How many y'all wanna ride tonight?

How many y'all wanna ride tonight?
How many y'all down to die tonight?
How many y'all wanna ride tonight?

Nigga ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or ride or die or…

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He literally did nothing wrong


being a black nazi and not leftist was his only mistake

2nd only to the Dorner

I had to close down everything
I had to close down my mind
Too many things to cover me
Too much can make me blind
I've seen so much in so many places
So many heartaches, so many faces
So many dirty things
You couldn't even believe…

Never forget that he actually fought and died for justice.

No, he's way better than Dorner.

Goodnight, sweet prince

Man the USA is confusing.

Dorner killed children and family members of police officers. His manifesto was a great read but the guy was a gigantic asshole.

shit. what did roy jones do now?

The edge is unreal

Micah Johnson and Dylan Roof are two sides of the same IdPol coin.
He should've killed the cops that did wrong like Dorner did. Instead it was violence without a purpose, just lashing out.

Dorner did kill an innocent woman

For people talking about idpol here:
Yes it's true. But micha killed cops, that's always welcome

True, didn't he also get another couple killed because cops were looking for his truck and they just unloaded on a doppelganger

Have you even read his manifesto? He was a basic bitch liberal, not some sort of black nationalist.

That was the cops fault. Regardless, Dorner's manifesto was really interesting and does expose how the police system in the US fucks people over but ultimately the guy was massively brainwashed. He was a huge fan of George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. He supported the mainstream media and was fully supportive of the actions of the US government. I dont think we should glorify the man but see him for what he is, a depressed and brainwashed individual who was pushed to insanity by the system around him. I need to look more into the dallas shooter but I suspect his story is probably very similar.

I'm honestly more surprised that someone hasn't shot up bankers yet.

Miraculously, no.'


here's the difference though

Race war is retarded in both cases.
Micha is good for shooting cops, is a retard for "le Nazi masturbation fantasy thing".
Why the fuck should I support a guy who wants to kill me because I'm white??

Micah was dismissed from the military for being a sexual deviant and assaulting his fellow soldiers. The guy is scumbag and we shouldn't associate with him.

The delusion is unreal

All cops have done wrong. They're cops.

No shit
I just like the cops that kill other cops

They were both deluded/unstable but come on

Childhood is glorifying Micah Jonson
Adulthood is understanding that Marvin Heemeyer makes more sense.


When will this meme end. Police are working class too, they aren't all CIA spooks and secret klan members tryna stop muh revolution.

This is why I stopped being an anarchist an hero edgelord

As people, sure, they're not all evil. As long as they wear the badge they're just targets and deserve nothing but suspicion and hostility.


No they aren't. They are class traitors.

this is a shit moderation, I don't really agree with him but his opinion is valid


Why was this poster banned? The argument for hating cops is a moralistic one, when they don't really have any reason to conform to what we think. It could be said that they are legitimate targets, but this is a tragedy of situation rather than simply something inherent to them. ACAB is edginess for no reason. Cops can't be persuaded to be good cops, but, individual members can certainly be whittled down to undermine their own institution before leaving it, or becoming so ineffective that the capitalist class is forced to replace them with private security, which will further clear up the real relation between police an the people. What I'm saying is that we're not going to win non-cops on our side if we just say we want to kill cops because they are bad people, but rather that the institution of police under capitalism is inherently tyrannical in nature.

Anger is good, but do not let it cloud your judgment. There is time for anger, but let reason prevail.