Do you support abortion...

Do you support abortion? Why not just let women live with their decisions instead of killing someone else because their mother or father was irresponsible? It's been painted that all that oppose abortion are "right wingers" or religious nutcases, and that there's only one body involved and it involves a woman's "rights" only.

Yes, I fuly support it. Abortion for every fetus should be right.

your post clearly demonstrates that retards of all varieties oppose abortion

Abortion should be mandatory tbh

I'm waiting for artificial wombs deprecate abortion.

getting angry isn't going to help anyone


Abortion should be encouraged tbh, imagine the stem cells we could have if people like OP were shot on sight and buried under quicklime.

How can you be against abortion if you have never even tried it out?

Yes. Rape and incest babies are uncomfortable concepts. Not to mention that sex has other uses than reproduction, and that reproducing doesn't always fit someone's life. If my pull-out game was any worse I'd opt out for an abortion, why the fuck would I ruin my life because "lol abortion is baby killing"

i do let women live with their decisions. that's why i'm pro-choice

Abortion is anti-dialectical
it's a cheap way for the lower class to escape poverty because they can't afford to reproduce. Rather than tackling the economic issues they're encouraged to kill their children instead.
Fuck the upper class and fuck abortion apologists.

it works both ways!

uhhh are you saying it'd be better to subject more children to poverty?

You are aware of the fact that when human gametes meet and create a human zygote such cannot be implanted into an animal host and be expected to grow right?

I'm saying it would advance dialectic


This. Infanticide should also be legal. It's a terrible tragedy when a human who was deformed at birth is forced to endure a life that's bound to be fraught with suffering.

I'm not feminist at all but I attack anyone arguing against abortion law.

are they at least finally done with this humanist concern trolling? pro-life is basically lingo for 1488 at this point anyway

a child being deformed is an unusual case and i'm not against it… most aborted babies are normal

Tbh abortion is a necessary evil: in a world without rape, without abject poverty and with ample access to sex ed & contraception it would be needed: but we do not live in that world.

How is abortion evil?

you're killing a baby. what if you were aborted? i don't think you would like it!

I couldn't care. From the "aborted point of view" it is completely indifferent.

You sound like a nazi

I mean honestly, I am not sure how one could see abortion as pleasant. Regardless on your view based on access, it is inherently a not pleasant thing for anyone involved: however such things are often required of civilisation.

Also the New Testament only refers to Jesus as possibly being alive in the womb (and even then it is not conclusive based on original translations), not in general

You said evil, not non-pleasant.

Whatever fam

Of course. Although ideally women would have better options than to have to raise a baby for 18 years or send it to some adoption hellhole.

i wouldn't dislike it either because i wouldn't exist

Abortion is extremely traumatizing. Most abortion proponents understate the emotional pain that is suffered after getting an abortion. It's illegal only due to the insistence of women who have experienced it themselves.
Many women who experience it lose their minds and do crazy shit like collect figurines/lingeries, rub their breasts uncontrollably or do lunatic man-hating shit.

Alright, bud.

Zygotes aren't people.

There's no reason to consider a cluster of cells that has no brain a human. It has no ego and thus cannot die in the same way a human dies, it dies the same way the rest of your bodily cells die off constantly.

Besides this fact, if people have the "right" to consensual actions done on them, then why are people given the "right" to cause others to exist without consent?

Men can't kill
women can't kill

no abortions

Also the kill pill should be banned because of the estrogen in the water

abortion is pretty abhorrent tbh. something like 90 percent of all abortions are done because of purely economic and/or cultural reasons. fetuses are unquestionably alive and are unquestionably human. the argument about "personhood" and "conscioussness" as narrowly defined by pro abortionists is meaningless and dishonest.

the actual argument is should women be able to kill their babies. i reject all "should" statements because im not a spooked fuck. will women kill their fetuses. that much seems fairly certain as has been the case in almost all of human history post agriculture. if i can make a value judgement i would say abortion is pretty much shit and people pushing abortion are also pretty much dishonest bourg shits. do what you want, but if youre getting an abortion not due to rape or incest or danger to your body i automatically think much much less of you

Fuck you. If it wasn't for abortions I would have my stupid fucking children running around fucking up the world because I was a negligent father who didn't help take care of them. Those fetus' are far better off never having existed then to have been subjected my me.

Abortion isn't just about women. It's about using human technology to improve the lives of people and minimize suffering.

Who cares? It's irrelevant if they are "alive" and if they are "human." They are organisms whose existence are at the whim of the parent. That will never change. Even if I were to grant you that it was murder it would only mean that murder is okay in some situations like abortion.

I'm not forced to give up my blood to save some chud's life, I'm not going to be forced to give my blood, job, career, and stomach to coddle a "life."