"How late night comedians hurt America": A right-wing outlet said something intelligent today

I think this video pretty much says a lot of the things we've already been thinking about the current political climate.
I'm not a fan of Trump, and I'm especially not a fan of this channel, but this guy does a pretty good job of critiquing what I'd call the new "reactionary left" ie these people who resort to reactionary rhetoric and attacks against abnormal behavior to make themselves feel enlightened.
is there anything that we as leftists can do about the liberals? can they be redeemed?

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One thing tho

Eh… pretty sure they all have live audiences.

They are /ourguys/ trying to further communist revolution everyday comrade, how dare you criticize them?

Are you more of a Marxist-Noahist or an anarcho-Oliverist?

they're not exactly wrong but equally right wingers do the same shit and ultimately making people laugh is one of the only ways to make them care about politics.

I think it's popular to just hate on all liberals here. But having late night hosts talk shit about Trump and those on the right is good for activism and makes people aware of shit they would otherwise not have heard about. Like John Oliver talking about civil forfeiture - yes he tells bad jokes - but that's an issue that isn't on a lot of people's minds.

I think we should be a little more skeptical when a reactionary says there's a problem here. They're not perfect, but someone on the right complaining about group think and a "us vs them" mentality is rich.

They had a lot of power during the Obama elections. But they've gone so crazy now they've lost any sway they had with the people and are actually having an opposite effect.

The problem is liberals are so arrogant and out of control, the kind of "activism" we're most likely to get, especially in a country with America's culture, is right wing backlash type "activism," we saw it in the election. There was a time when the Republican party was a laughing stock among the non urban working poor, now they feel it's the only option when they see millionaire liberal fatcats on TV shitting on them every second. Any message from Oliver that might have a hint of truth is completely lost on the people that matter, because the media has so viciously burned bridges with the common man, and proudly declared that they don't need the working man.

funny because this is guy is basically saying comedy can't inform, which is first against most of the western canon, except religious conservative writers and pomo deconstrustionists, and second against most of the internet right, not only the ironic nazis but also the young republicans, lolbergs and alt-liters who've adopted the former's tactics.
The only rightwinger I can think of who agrees with him is that theocrat fag who debated BadMouse.

I've dropped a quick report on you just to be sure.

No, politicians and CEOs are not "human beings" who you should sympathise with. And dangerous ideas are legitimate target of criticism even when they're held by children who are just "following tradition"

The problem isn't that comedy can't inform. It's that liberals are using comedy to inform people of the party line of neoliberalism.

It's hardly like that isn't mutual though, there's only so far you can go to reach out to the reactionary working poor when they're anti-intellectual, anti-facts, anti-environment, and basically hate the poor and minorities out of spite. Has the mainstream left handled idpol well, obviously not, but it's equally bullshit for right wingers to claim they have no option but to become Nazis in response.


Something like 2/3rds of Americans have checked out of politics completely, not bothering to engage at all. Writing off the working class as reactionary is plain false.

they do, this is americans we're talking about.

They love hardworking average joes like themselves obviously and they're entitled to their medicare because they worked for it but fuck those uppity niggers and their food stamps, more tax cuts for oil companies.

I didn't say all working class people are reactionary, I reject the reactionary attempt to brand themselves as representing 'the common man', they are fucking lying scoundrels.

Are you done?

what's the matter, classcuck?

Use your words when you want to object to something

I mean really what is there to say? I just don’t feel very bad for people who won’t even attempt working for a living. I understand why working class people dislike the lumpen, it wasn’t like the shit that Marx and Engels wrote about them was just memeing—it had and has a basis in reality.

Most Americans are for shit like universal healthcare and free college in the vast majority. The working class is not reactionary, it is actually the ONLY progressive class in society capable of changing shit. I take offense at your characterization of the working class as all being some kind of collective of elderly Fox News watching grandpas when half the population didn’t even vote in the last election and the working class proportion of that is probably higher still.

I think you have a lot of classism and liberalism to work off if you think we’re all racist reactionaries or whatever the smart late-night TV comedians told you.

American politics are designed to be a farce. There is a large degree of ideological uniformity in Washington; most differences between the two major parties only concern petty wedge issues.
Porky's goal in the US is to maintain de facto political authority by making politics untouchable for normal people with dignity.


Today, OP wasn't an enemy of the people.

I agree with the video to some degree, but the guy is a bit hysterical over this. Also, there was plenty of leading questions like "If we allow them to do this what will happen to society? The effects of this genre are truly far reaching xD". Their shows are bad and I'd even agree that they have a negative effect of political discourse, but they're hardly as bad as he's making them out to be.

Of course the working class are against the welfare class. The welfare class gets everything the working class gets, small as it may be, and doesn't have to toil day-in day-out to keep it.

the shows are part of the political aparatus, since the political sphere is identical to the economic sphere. it's planned opposition. they're companies. they're paid to say the things that gets views and therefore ad revenue. the content is vapor.
the TV watches you, etc

solid marxist class analysis there
there is no such thing as a "welfare class"

What would you call them then? They're not workers, and they're not in any sort of ownership position.

It took me 6 months to get a job in a grocery store and I have a college degree, it's flatly untrue to spout this right wing 'they're too lazy to work' shit, if you're a Marxist you have no excuse not to understand structural unemployment, and even if there were jobs for everyone, being on welfare is utterly miserable, I make 3x now what I was making on benefits and I only work minimum wage for like 25 hours a week. Welfare queen narratives are pure idpol to divide the poor among regional and racial lines, you are 100% a classcuck if you believe in them.

To address the rest of your post, I said already that I don't think the working class are all reactionary but you are so triggered that you assume I think that anyway, and by the way, why is it not okay for the 'middle class' city dwellers to have stereotypes about the rural and semi rural poor but it's okay for you to have them the other way round?

There is no "welfare class", you idiot. The tax dollar free ride simply does not exist, welfare programs have constantly been dialed back for years and have massive caveats for users. The majority of welfare users have jobs.

Simply part of the proletariat? Just because they aren't holding a job right now doesn't mean the class relations they're entangled in suddenly change.

Nothing in there about people stealing welfare benefits, lad. But it’s not like you’ve proved that it doesn’t happen anyway. All I said is I understand why working people dislike the lumpen.

The poster I originally responded to is buying into the Reagan-era liberal line that the working class voted for Reagan because they were mad at blacks getting too much welfare tendies. Again, the proof is lacking that the working class supports economic neoliberalism in a substantial way.
Furthermore, I was merely saying I understand why workers dislike lumpen which is who workers mean when they might casually talk about people cheating benefits and not merely code for “blacks”

In that poster’s liberal imagination that equals the working poor hating the poor. When in fact anyone whose spent a substantial way amount of time around lumpen knows they have a million ways of lying, cheating and stealing—usually from the working class itself. They rarely have access to the bourgeoisie to victimize them and they usually look up to them to

Is it always code for racism? No, but often it is. Republicans know what they're saying and reactionaries know what they're hearing. Republican voters are pro welfare when it affects them and anti welfare for everyone else. Hell some of them are even dumb enough to oppose their own welfare (sometimes rationalising it with like, oh of course I wouldn't need X if taxes were lower, even though they'll only be lower for the super rich). Yet again you insist I said what I didn't say, your conception of what 'working class' is seems to be based on identity and not actual material reality, you might think you're a leftist but you buy into the 'scroungers and strivers' mentality just like the petit bourg.

You might not realize it but you’re talking to two different people. I think this is a telling remark I think that your buying into liberal memes about their being a real substantive divide between the workers in the big cities and the suburbs/rural areas. I didn’t even mention this alleged divide in my posts, so I think you’re reading into things.

What would you call a street gang member, mafia man, or other type of professional criminal? I wouldn’t say their potential workers since many of them will never have a continously legitimate employment and some will be locked up for most of their lives.

If someone is looking for a job and can’t find one I’d say there’s a major difference between that and those who aren’t even looking.


I don't know where you get the idea that someone can just decide to remain on welfare as long as he deems fit. You do realize that you have to qualify for welfare, and being constantly on lookout for a job is usually part of the conditions — right?

Having a hard time with reading comprehension tonight? Just put your Spanish republican flag back on we all know you’re samefagging

Fuck you, I'm not samefagging just because nobody agrees with your bullshit, you are conflating criminals with people on welfare even if you didn't outright spell that out, and that doesn't surprise me either because that's exactly what the reactionaries claiming to represent 'the workers' do too.

This. Remember who pays this stooges. Oliver refused to comment on the democratic primary until after Hillary had won, and then when he did he tried to convince people that Hillary was the best choice. It's pretty obvious where their loyalties lie.

What is this shit?

Fuck off, you little Social Democrat. How about you go some where a bit more to your liking: reddit.com/r/socialism/

Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔 so what I’m getting out of this is that you can’t prove what I’m saying using anything I’ve written and you’re lashing out emotionally. Read what Marx and Engels had to say about the lumpen it didn’t simply mean unemployed but was largely composed of social parasites and criminals.

Again it’s telling that you have to read between the lines whereas I can quote what you’ve actually said. On the matter of media elitism and condescension towards the working class you actually defended this:
and a tirade worthy of MSNBC goes on from there

Then you went onto say:
What did this even mean? Of course the working class is the common man when they are the vast majority.


Are you coming here directly after having every Fox News episode poured directly into your brain?

Daily show is done by a non American who has said that his writers pitch concepts and jokes that he rejects because he doesn't want to do a disservice to topics he's still learning about
Colbert lost his mind, got neutered by cbs, or is doing the greatest satire the worlds ever seen of a typical resistance democrat
Oliver sometimes covers topics very well and informative but I absolutely hate HATE the humor
Samantha bee is sometimes funny but it's the most rage inducing anytime it covers the "left" in America

My biggest problem with them is that most aren't that funny

We need to understand this better. We can bring about communism if one of us autists could say or do something (somewhat) universally funny while advocating the downfall of capitalism. A lot of strongly held beliefs people have started as jokes.

This. John Oliver's show features decent issue coverage and proper fact-checking but for God's sake are the jokes annoying. You can tell it was written with the sole objective of pandering to every Netflix-watching normie around — in fact I'm even surprised they didn't stoop to making Game of Thrones references in every episode at this point.

Ha! I hadn't actually thought of that angle. Viewing his show with that in mind might almost make the show humorous again.

Do people actually find this late night stuff funny?

It is not out of ordinary for Oliver once he puts his case forward to come to bastshit insane neoliberal conclussions.

I unironically think the political Cracked videos are pretty good and funny

330,911 views on Hooktube?!?


Stephen used to be funny back on he Colbert report. Now not so much. Literally no one else is even slightly funny, and all talk shows feel so fucking fake.

I think it probably speaks volumes so many people here have a hard time idenitifying actually funny normies. It must be the autism.

It was the loss of Bush as a target. After Bush, all these late night talkshows lost their golden lolcow. They wanted to bring it back with Trump but it's not as funny when the message is hammered in the day after the Republican primaries.

I loved Colbert for a couple of months, but the constant Trump-bashing got old fast.

The Trump voice thing he does every night is ruining it for Alex Baldwin.