purge everybody they're politically opposed to in PMs on here a while ago too.

Which will not alleviate the problem. We are, just like some comments on some video, are unrepresentative of society as a whole. In other words, the commenters opinion and stances (or our opinion) can offer no insight whatsoever on the opinion and stances of the general public.

Go to any pro-Trump online space and you will find tons of boomers and other not-so-young people doing their thing. Statistics clearly indicate that young people by and large do not support conservative and/or fascist policies.

Petite bourge fascists what a surprise

Ridicule while actually taking down their arguments works best. The mainstreaming of neo-fascist thought online was given rise to by SJW lolcows who tried de-platforming, shaming and moralfagging people with bad ideas like the alt-right.

Remember Charlottesville? That was a fucking disaster not cuz Antifa beat the shit outta the Unite The Right protesters, not cuz an SJW pulled a fire alarm, but cuz the left stood back (unintentionally) and let the basement dwelling neo-fascist neckbeards make lolcows outta themselves and by letting themselves get in trouble with the law.

You've got no choice unless you wanna see them grow to the height of SJWs one day. They link dump whatever they think will stick in a debate cuz they count on the left being too tired/busy/disinterested to actually call their bluff and read their shit.

On the upside a lotta the time they repost the sane shit over and over again cuz they ain't got an endless supply of "race realist" science to spam so all you've gotta do it read their papers once and then counter them immediately as soon as you read the titles.


Just gimme a fucking estimate. Thanks.


It's isn't just the middle class who is afraid of losing its social status. Here in Hungary, we have petite bourgs ( rich mid class ) hating on intelligentsia ( mid and low mid class ), intelligentsia hating blue-collar proles, blue-collar proles hating on the precariat. Nobody wants to become a lower class than he/she already is.
Other fun facts:
Intelligentsia is almost unversally-hated, along with gypsies. Jew-hating is not too strong, but you can found it in a lot of places. Also, the whole government claims to be against the EU in a fight for freedom or whatever. Classic symptoms of Ur-Fascism. 12 of the 14 distinct properties of Ur-Fascism apply ot Hungary. Probably that's why we have no society.

This whole shit started with the economical crisis in 2007-2008 ( gubberment and corps firing masses of people, mass unemployment, inflation, shit wages even without inflation), but the parliamentary system started to crumble in 2006 summer ( govbernment lies uncovered, no euro as promised, no new metro line as promised, tramway repair gone shit ) . We are somewhat ahead of the US, I'm afraid.

It's much more work to properly agrue against piles of shit than piling that shit up. And they got almost endless supply of climate change stuff for example. One of the ancaps posted a page which has links to OVER A HUNDRED science articles.That's when I stopped answering to him. There is no chance he read all of it and understood anything since I know he ain't scientist ( a friend of mine know that user ).


Didn't imply that tho. I'm fairly certain they are. I have prole acquaintances making good-looking ancap, etc. sites and translating Mises & other retards in their spare time. Don't know if he's a real shill or just a true believer. I wanted to point out that it isn't just the petite-bourgs who can produce shit on the internet and they aren't the ones who started the shit in Hungary. Actually, the fuckers who did this here are either from liberal arts intelligentsia ( the party called Jobbik ) or learnt about law in the universities ( Fidesz ).

Any reactionary retard could create pic related


This is the only left wing political forum that I spend time on. Srs.

I agree.

One of the things we can do is just let them walk around with swastikas and white nationalist symbols.

I've even seen alt-righters saying how promoting those symbols is 'bad optics', so the more they do it, the worse they look.

The Shelbyville response from the left IMO was brilliant. They just heckled them, and played loud music.

The goal was just to make them look farcical, and IMO it worked.

It seems like the easiest way to demoralize and control them is through open mockery rather than just street fights. They won't gain support among the failson crowd if they are not aesthetic.

Their identity is frail and they depend on others opinions very much, and also masculine so they cannot refuse an invitation to fight ( e.g. cannot just leave mocky unanswered ). Whhat you said should be propagated. Let's just show the world that the proud alt-right is just an insecure teenager in the body of an adult.



I agree.

I think, whether we like it or not, Aesthetics heavily influences a lot of people's attraction to ideologies and parties.

Things like assaulting Trump supporters makes the left look bad (as well being unethical, simply supporting working and middle class people, rather than directing energy towards the Deep State… What's the point other than LARPing at being revolutionaries?).

I believe satire is a powerful tool. There's a reason why satire of Islam and Muhammad is forbidden in Islam, the scholars know how powerful it is. It's hard to become an Islamist, when the fundamentalist aspects of the religion have been satired to the point that the ideas are rendered ridiculous.

Nah, punks and nazis have been rival subcultures at each others throats since the beginning. Gavin Mcinnes even admits this much.
Nazis are more like fucked in the head mods or Skinheads.

In America we more or less call anyone who isn't homeless middle class. Everything from $30k-600k.

There is nothing that truly "debunks" the racial Autism Level gap from a scientific standpoint.
The gap itself exists, and denying it on the basis that 'it just doesn't exist' at all just makes you a fool.

The argument which is usually made to refute the Autism Level gap is from a perspective that it's a result of socioeconomic conditions. But there's no conclusive evidence either way for that statement since it's more sociology based.

This all being considered, you have to realize that a large percentage of the black community has been reduced to angry lumpenprole and then are radicalized by neoliberals to think that the white proles are their enemy, rather than capitalist elites.
Over the years 'black nationalist' movements were transformed into "Let's fight white capitalism with black capitalism!" and are often lead by bourgeoisie profit-seeking whites or mulattos.

Idpol only creates more idpol.
They are just reacting to neoliberal education which teaches them that colonialism and slavery is their fault since elementary school.

What about the Hungarian left? Is Jobbik still growing?


Lmao shit’s ridiculous.

I’ve heard fucking landlords and the family-owners of local restaurant chains called “middle class” in my state’s discourse.

Who gives a shit? Take it to r/socialism

Eh, I think its a small minority with shitloads of alt accounts and too much time on their gross, sweaty, NEET hands

The building on the left has a handicap access ramp.

No, the best idea is to counter them at every step, if they have the gall to wave swastikas and shitty opinions around then they will have to contend with what opinion we have of their opinion.

All life is genes expressed in an environment. Everything that we are comes from genes.

Reply to the video you posted where it gets dismantled point by point.


It's nearly impossible to get an accurate figure because of self censorship.

I started this little experiment: I have a group of friends. We never speak of politics unless to say the usual leftist bullshit that we are force fed by the MSM. But when I get to talk with only one of them, I start probing. You would be amazed to see how little a push one need during a private conversation to give up the leftist mask and start speaking about identity. I also sometimes do that with people I just met. If I were to say a figure, I would say between 40 and 50%
remember that trump got elected, brexit happened and other far right leader in Europe nearly got elected.



Social justice is inherently distasteful to Whites. It's not that it's "cool" now to be a fascist but that liberalism is impossible to be appealing.

These are good rebuttal videos because no sane person can be bothered to refute 2 hour videos by some rambling, broken english retard.

literally every argument he says even if hes right is done in the most retarded way possible
half the time he doesnt know the subject being discussed