Why do fascists complain about the high crime rates prevalent in black neighbourhoods but also fetishize violence at...

Why do fascists complain about the high crime rates prevalent in black neighbourhoods but also fetishize violence at the same time? Are they themselves the ultimate niggers of the political spectrum?
Is it all about projection? Why is it so common for fascists?

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Fascism is really easily to understand for emotionally stunted people. Gullibility goes hand in hand wit this problem.

Because Black crime often negatively affects Whites.
Why do communists complain about hierarchy and then advocate for a system where everyone obeys rules that the communists agree with? Rules are laws. Laws require force to enFORCE. EnFORCEment of laws necessitates a police force. Police forces require money and resources in order to enforce laws. This means taxation. taxation is also enforced by violence. Someone needs to direct this violence and direct the police. Yada yada yada and you have a state. Woopdidu(Nobody wants to hear you give the same tired speech about black men murdering your grandma.)

You do know that the black murder rate is more substantial to other blacks than whites right.

And you trust the FBI that rely on a lot of dubious law enforcement in America, how fucking stupid are you.

What rules?

Why does Holla Forums argue with strawmen?

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No, when confronted with Viking worship, they fall back on Mediterranean worship (a land filled with people they definitely wouldn't call subhuman) and mistake marble statues for Greek statues (Greeks used Bronze), and Bronze statues with Roman, and most of all don't even understand Western Canon began with the Orientalizing Period. Where Greece borrowed their artistic canon that later became standard, from themselves, the Near East, and Egypt.

They know absolutely none of this because they apparently couldn't even manage community college, or hell, even High School.

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Reminder: our society is based on a permanent state of exceptions. Liberals try their darndest to pretend it doesn't exist, while fascists bank on acknowledging the obvious.

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violence =/= rightful violence

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shitflinging with no concrete theory or debate



I was criticizing his post for being devoid of any justification tbh

I also dont think you understand Fascism tbh or in any part how it appeals to people in the first place
if you understand that you could answer OP's question



Understanding a complex series of ideas about society, economics, structure, and organization, that have been thought out for over a century and a half; with varying groups in disagreement with some aspects and agreement with others

Turns out to be something you can't just give it sparksnotes

But as for fascism? The real meat of it, the theory for it, is very bare. And you kind of can sparksnotes a summary of it, I don't think the amount of material can be compared to the enormous bulk of socialist theory of organization of society in disagreement with Capitalism. Fascism hardly goes into detail about a form of society that doesn't just end up being a series of reforms to a current state.


Well you cant really compare those two in such way, after ww2 fascism was a taboo so no wonder that there were very few fascist thinkers, no fascist academia or schools of thought.
On the other hand you could argue that fascism can use rich theological literature and philosophy at its base.
Even the proposed econimic system "corporationism" is directly derived from Catholic school of thought with medievalist influences.
On the other hand if you are genuinely interested in fascist literature i recommend this list of books made by some faggot on twitter.


have you read any literature regarding the various forms of Fascism or just some lecture slides and some clickbait vids on youtube?
why not check out some Hegel, Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Sorel?
Got a nice quote here from Cyprian Blamires

Those are larpers not knowing their own theory, pls not every fascist is a Holla Forums brainlet.

There was a great repository with translations and fascist literature from all over the world from pre ww2 Poland to Brazil but it went down together with IronMarch so i cant really post it right now sorry

If that were true they wouldn't be fascist.


tbh that list has good titles on it
Aristotle, Orwell, Marx and Engels, Huxley, Thomas Hobbes, Marx again, Tolstoy, Asimov, Marxus Aurelius

the death of the role of god in society isnt debatable by either side tbh

I found the repository on the archive

The answer is that the fetishization of violence is inherent to fascist ideology. For the average fascist, *sniff* violence is not an inherent evil or moral wrong. It is another end towards their goal which is the establishment of the fascist state, totalitarian control over society, and the subjugation of all enemies real or perceived. *sniff* Therefore the fascist will decry black crime not because it is violent but because it is socially disruptive. However many types of violence are perceived by the fascist as corrective. The torturing of a socialist dissident, a volley of bullets fired into a crowd of striking workers, bombs dropped on the enemy or an abusive husband's fist hitting his wife's face because she burnt dinner or got argumentative and so on. These *sniff* are not only accepted by the fascist but gleefully so, as the fascist inherently knows that the fascist state is brittle. It does not have the safety valves of liberalism that give the oppressed harmless outlets for their discontent. The fascist can only hope that the people *sniff* misidentify state terror as strength and conclude that an overthrow of the fascist regime is impossible.


OP here, I'm not strawmanning. Violence really is the backbone of fascist though, as you can see the writings inspired from Sorel. I sincerely hope you guys don't think I was making that claim out of the blue.

Why do communists shut down the prisons and then build their own?

because it is necessary to repress the reaction

That's a dumb critique. Obviously they'll reply that one kind of violence has a beneficial purpose to it for the folk, the other not. Inter v. intra group violence; conquering lebensraum gives you lebensraum, while black people killing each other simply ruins their community.

I've been looking into fascist political philosophy for a bit, and I agree with it (ie. The non-racialist, National Syndicalist branches), apart from it's fetishization of violence.

Fascism is a praxis and immaterialist based political philosophy). I think that the fetishization of violence is a consequence of it being Praxis based and (most significantly) being developed by people who were World War 1 vets, or people who lived through the World War and/or Bolshevik Revolution. Which means that violence is a part of the consciousness and context of it's development. Mussolini, Oswald Mosley, and Hitler were all World War 1 veterans.

(For the record mods: I identify as a Left Wing Nationalist.)

I didn't remember Kropotkin being on that list. Otherwise, like said, there are good titles; too much lolberg and nazi shit tho.


Those aren't "books" or "theory", just a bunch of manifestos for the most part.


Did you have a point? Also it's not 2016.