China building weapon factories for Naxalites

Big if true. Say sorry to Xi.

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The 4D chess game is real, all hail socialism with chinese characteristics!

I'm on my phone, can someone put Xi's face onto Spock and a angry/sad porky face onto Bones?

get a larger photo

Thank you comrade Xi
biggest I could find right now

Guess imperial rivalry between China and India is heating up, hope the Naxalites can take advantage like the Bolsheviks did of WWI.

Is this the chinese 'communist' party finally supporting communists abroad or just china supporting elements disruptive to the Indian state?
Either way its probably going to do more good than harm.

They havn't supported militant groups but they have been supportive of communist parties. They are member of the IMCWP and have an annual report about the situation of communist parties all over the world

India has been buying a metric shit ton of arms from Israel and the USA recently so this isn't surprising.
The two armies are facing off against each other 100 metres apart. Literally hundreds of big guns lined up.
China vs USA is playing out in multiple theatres around the world.

Good for the naxalities, but CCP doesn't give a shit about communism.

So just like ww2?
Cant make this shit up


Are you pretending to be retarded?

just keep showing off that lack of knowledge of history

Say it with me Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Tank brigade always wins. Sorry leftcoms, you're finished.

Just Admit it
If the Democrats and socialist traitors at home hadnt forced us to leave our allies we would have won hands down

I'm glad you admit you lost.


It's still nice to see that Trump has to stand beneath a massive statue of Ho Chi Minh. You can see the smugness in the face of the Vietnamese guy.

Really make you think.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

It was to assist a friend that we promised to help
America keeps its promises
If wallace was in instead of that scumbag nixon and if we didnt let the democrats and leftists influence us we would have won

If the Nazis had been more rational they could have won.
But again, they didn't.


You do know that Wallace actually supported the welfare state as governor, right?

The impotent cry of every military loser in history

Christ. I despise you petite bourgeois patriotard classcucks with raging passion.
No. America does not keep it's promises. See Saddam, Gaddafi (Who gave up his WMD program), or even Assad (who opened his country up to political and economic reform and was then backstabbed).
American agreements aren't worth the paper they're written on. Never were.


Dies that include that little love affair with pol pot?

Face it, burger, you can't provide a single justification for the war in Vietnam. The democrats and leftists were 100% in the right on all sides.

Take off that snek flag, you're a clearly a right wing authoritarian.

Wow, what heartless animals those Vietnamese are.

Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave we don't use any forced prison labor.

China has always supported communists abroad. Look at their support to Cuba.

Fixed that…
Almost like "socialism" always ends up needing capitalism to keep it alive

Define socialism please.

Thanks for clearing that up

Whatever Socialists at the time claim it is
But some good modern examples would be…
The Scandinavian states
Most of South america
Most states in western Euro
And China and Cuba which claim to be socialist while ironically only improving after embracing a capitalist model

The worst it could be accused of is being a bureaucratic dictatorship.

These are literally labor camps. They are just not called as such.
What do lolbergs mean by this?

Except no one claims this.
Scandinavian states are capitalist with welfare states, South America is also capitalist, as are the Western European states and the DPRK is an ethnonationalist bureaucratic dictatorship.

I was being sarcastic.

Socialism is whenever the gobbermint does stuff. Except when it's actually good. Then it's very capitalist.
t. burger education

brilliant, well done. give yourself a pat on the back.

I hate to be that guy, but
is technically right about the combat. In order for a meme to be funny, it has to have kernel of truth. Also North Vietnam had a good airforce, and probably the only country that really contended with the US in aerial combat. Honestly, VC was always shit. NVA is where it's at, and they got fucked too.

Ah so you're stupid then.

I get what you're implying here, but I have to inform you that we don't redefine socialism, the public is just that frequently wrong about the defnition. And no, I'm not pulling "it's wasn't real socialism" on you. The other issue is that the schools of the left, especially Marxism, give their own definitions that aren't universally applicable, though it's still mostly the public, including you, being wrong.

I don't think anyone denies that the US won most of the battles, or that the VC are focused on more than they should be compared to the NVA. But the point still stands that the war has to be taken in it's whole context including the domestic conflicts surrounding it. In the end the US failed to achieve anything it wanted in Vietnam. It lost, it doesn't matter the cause.


I don't even want to defend the Soviet Union, but you're making claims that need citations.

>Statistics don't matter lol gommies BTFO haha I dun have to explain shit sucks 2b u cuck kys MAGA :DDDDDDDDDD
You Anglo-Americans are such a contemptible breed of people. Goebels was right about you.



The one that precious Mao and Tito also helped? :)

Oh so your a liberal deeply triggering and problematic?
I get it

I think I'm pretty much the most reactionary person on this board here. As opposed to fake neolibs such as you.
No. What makes me angry is that contemptible cult of ignorance that you Americans are so smug about.

Pick one and only one.

And still nor argument or citations for the point he was responding to.


How long before BO bans all discussions about the Naxalites because they're agents of Chinese imperialism?

Not long, methinks.


It's a maoist idiot who thinks China is leftist. Or possibly even a long shitpost. Literally everyone else here thinks OP is a faggot.

Back to >>>/the_donald/

Also consider checking out before you leave. It'll really make you think.

Don't look down comrade!

This is what Socialism with Chinese Characteristics East Asian Model Capitalism looks like


Man I don't give a fuck if China is just Dirigisme with Chinese Characteristics at this point, if some parts of India can be freed from godawful National Liberalism they have all my support in this conflict.

tankies are so fucking autistic


Why does this board make pretend to like China? It is the ideal technocratic ethno fascist state.

But I thought they were subhuman gook gommies incapable of inventing their own stuff?
What is it?

What does the average Chinese citizen being a subhuman gook have to do with China being run as a fascist ethnostate?

I tried, meh results.

you fucking moron just because America has forced labor camps it doesn't mean that it's ok for Vietnam to have forced labor camps. If anything it just shows they're both shitty capitalist countries

Name an actual difference between the Kuomintang and the modern CCP other than the fact that the Kuomintang are a laughing stock, you can't.

lmao tell me more I'm so interested to hear

Its not like that, the point is to show that the guy criticizing vietnam doesn't actually care about forced labor, he's completely okay when it happens in capitalist countries, what user doesn't like is the fact that vietnam is communist
Just look at pic related

What constitutes "the modern CCP"

The Dengist ruling block in favor of "special economic zones", imperialist adventures in the South China Sea, and allowing foreign companies to exploit Chinese labor.

— John S. Smith, Congressional Testimony of Mr. John S. Smith, 1865[24]

— Robert Bent, New York Tribune, 1879[20]

— Major Anthony, New York Tribune, 1879[25]

— Stan Hoig[26]

— Kit Carson to Col. James Rusling[27]

"But it's Communism that's evil."

The CPC still upholds communism as an endgoal, still upholds Marxism, plans its economy in a scientific way and still entertains somewhat socialist remnants outside the special economic zones. That's about it though.

Good one mate

I don't understand wtf you think i should be sorry for.

Tanks are so easily impressed.

reform through labor ;)