Why do you deny the power and influence of the jew...

Why do you deny the power and influence of the jew? Retorting with “but muh capitalism is the cause of jewish power!” is a copout. Bakunin recognised the unique super influence of jews in capitalism, so much so that he believed they needed to be looked at separately. Yet you all refuse to even look at the problem, instead choosing to empower them.

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You are retarded my man

I hate the tribalism and the entitlement that certain people demand for Jews & Judaism, but you're dumb if you don't know how Judaic identity survives through private property. Property held socially and in commons would destroy that kind of identity.

Bakunin was smarter than you and considered the Jew.

You are retarded my man

Good sassenach

Who controls all the banks?

Silly goy

Jew - Rothschild Banks of London
Jew - Rothschild Banks of Berlin
Jew - Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
Jew - Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
Jew - Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany
Jew - Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Jew - Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
Jew - Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
Jew - Goldman Sachs (Obamas biggest corporate donor in 2008/2012) CEO Lloyd Blankfein
Jew - The Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yelen (before, Ben Shalom Bernanke and Alan Greenspan) including top shareholders Goldman Sachs (Jewish), J.P. Morgan Chase (Jewish) and the Rothschilds banking cartel (Jewish)
Jew - Citigroup Chairman Stanford Weil and Co Chief Executive Robert Diamond
Jew - Wells Fargo Chairman John Stumpf
Jew - Bank of America Chief Executive Charles Noski
Jew - Barclays Chief Executive Robert Diamond
Jew - J.P. Morgan Chase Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Diamond
Jew - Morgan Stanley President and Chief Executive James Gorman
Jew - USB AG Chief Executive Oswal Gurbel
Jew - CFTC Chariman Gary G. Gensler
Jew - SEC Chariwoman Mary Schapiro
Jew - NFA President Daniel Roth
Jew - FINRA Chairman Richard Ketchum
Jew - NYSE Euronext President Duncan Niederauer
Jew - NASDAQ OMZ Group Chief Executive Robert Greifield


what about all those other rich people that control our lives that aren't jews

why aren't they on your list

Jews are heavily involved in far left movements to function as gatekeepers against consciousness of the jew. So many jews are involved in far left groups coming from super wealthy backgrounds is the primary reason why I am no longer a leftist.

How dare you?

Stop this Antisemitism right now

Be a good goy cattle and obey

Antisemitism is the anti-capitalism of foolish nazis


good sassanach

Hello Holla Forums Bakunin was also a feminist how do you feel about that

Why should I listen to this anarkid?

More from Bakunin:

why not use Bakunin as an entry point into anarchism and leftism in general for Holla Forums? NAZBOL works decently but still stays on the authoritarian side, Bakunin on the other hand could introduce Holla Forumsyps to anarchism from his antisemitic elements while showing more strands of leftism.

The bourgeoisie! Do you really think that if your preferred ethnicity would control all those banks instead of jews, anything would be better? The rich have certain class interests regardless of who is on top.
Where I live there are like 20 jews in the entire country. I have literally one met three jews in my entire life. In my country, its all whites who are in power and guess what, the situation here is just as awful as in the US. There is no great plot behind everything. Property owners and the rich will always have interests that are in conflict with what would be best for society as a whole, their ethnicity or gender is irrelevant. Stop buying into bullshit idpol and read Marx you spooked moron.

Apparently his "anti-semitism" is incidental-to-vanishing, often talked about, but so far I haven't managed to come across a single definite source.

Who cares. There are historic and religious reasons for jews being dominant in the banking sector, but the banking sector is just a fraction the brutal machine that is capitalism.

Not an argument

except he wasn't

you act like jew and capitalist are two different things

because they are





Sounds like what someone who literally never met a nigger would say.