Instead of arguing about how to revert to some mythical time where one man one wife was the only sexual norm...

Instead of arguing about how to revert to some mythical time where one man one wife was the only sexual norm, wouldn't it make more sense to try and create a society in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of sexual liberalism.

One thing that holds true for basically everyone who opposes "degeneracy" is that they couldn't participate in the fun themselves. No one to buy drugs from, no friends to party with, no willing sexual partners etc.

It seems to me all we need to figure out a way to ease these people into a social group.

I certainly don't want to live in a society where no fun is allowed and I'm married to some prude. As someone who has done many degenerate things, I'd rather die than live in a world like that. Agreed?

Traditional society=1 man 1 wife that lives a shit life and cheats on you
Cuckitalism= 1 man 20 woman because he is rich
Glorious communism = everyone has sex life is great and people don't bitch because you stole a toke of weed also lots of easy gay sex

communism is hyper-degenerate pansexual orgies in the streets and nothing else.
Now tell us who is grill

Communism is when you gag on some jew's dick

Under communism, you're free to choose whether or not you are monogamous without the fear of oppressive social norms forcing you to conform.

Some "an"cap once told me monogamy is "relationship socialism" because the "worst" man gets the same amount of wives as the "best" man, where in his view polygamy is the true capitalistic form of love since the best men can have multiple wives and reproduce the most.

We should eliminate sex altogether.

this, and social capital not translating to financial capital on account of it not existing means that there is less pressure to pick only socially acceptable mates
this actually happened to an extent in the Soviet Union and DDR, according to some documents I quite a while ago comparing sexuality in SU and in Russia people were far more open and accepting with weirdos, misfits and different body types.

I bet he thinks he is one of those best men being victimized by gommunists.

was he incel


No, he's married with four kids. He just thinks he deserves more than one wife and even more kids because he claims to have a very high Autism Level (I doubt it though).

I agree, we need a ministry of Socialization, which has case workers that follow up on the outcasts, and helps ease them out of their isolation. Help them set up dating profiles, give clothing and hygiene advice, etc. Additionally, vouchers could be issued for (vetted, co-op) sex workers or other paid companionship for the worst cases, who for example have a hideous appearance or personality, or as a temporary measure until they find genuine companionship.
Bureaucracy can solve it sufficiently to ensure social stability.
Until we can achieve of course.

The patriarchy will be restored and there is nothing you can do about it I'm afraid.

Your entire argument is silly. What would prevent you from doing "degenerate" things under a return to one man one wife anyway? The overall sexual health of society is far more important than your disgusting fetishs anyways, if 20 incels getting a loving wife means one woman can no longer participate in bukkakes it is a perfectly beneficial trade.(...)

See, here's the problem, those incels aren't going to get loving wives, because incels are typically pretty shitty people.

This, frankly

You know Tinder exists, I suggest you try it.

it's good to have you back
one man, indefinite amount of concubines!
uphold marxism-genghism!
only your powers of conquest and pillage are the limit!

Do you believe that you're so disgusting that the only way you can find a partner is through forceful assignment? I don't think you are, it's more likely your poor social skills and the mental issues stemming from that have got you believing that

Tinder/Grindr is if you want to shoot for the lowest common denominator. It's like seeing the bottom of the barrel for your social tier of who you could date. If you use Tinder, prepare to lower your standards

it's a worksafe board you fucking retard

Only if you're some kind of loser.

How many times do I have to tell you red liberals to fuck off of this board?

Tinder absolutely destroyed what little semblance of normal dating and courting behavior remained and totally accelerated the haremization of society, if you can't see this you are speaking from a position of privilege and might as well be ignored.

But that's amounts to sacrificing the happiness, agency, whatever you want to call it, of half of the population for the benefit of the other half. Half of all people are women, simply factoring them out is illogical. It's a utilitarian zero sum game. You have to do better than that if you want to make a convincing argument for a change in the status quo.
Did the kindergarten teacher need to force other children to play with and not exclude you too, perchance?

The current arrangement in the long run benefits neither sexes tbh. Women's liberation hurts everyone.

clean your room

Very few people actually want arranged marriages if truly given a choice. I could have had one myself but I opted out because I was given a choice.

Why should we institute arranged marriages if only the small incel population wants it

Incels are a massive demographic and only growing and outnumber gays and trannies by several orders of magnitude.

This is a causation fallacy. People who have developed an (aggressive) aversion to sex tend to become less attractive, not the other way around. In my experience ugly and old people are usually first in line to initiate sexual contact with an attractive woman in a compromising position.


stats plz
he's coming for your tranquil, regulated, egalitarian sexual market volkshemmet
he's gonna take them all


Only if you're some kind of loser.

This is just an internet meme that leftist hedonists repeated until they believed it. It's a nice way to ignore the countless moralistic shitheads who hate fun in an attempt to atone for their stupid behavior earlier in life, and consequently to never have to argue for behavior that's """degenerate.""" There are probably more Americans in church on any given Sunday getting hard listening to their pastor complain about fun or one of its equivalents because they drank too much and did dumb shit as a kid than there are sour grapes faggots in the entire world.


Even if I grant you that the current arrangement makes women unhappy, for the sake of argument. it's up to women to decide what makes them happy, even if the act of choosing leads to greater unhappiness. Liberty is the prime virtue. Better to be miserable on your feet than happy on your knees.

Yeah like women like anything more than being happy on their knees ;)


let me be happy on my knees

t. polygamist

This. The state will abolish inceldom while building socialism.

What's going on in that painting