Tfw you finish chapter 1 of capital

To be quite honest, I don't understand why people act as if Capital is such a hard read, needing shit like lectures and companions. Almost everything in chapter 1 is laid out in the most concise way you can phrase it, it's just that the subject matter is so abstract you have to re-read once or twice to make sure you actually got it. And even if you didn't Marx reiterates the same points over-and-over using different analogies. And he reiterates the basics constantly throughout chapter 1, so it isn't even necessary to go back and make sure you understood.

In short, if you're procrastinating on reading Capital, stop. It isn't actually that hard, you're just trying to convince yourself that it actually is.

I just finished chapter one too user! Like 3 hours ago!

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I finished capital volume 1.

okie big brain wojack. I will catch up to you.

And the Grundrisse.

Yeah, people who keep making a big deal out of reading Capital are either brainlets or butter it up for you with commentaries which already push you into their preferred ideological direction. You don't even need Hegel, just read his Wiki article if you care but it really isn't necessary. If you really do want to read something before Capital, grab Smith or Ricardo, not Hegel.

It's the magnum opus of Marx, so it's supposed to be a stand-alone. Grab it and read it and think for yourself.

Honestly I read it a while ago but mostly forgot everything from the chapters on M-C-M' to the chapters on accumulation.

Yeah but I think it is designed to be mostly a reference work, once you got the basic concepts you can skip chapters and read those that interest you.

The hardest part is that so far Marx has done nothing but talk about exchange value "relative" and "equivalent" form and I juts want him to talk about literally anything important. Please Anons, tell me he gets to some actual analysis and this Is just explanation.

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It's because Marx said Chapter 1 was the hardest to read


When did he say nigger in Capital? The only place I have seen it was in his private letters.

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So what does it mean then? Do you really think that basic math is all there is to it? Tell me why this has any relevance to economics, and why it is important to understanding what commodities are.

For anyone who wants a tasty dip into something not too abstract and very easy to understand skip to the section on the machines effect on labour. Its extremely relevant in the time of automation and pretty much stands alone if you Wikipedia a few things. Also it highlights a lot of the core concept elaborated in the earlier chapters. Also I've found once you can couple this to the inevitability of automation you can destroy the liberal

that shit pissed me off so hard when reading
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should've just made it a graph or something