Daily News Thread 12/1

Michael Flynn charged over false statements to FBI

President Donald Trump's ex-national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the FBI in January.

British Labour leader Corbyn tells Morgan Stanley: 'We're a threat'

Britain’s opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn warned Morgan Stanley that bankers are right to regard him as a threat because he wants to transform what he cast as a rigged economy that profits speculators at the expense of ordinary people.

Argentina abandons rescue mission for crew of missing submarine

Argentina has given up on rescuing 44 crew members on a submarine that disappeared 15 days ago, though it will continue the search for the vessel with international assistance, a navy spokesman said on Thursday.

Police in Potsdam, Germany evacuate Christmas market, investigate suspicious object

German police have discovered an explosive device at a Christmas market in the city of Potsdam. The area was evacuated following an earlier report about a suspicious package.

Armed US drones to start flying combat missions over Niger

Armed American drones will soon begin flying over Niger following approval of their use by the West African nation. The move marks a significant expansion of the US military’s footprint in this part of Africa, where its reach has so far been limited.

US Upholds Use of Illegal Cluster Bombs as ‘Legitimate’

A 2019 plan to phase out the use of cluster bombs that are considered indiscriminate due to their release of unguided sub-munitions was called off by military officials.

Terrorist Attack in Pakistan Leaves Nine Dead and 37 Injured

The Pakistani Taliban group (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack that took place on the campus of the Directorate of Agriculture Institute in the province of Peshawar.

2017 ‘didn’t look good’ but 2018 will bring more wars, famine & extremism

Violence and pockets of fighting in Syria and Iraq, near-famine in Yemen, and Islamic extremists steadily gaining ground in Afghanistan will make humanitarian crises around the world much worse next year than they were in 2017, an NGO predicts.

Japan's Emperor Akihito to abdicate in April 2019

Japan's ageing Emperor Akihito will step down in April 2019, marking the end of an imperial era for Japan.

Bolivia's Evo Calls on 'Capitalist Powers' to Stop Destroying Mother Earth

Bolivia's first Indigenous president has frequently lambasted capitalism as "the formula that is destroying our species."

Washington wake-up call? ‘Generation Y’ calls for 3rd-party political choice

Fed up with ‘politics as usual’ in the United States, dominated as it is by the Democrat and Republican parties, the majority of US ‘millennials’ say a third major party is the answer, according to a recent poll.

US judge OKs suspensions for students who ‘liked’ racist memes

US District Judge James Donato ruled Wednesday that the Albany Unified School District did not violate students’ freedom of speech when they expelled one student for creating an Instagram account that hosted racist content and suspended nine other students who “liked” the posts, according to court documents obtained by RT America.

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This was literally how my school operated and I lived in the US, why the fuck do so many schools not have zero tolerance policies for their grade schools?


Zero tolerance for liking memes?

You are a trigger happy woebegone sourpuss. I wasn't even referring to Trump, I was referring to Flynn's dumb ass

When I was in school, you said a racial slur at someone, bam, you're going to the principle's office. You say something out of order about someone's race, bam, you're going to the principle's office.

The internet really shouldn't be any different. I mean these are children we're talking about, part of growing up is knowing what is and is not acceptable behavior. Throwing a fit about someone's race or laughing about it, really should not be part of a school's curriculum or environment, no.


Slave markets in ‘liberated’ Libya and the silence of the humanitarian hawks

The reports that black Africans are being sold at slave markets in ‘liberated’ Libya for as little as $400 is a terrible indictment of the so-called ‘humanitarian intervention’ carried out by NATO to topple the government of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Japan’s Tight Labor Market Generates Deflation…

Puzzling over Japan’s super low unemployment with continued deflation.

NSA Secretly Helped Convict Defendants in U.S. Courts, Classified Documents Reveal


How Putting Tom Cotton at the CIA Could Endanger the Innocent Families of Suspected Terrorists

There's a dangerous confluence of the notion of punishing suspects' innocent families, and the unaccountability of the CIA.

"Zero tolerance" sounds more like expelling them instead of reprimanding.

It was more a referral (which is on your record and generally bad) and up to a suspension (which is on your record and also worse). Expulsion was always for something serious, like drinking on campus or bringing a knife on campus, or doing some stupid shit.

I'm really surprised that somehow the education system, even in Britain, is lagging behind what I already lived through perfectly fine.

We're not lucky enough for that to happen.

Flynn has flipped hard on Trump.

Get your asses ready boys. Hell's about to break loose.

if a "third party" comes up, it'll be libertarian, ie. even more shit.

Not so fast. A libertarian third party being successful would greatly weaken the GOP. With a weakened GOP, the Democrats wouldn't be able to play the "If you don't vote for us the Republicans win!" card, so leftist third parties could have success.

Watergate took 2 years and was small potatoes compared to the scope of this investigation, retard.

It's just bread and circuses.
Every president since Nixon (and more than a few before him) have directly engaged in activity that would land lesser mortals in prison, if not the electric chair.
Even if Muller does uncover actual illegal activity tied to Trump, it'll be up to the Republicans to remove him from office (fat fucking chance).
I seriously doubt he'll ever see the inside of a courtroom, let alone prison.

USA is beyond fixing by casting a ballot every 4 years.


At the very least it smears the current administration. A drawn out prosecution and revelations of the Flynns agreeing to bag Gulen for turkish cash chips away at the pretense that the Trump admin is some "anti-politician" who will do things differently.

Rip off the flesh mask to reveal the cold steel of the interior

1. It's not happening
2. If it is happening, get ready for President Pence.
I don't see what's there to be gleeful about, at all.

1. Something's happening
2. Mike Pence will be far worse for recruiting Leftists because he'll appear competent compared to Trump, and some dipshit libs will just be like "Thank God Trump is out! We love you Mike Pence."

you brits better cherish this man. When we're dodging nuclear radiation, I'm coming to Jezzaland.

Clone him and send the clone to Canada please

Dw we do, honestly he is a good egg.

And McDonnell is even better.

Hasn't he been awful quiet on brexit? what a pussy! he probably hopes to take over once the situation gets truly dramatic in a few months! if it ever happens I hope brussels tell him to fuck off just like they're doing with the current government.

A new government just formed here in Iceland. The new PM is from the Left Greens, but she is in government with the right-liberal Independence party and the agrarian centrist Progressive party. Never trust a socdem.

He's been quiet because he has been taking action: everytime an act comes forth that would "stop" brexit, he whips against it.

Reminder he was for brexit before it was cool.

Pence will probably get wrapped up in this, so it's President Ryan we'll looking at.

Is a Ryan presidency dialectical?

People didn't vote for Trump thinking he was some avatar of incorruptiblity, they just figured he was marginally less corrupt than Hillary.
Most of the people who voted for him knew full well what they were getting.

Watching this shit with Flynn is amusing, but every liberal creaming themselves over this shit ought to be linked to this good Jacobin article about how gleefully and openly the US fucked with elections in Mongolia.


You and I know very different Trump voters. Every one I have talked to saw him as an outsider who would clean up DC and its corrupt establishment figures.

Well, the ones I know didn't vote for Trump so much as they voted against Hillary.

they must really feel stupid now don't they? from the perspective of an european outsider trump's rise and fall is really entertaining, but for an american to actually believe this nonsense? were they scared she was going to "start ww3" like the (russian?) shills pretended she was planning to? what do they think of the tax cuts?
there's some truth to the horseshoe theory after all.

As I said, most of them knew what they were getting into, and very few of them regret the choice.
If anything, they regret having to choose between those two dullards in the first place, but then politics has become a race to the bottom, hasn't it?
And as a "european outsider", you should realise your politicians aren't much better.

The tax cuts are universally disliked by all Americans on both sides, but the Senate still plans to pass it later tonight.

Congress must be one hell of a bubble if they're trying to do that in the wake of what happened today.

Oh wow! Whether or not you agree with your government and wherever in europe you live, it's not nearly as embarassing and pathetic as the trump presidency, sorry to say. Even Berlusconi wasn't so bad compared to him.

I find that hard to believe.

Believe it. Most Americans see it for what it is, a big tax cut for the rich, but Congress is so isolated from them it doesn't matter.

The only reason I want Trump out of office is to avoid nuclear war. Pence would accept deterrence

All you're really saying is your politicians are better at not embarrassing themselves, which is a dubious distinction, at best.
You can polish a turd, but it's still a turd.

my body is ready

You forget who actually has the power to impeach, or not. It's the Republican party. They will likely not do it if it means axing Pence, they need the religious vote too much if they cut loose the Drumpfenproles.

stop fearing pence. Trump won not pence. If Trump goes the base goes with him. Trump won the GOP primaries in a sweep because the base hates establishment politicians like pence.

You're not absolutely wrong.. but you have to admit these things DO matter. When even basic decency and decorum are beaten and trampled over it means something about a people.

Probably. But without the work of organizing a new political party in the meantime, all that will mean is another limp dick necocon democrat in 2020. Better to have Trump in there gumming up the woks and getting people worked up in the meanwhile. Pence will likely be both more effective at setting the country back, and at keeping people asleep at the same time.

I'm not totally convinced in this case, because you'd be hard pressed to argue that Hillary would have been better.
I personally believe her actions in office would have been much the same.If she stabs you in the back does it make it better or worse if she's not being a jackass about it?


I mean, the FBI sucks ass and all hail Mary full of grace, but this is some next level retardation.

That only matters if the Republicans can keep the House in 2018, and doesn't seem very likely considering past history. Only the House can vote to impeach a President, but the Senate decides if he'll be removed from office. The Senate needs a 2/3rds majority to convict him, so the odds of him being ousted are dependent on the evidence provided, and it'd have to be pretty damning to get the Republicans to throw him out.

My bet is that Trump will be impeached in 2019, but will remain in office on the slimmest of margins.

Trump won because Rubio and Cruz were splitting the opposition vote.

This is highly likely. Though I've heard a dude on Intercepted say that the investigation is moving at an unusually aggressive but also fast pace. Maybe they are trying to wrap everything up as soon as possible so they can still say "case closed" before the congress flips. Not sure on the procedural intricacies involved though.

Trump IS the establishment, motherfucker. This whole thing was just a rebranding game.

Notice that bird chasing after him, they all want the D

Any speed on their part is because Trump wants to kill the investigation. He's already fired Comey and wants to fire Mueller. They have to move fast to prevent that.

After today, Trump will be desperate to get rid of Mueller, and that's going to set off a firestorm like no other.

Ok guys, unironically how serious is this shit? I know everyone likes to meme and use black humor, but really, all that aside how fucked is this situation?

News: if you do the state's dirty work, you get your 15 minutes of spectacular fame and of course a pay-off.

the guy was probably just a scared confused prole tbh

No he's not. His rhetoric was blatantly racist and pro labor, which the base has been hungry for since Obama. The establishment GOP uses racists dog whistles and try to make neo liberalism seem like a good thing with stuff like "job creators".
The base hates that shit since it comes across as manipulative. But the GOP had control over all their candidates so they never let them be blatantly racist because they know long term it jeopardizes the party.

I don't believe it and I'm a burger that's been following burger politics closely for 20 years.
Don't give me no bullshit polls, what material changes have happened, I'm talking new laws, new unions, new rent strikes, something. Burgers are fast asleep still, we're headed for a neo liberal nightmare.

Republicans will lose the majority in the House and probably the Senate in 2018

that would require the democrats to not be complete fuck ups.

How would libtards embarrassing themselves be bad for us?

It's extremely fucked, and you should probably have some bulletproof shit.

They're scoring pretty big wins by running pseudo-Bernies that mouth progressive-sounding talking points while being establishment democrats. They have the potential to rebound if they manage to string their voters along long enough.

You should be making relationships with local leftists, teaching yourself some sort of valuable skill or skills, getting into shape, and preferably acquiring and mastering or at least learning how to use firearms.

You don't have to go full Doomsday Prepper, but you should be making preparations.

You can't make this shit up.

There's also this little treat:

This bill is hot garbage.

That part about the Republicans having no experience or expertise in crafting legislation is horrifically true. Jesus.

We're all gonna die

Oh yeah. This bill has everything horrible you can imagine. It's insane.

Wow they just don't give a care anymore. They're like suicide legislators.

I don't expect anymore Republican town halls after this.

This shit is "laffer-curve crudely drawn on a napkin"-tier

Americans. Nuke.

There should be zero tolerance for using normiebook, and especially for giving them your real name. Schools need to teach kids to stay out of the panopticon, not use it to further hierarchical control of students.

I remember the bizarre Republican apologia here because the Democrats were terrible, but failing to learn the lesson that Republicans, are just as god awful in their own way. And both of them are Imperialist war mongering pieces of shit!

They can't even fucking make legislation properly. They can't even fucking elect someone who isn't a god damn pedophile. They can't keep fucking bumbling over laws they were supposed to know about. They absolutely want to fuck over everyone as fast as possible by strip mining the state of what little we had

If there is one word to describe the American Republican party it is Incompetence. If there's a name that represents them it's Jared Kushner.

What a fucking disgrace

We get it you hate everyone because our global politics and want us dead, it's getting boring now. You might as well nuke Britain too for the Empire.

2018 begins the year of napkin legislation

Pence is a huge christfag tho. And they loove that shit.

It would atleast be entertaining

So what, he's an outsider because his rhetoric is angrier and less polished? He's made promises to American workers he has no intention of keeping?

Trump said what needed to be said to get elected, full stop. Once he got in he quickly immersed himself in the GOP establishment. Trump the candidate was anti-establishment, POTUS Trump is just as establishment as the cronies he railed against. The GOP have used the opportunity to rebrand in Trump's image with almost no substantial policy changes except the wall. They've even caved to signing a watered-down version of TPP. Oh wow Trump is letting the US get fucked WITH lube, what a maverick.

Not just any lube, the expensive top shelf brand

I know this term is used too often but,


just saw bernie sanders tweeting about this and the amount of classcucks defending this bill is amazing. what the fuck is wrong with americans?

A lot of them are boomers who just need to go away. Ironically this and other austerity bills will help this happen.

They look too well off to be hurt by austerity.
Hopefully there is a crimewave that wipes them out though.

They aren't representative, boomers literally just swarm him. Nobody else, boomers just keep tabs on him to say their dumb shit

But guess what? These fuckers get listened to. Actually listened to. The US didn't join the war in Syria because of an absolute deluge of correspondence to senators etc. That was the American right. The rest of America needs to learn from them.

Generally you get a half half on republican - democratic politicians on their opposite spectrum.

The fact these crones choose Bernie is no surprise.

I wouldn't take online this seriously.

In ancient times, law was a matter of tradition. Sometimes you'd have people hire orators to argue their cases for them, especially if they had a particular familiarity with the law or skill in persuasion, but theoretically if you were hauled in front of a course it was possible to argue your way through it whether you had any legal training or not.

Now you need a legal degree not because our legal systems have become so advanced a layman can't necessarily understand them, but because the people writing them just lay bullshit over bullshit to get what they want that it's just an incoherent mess that essentially boils down to "whoever has the most money wins."

Nah you need a lawyer because the ABA (and similar organizations) lobbied governments to make that a requirement to practice laws. In America at least you used to be able to practice law without a degree after passing the bar up until the early 20th century.

Mean to say "law degree."

Times change you fuck. Material conditions change. We are not the people we were even 100 years ago. We can communicate with one another instantly for better or worse, this is an unprecedented time in human history, and you're looking at old ass fucking bullshit "Things were better then", what's better?

Things change.

We had to overcome the period you idolize and now we have to overcome the turgid capitalist bullshit that we live in today that's impeding the progression of a better and brighter future for so many people we can house on a fucking budget for an entire economy for war and suffering and oil and banking and money laundering and fleecing the entire populace of the nation they're supposed to represent.

They are the old

I'm not going to sit back and agree with, "well gee the world was better back then", even if some of what you say is right, because what we're seeing is the logical conclusion of the past you idolize. The Cold War wasn't fought for nothing, it was fought to keep pre World War II alive, the only saving grace was the economic boom that allowed us to get to this point and we have to keep being in war to keep afloat.

We are both living in a time where human beings can interact instantly (for better and for worse), and it's all being held back by the old men who seek no other deed greater than Capital. They will die before they ever surrender their vast wealth even if it means the deaths of thousands of people bankrupted over health care.

This isn't a legal fiasco, this isn't a call back to a simpler time, this is a warning that the simpler time is coming to a close and somebody needs to stop it before it ends up causing the amount of homelessness in a sick, hot, fetid metropolitan future where there is no class but poor and rich. This is the conclusion of the old times you worship, this is always what happens.

And we need to adapt beyond it.

good post

Or this.

This is the future of capitalism. Everything they imposed on their colonies to keep the bougie safe, now were and are accelerating on the regular population. We have no privacy, we are losing money to these fuckers, and all you and people like you can look to the past???


Industrialization is detroying the planet, the Governments of the world are corrupt in a way that would make fucking J Edgar Hoover blush, we're returning to the Industrial Revolution, Mass Extinctions are happening at a global level and that will only accelerate? What will you say 20 years from now, when the homeless population is through the roof, or the elephant goes extinct. That's right, scientists predict within 20 years a majority of wildlife we knew and know will be extinct.

You know why?

We are ruled by the same old fucking men who care nothing but themselves, to them, they are the world, everything around them is an illusion, they only exist for themselves and nobody else.

You have a chance to stop this but you've been brainwashed for so long to think the old times were better, so we have to keep pursuing the old. That doesn't solve shit! We're living in a different, dangerous, unpredictable time!

And there's only so much time we have left before shit goes south in such a way you would have never fucking imagine would happen so soon.

Just consider, for a moment. That you might be wrong, and the state has always supported Capital through the Cold War, through booms and busts, that this has all been predicted by Marx whether you like it or deny it or not. And other forms of collective social organization are possible besides capitalism. Just entertain the possibility. Because if nobody does, then the future will be a dead one.

Electoral reform can't come soon enough, there should be a massive push for ending FPTPand relaxing party registration laws, specially in borderline fascist states like Alabama (registration of a 3rd party is all but prohibited).
AaAaAHAaAAahh my willy

I feel like a lot of people here aren't that well versed in 3rd party struggles. Even though The Libertarians and the Greens have very different policies they always help each other in taking up the establishment parties (look up Fair Debates) and have a working relationship on electoral issues. I don't know why left leaning parties like the PSL don't join up, their n°1 priority should be liberalizing the voting system into something adequate for the 21st century (like STV or PR) if they ever want to do anything other then LARP as the vanguard party.