Fuck idpol

I was talking with some comrades at the bar about how SJWs and idpol were bad for the Left. Then I also said it was unfortunate that SJWs and libs had infiltrated local antifa because it neutered its potential.

One of my "comrades" reported back my critiques to the local antifa org, and now they are running a smear campaign claiming that (a) I'm a serial rapist, (b) I'm a white supremacist, and (c) I'm a police informant. Some idiots have actually started believing the rumors and I've since been sent threats.

Any suggestions for dealing with this? Has anyone else ever been in the same scenario? I've started carrying pepper spray and a handgun, and I'm not going out alone at night. Honestly I don't think they'll try a home invasion, but I have reason to believe that the threats of violence are credible.

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Welcome to the Not Socialist community, brother.

Keep that handgun on you. “Liberals get the bullet too” is meant quite literally.
Sorry I can’t give any better advice than that

just dont be a collectivists and idpol cant infiltrate your politics, its that fucking simple

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stfu stormfag, you will be gulaged along with all other IDPOL scum.

one of us… One of us… One Of Us… ONE OF US!

It is only going to get worse and worse embrace your whiteness and become who you are before the non whites eat you alive

It was about corruption in vidya game journalism dammit

dumbass, this kid said he was being smeared by antifa, pretty sure white fashionalism wont help as antifa are 99% white mayuls to begin with. How about don't be either a nazi or an sjw but instead have a fucking reasonable position


You may not be interested in idpol but idpol is clearly interested in you!

more white SJWs care about IDPOL than actual brown people. TBH IDPOL is 90% white people sperging out at other white people

The biggest problem with the modern left in the west is that it puts social justice above class conflict.



This is what happens when feminists are allowed to control movements.

you beat them into the fucking ground

Seriously, that they'd accuse someone of being a rapist + everything else for being critical of idpol is fucking ridiculous!

I think that making a public statement where I "check my privilege" and "self crit", especially if I made up some degrading shit about myself, might be enough to placate them. But attempting to assassinate my character & sending me threats is NOT making me eager to play their stupid games.

It's such a shame that, especially in these times, people on the Left are subject to disgusting tactics like these from other "Leftists." If the smears and threats were coming from the Right, it'd make sense. Attacking people on your own side because they don't agree 100% on social policy is just STUPID. Just because someone isn't an IDPOL'er doesn't mean that they're racist or misogynist….. especially if they're someone who's fought with you at actions!

SJWs truly are a tumor on the Left. And a new wave of socialists/anarchists are really liberal SJWs deep down, but are convinced that they're Leftists. I think that it's because people who come to socialism/anarchism through Tumblr are taught flawed versions of the theory and Tumblrfucks never read books. In the past year I've seen a slow takeover of the extreme Left from Tumblrfucks and it's getting harder and harder to resist them.

Easy way to identify idpol'er: ask someone if they believe that racism is "power + privilege". If you argue along the lines that power/authority isn't a necessary condition for racism, you will possibly be branded a white supremacist, depending on how stupid your discussion partner is.

If this is real you should talk to your local news user.

Are you mad? Never apologize to these people. They're totalitarians who will take it as a sign of submission (which is what apologizing is) and leverage it as hard as they can because now they have power over you. Don't give those shits more power no matter what you do. And honestly even if you were raving some actual racist shit about fugging niggers or whatever that doesn't warrant this response and you may be able to reach out to people in the organization or make a public statement disclaiming the accusations and the tactic of smearing people who don't toe the party line. You may get some of them to walk out with you, but (and this is the important part) YOU SHOULD WALK OUT. Don't stand for being treated like this. If the people running an org are this kind of shitpile you're better off doing pretty much anything else than trying to work within it.

Report them to the police
Find out when the """anti"""fa is doing some shit and then tell the coppers
Show up with guns and kill ALL od them

Fucking this man 100%
I go on rants all the time about how SJWs preach a per edged form of leftist theory that entirely glosses over a central theme of leftist theory, CLASS. Oppression olympics is counter revolutionary

youre crying that your advertisements werent to your liking?

Press X to doubt

Things That Never Happened: The Thread

Just likely porky wants. Divide the working class, keep us fixated on fighting each other while they buy governments and rake in record profit: nah I’m good son. Keep playing right into 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(their🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧) hands

Look at college SJWs and ANTIFA? what % are white/brown? there you go


7/10 almost had me.

Sure, and those alt-right rallies really are about free speech.

I agree completely. Caving into their tactics just makes them get off on winning power through the lowest common denominator. I'm cutting ties from antifa though and I've sadly lost a few friends over it. My critique about idpol wasn't even that bad, I don't use racist or misogynistic language anyway.

Because they're running a "whispering campaign" there's no one to hold liable, there's no way for me to talk with the people making the claims, and there's no one or group in particular that I can call out. Some of my comrades have been bullied into cutting ties with me (though that shows that they weren't really comrades in the first place).

To the people saying go to the news/police, that wouldn't really accomplish anything. Going to the media would just make the situation hotter and there's nothing the police could do, not that the police need to be involved (yet) anyway.

Some cities do have semi-formal antifa orgs. Do your research.

Exactly this. Infighting only benefits porky.

Quite literally controlled opposition, OP. That's what these "anti-fa organizations" are.

But that's true though, if poorly worded. Discriminatory attitudes only become an actual issue when the person holding them hold a certain degree of power within the capitalist power structure — employer, landlord, public official, policeman, etc.

Antifascist action isn't an organization but sometimes people make orgs for the purposes of doing it.
Reading isn't an organization but sometimes people make orgs for the purposes of doing it.

It's actually
He worded it wrong. And the problem with idpolers isn't that they are wrong to say this, but that they defend their naked prejudice with the logic of "I can't be racist because I don't have power" while simultaneously jockeying for that power.

Systemic racism is obviously worse than a bunch of trailer park redneck hillbillies, but "power + prejudice" is a sophisticated way of defending discrimination against whites:

It's a classic idpoler approach to say that it's impossible to discriminate against whites or males, which can then pave the way for systems like "progressive stacks" as seen like in Occupy Wall Street.


wow never seen this thread before

…and now you know that a good deal of your "fellow leftists" are ghost skins larping their straw leftist.

Well, you know they're fach infiltrators. What do we do wiith fach?


big think

Say it out loud. Without the german accent.

…just been seen too many times.

I think it might just be a minor artifact of the guy not having English as his first language.

they're vampires who collect donations to keep their ideology going just like the church, good riddance. they can't deal with your NAZBOL levels so fuck it.
do they pay rent for the space they meet in? then how is it revolutionary? how is one thing they do communism? drop them and meet your comrades.

Fach would not be pronounced 'fash'. See 'attach'

Yeah. Shortening fascist would get you fasc, but most poeple shorten phonetically to fash.

good old vampire castle

anarchists in a nutshell.

Remember when Occupy (started by a magazine edited by a literal Nazi collaborationist escapee) went so anti-ID pol that they churned out fascists?

Remember when every goddamned Trot and M-L group in the country was wrecked by Larouchites?

The material reality is that any left movement in the US, a country with classes which are largely racialized, has to be explicitly and loudly anti-racist.

If not, it goes the way of my Democratic Cops of America local and Green Party: forming "stragitic alliances" with anti-vaxers and the far-right.

take your meds

No it was about being butthurt over some dumb slut. Then Mercer and his media company got involved and turned it into a right wing culture war that the liberal left just couldn't pass up.

No, it was butthurt over the mass-censorship of any attempt to discuss her trading sex for reviews, even on sites that supposedly weren't known for that. It was the staw that broke the camel's back with a bunch of things, and people's resentment of moot, the industry and censorship boiled over. You could tell it was a long time coming if you knew where to look.

Pick one and only one.

How can someone misinterpret such a great quote?

You've got it ass-backward. That quote isn't saying "institutional racism" is magically worse than institutions free of racism, it's saying that capitalism is inherently so oppressive, IT PRODUCES EFFECTS INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM RACISM.

Do they have your address? If they do, be careful about leaving your house. One of the favorite methods of these bastards is to smash you apartment when you are outside.

Consider saying "fuck it all" and learning to embrace your Male Privilege(tm) and love Capitalism?

I don't fucking know. I'm in a similar situation myself, and it's fucking exhausting. It makes me want to just cut ties and move and never try to engage in politics ever again. The left, it turns out, can be toxic as fuck. We're eating ourselves.

I'm fucking sick of being called a sexist, brocialist, chauvinist, sexist, w/e, all these fucking labels. And none of it is true, but how the fuck am I going to convince anyone? I can't go to any meetings and my friends are ghosting me. All because of one unsubstantiated rumor.

No, not really, if anything it was the opposite.

Pick one and only one.

Agree. Also this website can be a total echochamber, and doesn't realize that a truly left movement that doesn't at least mention racism, trans rights, etc… is going to be branded immediately and quickly ignored.
I get the argument that we should zoom-out, so to speak, and focus on larger things like Class conflict, which is obvious, but if we can't also zoom-in to focus on specific parts of people's lives then we'll always be seen as out of touch by others. At least in the United States, Communists are seen as out of touch hippie or nazi-esque freaks. If we want a lasting revolution, that perception needs to change, and it can't be done without mentioning racism and sexism and trans rights. The thing is we can focus on those issues and easily tie them back to what we ultimately want: class struggle. Otherwise, if we try to bring the revolution like the Bolsheviks, we get crushed and labled a terrorist group and only strengthen the growing fascists, pushing more and more centrists that way. I know this board doesn't "believe" in Psychology past Freud, but we could really become more organized and efficient by looking at basic Social Psychology, and things like Minority Influence and the Backlash Effect.

Isn't this the failed praxis of "Atheism PLUS a laundry list of unrelated SJW talking points" that resoundingly belly-flopped so hard back in 2012?

There is absolutely no reason substantially separate points can't be pursued by separate organizations.

No it's not, it's dumb tumblr idpol shit just like that quote. Racism is an attitude issue which aggravates when it gains political power. If a homeless person insults, threatens or attacks another person because of their race then that's racism and the homeless person is a racist.

If you have their names, suffered a clearly defined harm, and some money in the bank, consider suing for defamation. Alternatively, organize an alternative antifa group and viciously attack the other group as an FBI front.

True. But the way libshits actually use it is not to look at the actual power any party has, but rather the assumed power that comes with their so called privilege. That is what makes it identity politics; reality is abstracted into identities.
sage for double posting

I'm willing to bet you two are the same person.

That's not what the idpol definition means. Stokely is clearly saying racism is only a problem when the person has power, it's not a problem when its just their attitude. The idpol definition literally means you can't be racist without power.

They can define words however they want, but by defining racism that way, they're doing it just to play semantics and not be called a racist whenever they're being clearly prejudiced against whites.

That is why we need ==SOLIDARITY==. If your "comrades" ghost you and defame you without even asking for your side of it, then they were never going to fight a revolution alongside you, or along anyone else. Politics isn't a game, it's literally a life or death battle that decides the future of humanity and these people treat it like a fucking high school clique. If someone is a net positive to Leftism and they're serious about it, then any and all character flaws should be looked past or dealt with, but idpolers have this borderline Evangelical ideological purity where everyone must conform to their standards of belief or behavior or they're a sinner. Don't start being a defeatist or giving up on Leftism just because a bunch of crypto-racists and sexists are currently wearing its skin.

You are standing alone against bunch of angry SJWs. There is only one thing you can really do.
Google some work agencies, and move to another town/state. There is nothing more you can do in your town, take this as an opportunity to move your life forward. Capitalism is global system, you can educate and agitate anyone anywhere anyway.

err, I'm euro, I don't think this is good idea, when you'd be ambushed by someone with handgun and took out your own, there is very small chance you both would be leaving that place alive, but things might be different in US (I assume that is place where you live). BUT do what you think is right.

Meantime archive all threats. You'll need them if shit hits the fan and authorities would be involved. Don't drink/do drugs outside, that would make you easier target. Keep your phone memory empty and if you happen to get into situation where you are alone with girl, make audiorecording, just in case she would claim you raped her and try to bring police.

The co-founder of Adbusters is quite literally the child of a Nazi sympathizer who once published some shit about Jews running the US and controlling theor foreign interests.

Social psychology libs have a very narrow HR focus, there's also the fundamental equivocation between 'diversity' being 'good for business' and being morally right. That's just how power struggles work in the post fordian post labor era. The rules of the game become a terrain of contestation. I personally couldn't give less of a fuck about gender parity amongst hedge fund managers.

That said, autists like D'amore can't into post fordism. The role of the modern first world business is centered around self justification, the production of governance and representations.

Which one of these are you?

This anarkiddies and American ANTIFA in general is fucking terrible. Every time I watch videos of protests of alt-right vs liberals in black, I wish both sides would just get the bullet. The local organizations in my city are either liberals or defunct. The one Redneck Revolt group in my town is slow to respond, but they seemed like decent people. I told them about my rightwing past and they were pretty understanding, but a little suspicious. I'm super apathetic about the political situation in the states now but I wish I could do something.

This article is 90% managementspeak. What was it about the master's tools not being able to take down the master's house? Face it, you are not a radical, but a self serving managerialist. Not to mention your whole system of governance isn't doing very well see for example Trump, let alone building any sort of gramsacian cultural hegemony. You want capitalism with a human face don't kid yourself

Is it just me or does every video of american political shit just seem so lifeless, neutered, and corporate. I mean damn, watch a video of Charlottesville and any May day in Paris next to each other. One is filled with people geared up for full street war with the cops: gas masks, gloves to throw back gas cannisters, fireworks, molotovs flying, and surrounding cops who are cut off. The other? People who have made fucking LARP shields made out of duct tape, shouting at each other, and just general pussy footing. Is this because the yank cops would very willingly shoot live rounds into a group of people if anything got too chaotic? Are they just pussies? Why must they disappoint my smashie boner God damn it.

Move to Russia. They need good working class organizators, self-concious anarchists and they're free of idpol.


If you're not willing to recognize identities, you're implying they shouldn't exist; if you believe they have a right to exist then you're recognizing their identities. If you believe one identity is supreme, then you believe the others to be inferior in your hierarchy of values.
The reality is, you're on the same wavelength as white supremacists; you're filled with contempt and believe one identity as supreme. This isn't just your problem, all of us here; our hearts are filled with contempt for the bourgeoisie, rather than the love of the proletariat and it shows in the vibes we give to our comrades in meatspace.

Most protests just devolve into shouting matches and in the end of the day it is prole vs prole while the cops sit back to prevent any fighting to break out. They keep a strong presence at even small protests to prevent things from getting too radical and/or chaotic. The US police have perfected crowd control.
I know this feeling all to well. At least in other places they know how to protest properly. I think it's because they have a less reliance on firearms as compared to the US which is why physical violence seems more logical and practical.

you reap what you sew you LARPing aspie

but identities SHOULDN'T exist and that goes specially for class, which is the mother of all identities. The concept of the homosexual as an identity is a product of the 19th century bourgeois state taking an interest in homosexual behaviour. The act of labelling has always been profoundly linked to social control and it's naive to ignore that for the fetishisation of reified identities.

Doesn't sound very anti-idpol to me.

adbusters was always banksy tier poser stuff, tho

A little from column A, a little from column B.

imo idpol is good and we should have more of it, as it is basically just empathy and basic human decency


It would be unfortunate if you had to use it, but if it came down to it, do it legally and make it count.
The rest of them will get the picture real fast.

I think you are conflicting idpol with empathy and basic human decency

'Redneck revolt' is just more idpol with a different flavor. They can't say a good thing about proles without shitting on the white working class in the same sentence

but what leftypol white dudes call 'idpol' basically just amounts to empathy and basic human decency towards marginalised ppl though

Can't have empathy for something you believe shouldn't exist.

Isn't redneck revolt mostly comprised of working class white dudes?

These are examples of idpol, the substitute for class politics, I don't get how empathy is even a part of this.

No one has ever said that. That doesn't even make any sense.
No one has ever said that either. The odd reactionary Stalinist sometimes says its "bourgeoisie decadence" but everyone always calls them idiots.
Class isn't an identity, it is your material position in the hierarchy of Capitalism. It is supreme precisely because this hierarchy influences everything.
If it's people like you smearing him then he shouldn't be surprised at all.
They shouldn't. Individuals should be seen and treated as individuals, not members of some spook.
Class isn't an identity.
This is the only half-way accurate thing you've said.

Overall I give your post a 2/10: read more theory or go back to reddit. theanarchistlibrary.org/library/lupus-dragonowl-against-identity-politics

That's not true at all. They might be a bit heavy about their support for minorities but they never shit on whites.

We have empathy and decency towards oppressed people, but we have it towards the individual, not towards their "identity".

Is this what they tell you on reddit?

Human biology influence everything, they determine what is capable of being thought and whom is allowed to come into existence- or stay for that matter. Class hierarchy only enforces the status quo, after the people have been born, bellies fed and the thoughts acted upon.

Read up on biopolitics, newfriend.

Here's the same bullshit appeal to empathy that SJWs endlessly make. Vegans do the same thing when flaunting their purported moral superiority. Appeal to empathy is no reason to do anything and a sure fire indicator that the one proposing it is wrong.

That's not even not an argument, that's a complete absence of even a understandable statement.

Not making an argument nor do I want to "debate" petty-intelligentsia. I'm just clarifying and giving you some research recommendations since you seem to be coasting along with memes and platitudes, newfriend. If you're ignorant on the subject of human biology, as to how it affects the mind or where babies come from, I could recommend others books since they're prerequisites.

American smashies have no clue what they're doing and it shows. No institutional knowledge, most of them are ex-liberals (or "ex"-liberals) who never touched a gun and signed up for antifa to #resist trump. There's no substitute for experience to build competence, problem is these people are mostly militant Democrats, not hardened revolutionaries.

Hopefully they'll get better with time but honestly I expect for them to get co-opted or flame out.

All three at once? And people are taking these sorts of moustache-twirling claims seriously?

We're getting tired of refuting this dumb bullshit, kindly fuck off back to reddit if you can't be bothered to read and understand the origin of this website.


They'll probably become beefstakes nazis. As we saw with Obama they have no problem with the ruling class or imperial wars.



is this infograph meant to imply that the FBI invented terms like "mansplaining" and "microagression"?

I think you'd be better off explaining to them that Porkies are happy to co-opt social justice movements provided they don't aim to improve conditions for the working class.

Also ask whether or not they think that racial identity or class identity ought to take primacy, and if they say the former then they're not your comrades anyway.

How can someone this unintelligible be this pretentious?


Have you practiced with that gun? Practice with that gun. Safety is important, constitutionla right and what not.

Haha nah I'm kidding, it's just we agreed to give EA's games 9.8 average scores this quarter and I just doublechecked and it's only 9.7, if we don't fix this ASAP they won't feed us exclusive trailers and demos anymore. Also what did I tell you about giving negative reviews to Nintendo games James? Famitsu made it clear they will stonewall us if you keep that up. Cool it or you're out.

Right-wing idpol is still idpol.

I sleep


In my experience most of the male “feminists” who jump on the rape accusation band wagon, are themselves abusing women, or are concealing knowledge of an abuse for somebody they have connections with. It’s similar to how Holla Forums projects their “anti-generaçy” increasingly hard, yet themselves are secretly furfags/trannies.

They put something in the water, and food.

You deserve it. There is no place for social-fascism in our upcoming society.


Maybe not "invented" but probably helped popularize them.

What is idpol?

this *has* to be bait

Maybe you shouldn’t have been such a shit bag 🤷🏼‍♂️

Yeah, I really won't believe this sans anything to back it up.

Hello, le plebbit smashie!