Pinochetfags will try this hard to defend their pwecious little psychotic despot who destroyed latin america's oldest...

I love how pinochetfags think they're being objective, yet all they really do is just make shit up .

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OP here. I also wanted to point out that according to the faggot who made this meme, having 40% of your population below the poverty line along with having two economic recessions is "having the economy recover"

Oh, and most of the people thrown out of helicopters were his former neoliberal supporters and priests, but dont let facts get in the way of their narrative

lol, Pinochetfags just can’t stop lying.

Side not, how exactly did the economy do under Allende?

I like how the "facts" in that meme are literally just made up and have almost no bearing on reality. It's almost like they don't care about actual truth and just want to feel like their ideas make them powerful/correct or something.

Pinochet didn’t even do the helicopter executions. What he actually did was much worse.


Oh I know, he did that whole rape thing. But even then, I'm just adressing the stale "throwing commies out of helicopters" thing.

Not really sure, but I read that it didn't do too well because of CIA sabotage along with right-wing terrorism. Funny how the previously mentioned bits never get mentioned in their shitty narrative.

That's because 13 year old are edgy enough to contrive throwing people out of helicopters as funny but not edgy enough to tell people on the internet they'll rape them with dogs and post cartoons of it online.

these are such dishonest half-truths that only a edgy pinoshitter could honestly repeat it as fact

He did get 36% of the votes because there were three candidates.

O wow the left can totally meme now. Good work comrade.

yeah, that's the point I was making

Sorry, didn't see the "half-truths" part.

So much for the nationalist right.


Yeah the left cant meme. Thats why we need to repeat the same stale helicopter joke 100,000x times that doesn't even make sense.





All of this is from the Wikipedia page on Allende’s presidency.

Remember that the coup didn’t just topple a democratically elected government, they toppled a country that was dramatically increasing its prosperity, enhancing its democracy, and making its people happier and freer.

Dog rape dungeons and crippling poverty were clearly a vast improvement.

Yeah that just about fits the formula. I like the extra ME: in there, really drives the message home. The proletariat will awaken to the superior intellect of our cause ANY day now, guys.




explain this faggot



so anyway here's my image macro memes covered in text




Recycled pepe memes and stolen, low-energy vaporwave images are the cutting edge of memetics.



Who ever made that missed the point of the meme entirely. The Right can't meme.

You mean like this?



>tfw adorno may have thrown me in a gulag for listening to jazz



really makes you think

the left can't me-




Marketing, management, R&D etc are all things that are done by wage labourers. The majority of shareholders don’t even bother voting. They are literal do-nothing parasites.

Reactionaries confirmed for never having had actual jobs in today's labor market.

Nice postmodernism.





Oh no muh based Austrian school of memenomics. How will dwumph evah wecovah??



Is this the epic memeing of the right that I've been hearing so much about?

Where have I seen that played out in the 20th century?


Where have I seen that played out since the 18th century?

The Communist would have ruined it forever and would have killed millions of Chileans (look it up Chilean socialist and communist outright admitted that hundreds of thousands even MILLIONS would need to die to make their insane dream "real")
Pinochet saved Chiles democracy long term and helped rebuild the nation after the economic mayhem that Allende caused

Really makes you think.


Yeah, those commies and their oddly specific death quotas.

Reddit would be more to your liking, bucko.

It's telling that the right has to lie about Marx's life to discredit him

Mind providing a detailed description of what Marx thought the government and economy should look like?

Holy shit do you even know what happened to the economy under Pinoshit, you authoritarian scum?

Makes one think

Refer to .

Seems about right

Refer to my low-enbergy meme REEEEEEEEEE


Really got my noggin joggin'. All those burgerbux and they still suffered until the American puppet was ousted.

The statistics are easily available, and not mentioned in the meme is the fact that Chile's GDP lagged behind the rest of the continent until after Pinoshit left, or the fact that it's known that the US engaged in a campaign to sabotage Chile before the coup, or the fact that there's more to an economy's status than whether there's inflation or not.

Bette then a "Dank MEME XD"

ive spoken to actual chileans unlike most socialists and theve told me how it actually was under the Allende regime
Constant repressions of strikes and protests (ironic i know)
Food shortages

Even if legit
If one nation decided to damage a nations economy is enough to decimate it dosent that show the strength of the socialist economy?

sure you have
those strikes and protests were literally funded by the CIA
malnutrition and extreme poverty increased under the Pinochet era
If one nation deciding to embrace minor left wing reforms is enough to scare the US into causing a genocidal coup what does that say about the stability of capitalism?

Not a rebuttal

Not shocking.

Confirmed for not understanding geopolitics and economics. Any less developed country with dependence on particular in industries can be easily sabotaged by superior powers, regardless of their economic model.

I realize it began under the Allende government, that's when Nixon declared economic warfare on Chile and the CIA began collaborating with Chilean reactionaries and bourgeoisie leading up to the coup.

Did your reactionary Chilean friends conveniently leave that part out?

Don't even try to defend this. Left-wing strike suppression is an inexcusable betrayal of the leftist cause.

If the Chilean economy under pinochet was SO awful and he was SO then how come almost fifty percent of chileans voted to keep him as leader in a referendum?

Because some benefited or their situation didn't change between the two.

Support for imperialism warrants death. No exceptions.

Where is that stuff about how pinodick was scared shitless of the Communists in Peru or whatever the fuck

And the Mask slips and the commies true intentions are revealed…


Literally the opposite of Marxism.

And his point was that this was a CIA astroturf, not a genuine worker protest.

Look you already showed in the other thread that you don't know what socialism is. Please read some books before you even try to discuss the subject.

Ok lets check that

Actually read Marx for once instead of right-wing propaganda.

t. Marx

All Stalinists, which have only superficial similarities with Marx. Marx said next to nothing about what a socialist government and economy should look like according to his ideas. what little he did say does not correlate with the Soviets and derivative countries. Besides socialism doesn't begin or end with Marx.

It's not supposed to be paradise, it's supposed to be improvement. If that makes an idea "utopian" then libertarians are just as utopian.

literally no different from capitalist industrialization in the 19th century. The only reason the body count was so high is because those countries industrialized late. comparative death tolls can be found if you observe anticommunist countries that industrialized late during the 20th century-see Amartya Sen's study comparing the Chinese great leap forward to industrialization in India

Are you seriously trying to pull the "not true socialism" card?

And just like that were back to "Not true socialism XD we just need to do it GOOD this time XD"
Isnt a bit weird that ALL socialist experiments devolve into "Muh Stalinism not ACTUAL socialism"?

Pick up a history book anytime.

No, I'm saying Marx doesn't have a monopoly on the left, and that Stalinist socialism would not be apporved of by Marx.

Can you or the ☭TANKIE☭ even fucking read? I wasn't saying the Soviet Union wasn't a highly specific kind of socialism, I was saying it's merely a specific model that wasn't properly Marxist, and indeed has no similarities with any other leftist thought.

Caused a bunch of genocides then failed
Caused a few genocides then Had to embrace capitalism to not collapse
In the process of failing
Malnourished and starving as their comrade Kim Jong Un hordes all the wealth
Caused genocides in cambodia and vietnam the embraced capitalism like china

Makes one think

Nearly all of leftism still stands unrefuted.

Look you fucking leftists, don't try and tell me this isn't a dog. I know what a dog looks like and this is obviously a dog. Or are you going to try and pull the "not a true canine" card?"

No one pulled the "not real socialism" argument, moron.

Poor shithole

There? that good enough?
I debunked all the Anarkiddie shit as well


You can play your word games all you like but there is no way you can say this isn't a dog. I know what a dog looks like and this is a dog. Dogs are all the same everywhere and if you try and tell me they're different then once against you're trying to play your No True Scotsman card.

there was no genocide even robert conquest had to walk back those claims becuase the scholarship proved him wrong. And like pirate flag user said, not all socialist experiments were stalinist in nature
Starvation happened in China yes, but it was neither intentional nor targeted towards a particular group of people, meaning its not a genocide. And what fucking genocide ever happened in cuba you dumbfuck.
is a capitalist nation with money, private property, and markets. And its only failing because of capitalism
abandoned any pretense of socialism decades ago. Also hyper-capitalist South Korea had plenty of poverty even though they were never sanctioned or targeted like the North was.
The genocide in Cambodia was done by CIA backed Khmer terrorists and was only stopped by soviet backed Vietnamese communists. Funny how that worked out.

Just like how dogs have specific qualities that make them dogs and not cats, communism has specific qualities that make the Soviet Union not a communist nation. Good post comrade.

God I'm just so upset about you refusing to admit that this is a dog I forgot to even include my image.

Are you having a brain aneurysm? What happened to you reading comprehension?

Nobody anywhere in the thread claimed the Soviets weren't real socialism.

Check out these capitalist success stories.

oh god not a ancap
on the not tru scotmans pic is related

"When we lose we win" eh?

They all failed because socialism dosent work

Those people didnt die because of capitalism
Those people simply died under capitalism
Disingenuous tbh

Not an Ancap i hate all Anarkiddies

how is that any different from the people who just so happened to die living under state socialism.

GOD, CAN YOU FUCKING LEFTIES GET ANY MORE DISHONEST? This pack of wild animals are obviously of the canis variety.

Look faggot, just because you don't know what a dog is doesn't mean that I don't. You can try and play your "not a real dog" nonsense as loud as you like, but at the end of the day all of these furry quadropeds are dogs, end of story. Your degenerate felinism should be condemned to the litterbox of history where it belongs.

Its the same "disingenuous argument" used against socialists. Find me a source that evaluates socialist deaths in any other way.

Because capitalism isnt working someone to death on a collective farm against their will or shooting them for holding religious views

Communism doesn't have a state. Was there a state? Yes?
Not communism. Socialism, yes, but not communism.
Is stalin's revision of lenin the only sort of socialism? No? Well blaming the whole left makes no sense.
Why did socialism collapse in so many places? Can't be because they developed in 3rd world areas or were ruthlessly oppressed by the west.

How can you be this much of a disingenuous shiteater?

You know nothing

instead you get worked to death in a private factory

Demonstrably false. And not an argument.


Your posts are becoming increasingly unhinged and juvenile. I was saying the Soviet Union was a specific type of socialism, you stupid faggot. What are you trying to argue with this crap about dogs?

Again, only applies to Stalinism.

Also, all of you fucking ☭TANKIE☭ Soviet sympathizers are only making yourselves look stupid. And are only providing the retard nitpicked screencaps.

Lads I don't think the snake gets it.
I really think he believes cats are dogs.

No genocides, were puppet states of the USSR won by conquest rather than revolution.

Most significant gains happened under Mao, Dengist revisionism was still very heavily state capitalist, in defiance of the neoliberal memes.

Not capitalist.

2/3rds of the economy is private and most of the "nationalization" was just the government buying stocks. I could go into how simple nationalization isn't socialism, but Venezuela isn't even a good example of that

Ethnonationalists who don't even pretend to be communist anymore.

Was a US-backed reactionary who wanted to restore a legendary feudal past in Cambodia, not even remotely communist, only pretended to have Maoist sympathies to get support from China. You also ignore that he was overthrown by socialists and the socialist government that replaced him, the People's Republic of Cambodia, was actually a benevolent force for Cambodia.

They bought into the Dengist meme, but once again, this is a hard state capitalism with an emphasis on cooperatives, it hardly backs up neolibs ideology.

And, as I suspected, you ignore shit like the Paris Commune, over a dozen US military bases in Syria, the Zapatistas, etc.

Look leftcuck, millions of people around the world are injured or killed by dogs, which is why these vicious predators need to be eliminated. All that blood is on your hands. You fucking dog lovers always have an excuse, and you'll resort to any base trickery and deceit to avoid answering for your complicity in your canid crimes. You sicken me.

lol until proofs that doing so wasn't necessary to boost russia in the right way then I'm a sympathizer (until revisionists of course)

US president told CIA to quote "make the economy bleed". Thats how capitalism won, it never is a fair fight of economic systems.

And here we are again with the "no true canine" sleight of hand. Go ahead, show me one of your "real dogs." you can't
That blood is on your hands, canine lover.


Plz stop

Look comrade, millions of people around the world are hurt or killed by capitalism, which is why the vicious corporate predators need to be eliminated. All that blood is on their hands. We proles always have been oppressed, and we must resort to revolution to avoid destruction of the environment or to progress to socialism. Join with me.

And here we are again with the "attempt at an argument" sleight of hand. Go ahead, show me one of your "arguments" you have none.
That blood is on their hands, comrade.

This always happens when a rightist comes here and runs out of arguments even while selectively ignoring arguments we make.

The dude's a ☭TANKIE☭, you and every on Holla Forums should ignore him.

Nether of those things happened.

The only instances of anyone being "worked to death" was in gulag and those were the Great exception, rather than the rule, the vast majority of people survived gulag, and people weren't shot for having religious beliefs, in fact religion was never banned in the USSR. The church was suppressed and religion discouraged, but it was perfectly legal to have religious views and attend church.Stalin's purges weren't of Christians, but of other communists, especially the Old Bolsheviks. Stalin wasn't purging anyone who disagreed with him, he was taking out political rivals to consolidate power.


Wake up.

I'm not even saying that. I'm saying if the proletariat strike because of grievances, even against economic planners, then they should never be suppressed.


If Cuba has a market economy, the USSR had a market economy

I'm laffin. Stop reading Bloomberg.


Stop selectively responding only to ☭TANKIE☭s.

Most significant gains happened under Mao

Sounds legit, comrade

They did.

Deng used the industry that was built by mao my dude

What is really existing capitalism?
It's funding death squads that mutilate and rape workers for having the audacity to organize in their interests.

scenes of this kind aren't uncommon

It's locking workers in factories abroad and beating them for failing to meet expectations.

Or breaking them to the point of suicide:

It's the existence of corporations, which are collectivist (anti the individual worker) authoritarian dictatorships that are centrally planned. The "freedom" to move to another dictatorship, or spread slavery by starting your own, is the only weak defense given for this establishment.

The worker must pay a tax on his work to the capitalist, so that the capitalist can make money for no additional effort.

He is forced to sell himself, like in slavery, but temporarily and he has some choice of master. He may be lucky to find a benevolent one, but otherwise he is compelled, under this system, by necessity, to face humiliation and abuse.

You can strawman us as 20th-century Bolsheviks all you want, but this won't change the fact capitalism is an authoritarian system that is against the interests of billions of people.

Mao ended a century of capitalist induced chaos and instability that lead to hundreds of millions of deaths and kicked out the corrupt nationalist clique that was more than happy to facilitate it, but all these dipshits know or talk about are the people that died because of the great leap and cultural revolution.


Imagine making all these posts and somehow thinking that you're being clever or witty. Apparently dogs and cats are exactly comparable to socio-economic systems, and calling dogs cats somehow is equivalent to the no-true-Scotsman fallacy, which nobody is even making?

Do you genuinely believe that getting killed by a wild animal is the same as dying because your gofundme was $50 short for your insulin?

And lastly, I think I should inform that in your shitty analogy saying "lmao cats are dogs" and then having someone say, "No, these are cats are distinct from dogs due to various empirically verifiable traits" is what the left is actually trying to say with regards to countries like Venezuela. You replying, "DURR NO TRUE DOGS" not doesn't make any fucking sense, it only demonstrates how stupid your position actually is.

Oh no I get it, Occam's Razor only applies when it's convenient for you

Against who now?. Workers can go and change everything from the inside, since they're the owners. CIA that starts trouble gets punished.

Nobody in this thread said the USSR wasn't socialist though, except maybe some anarchists, and if they were they weren't doing so in the nature of a bona-fide no-true-scotsman fallacy, it's because they're ideology is literally different.

Also, I invite you to find someone in this thread who said that VZ was socialist.

Not really. Although if you act like a reddit-tier kekistani fag you'll probably get told to go back there.


Guys, i made a meme. What do you think?

holy fuck you guys have to be literally autistic. The guy is obviously false-flagging as the actual libertarian ITT and being intentionally ridiculous with his analogy because he's making fun of the libertarian throwing around no-true-scotsman.

This isn't taking the bait, this is completely failing to see an obvious joke.

this, what the fuck guys. you're usually better than this.

Of course he's a fucking psychopath, he's a descendant of the most loathsome of people: the Spanish.

Well you see, most people like living, and when someone is powerful enough that they could have those who voted against them killed, people start to become more susceptible to voting for them.


Edgy cappie teens, pure cringe




Those are Jews, not Catholics.

This entire thread was a massive shitshow and I hope Bat'ko could have covered it before all the deletions happened of the shit memes/arguments

OP Here. I honestly regret creating the thread, seeing as how it got derailed into a stupid discussion about memes.

Capitalists are all the same.

Bear in mind that 7-10 million Chinese used to die annually (according to CIA figures) in just three districts that data was collected for prior to Mao.

Literally nobody liked them; Stalin had to execute them because they were saboteurs and plotters.


John Leighton Stuart, former US Ambassador to China

This is a great thread to harvest bans for. It's like a la brea tar pits of Holla Forumsyps, they smell the carcass in the muck, they jump straight in and argue as much as possible. Then they quickly realize, they have played themselves.

I hate these normie fucks so much.