New Mexie video: IMF, World Bank, & Structural Adjustment

Talks about enforcement of neoliberal policies in developing countries through IMF, World Bank and state-subsidized corporations, unequalt trade in the Third World through export of raw materials but import of processed goods at a higher price, regime changes, etc.

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is it just me, or is Mexie just not hot?
she doesn't look particularly ugly, on paper she should practically be a 7/10 at worst.
but looking at her just does not make me excited the same as when I look at other women.
also, good video.

I don't like how she smirks a lot about the shit she says, but she generally knows her stuff pretty well and puts it into an edible format and we need much more of that

It's her face which is the definition of average. She's got nice eyes though, and I wonder how she can keep those curves as a vegan.

But really, we need her badly on the left, she's not an autist like 90% of the other leftist YouTubers.

If you guys are really as anti-idpol as you say you are, don't you think that starting a conversation with whether or not someone is hot may lead to the same dumbing down of arguments as bringing in heavy idpol? Just wondering.

He has big gums, big tittays too.
Still would if I ain't got anythinf better around

Yeah, it would be nice if we could talk about her video and not about her fuckability. On the other hand, I think she's quite aware of the style in which she puts herself out there and what reactions it might cause.

You are the kind of guy who cockblocks people in bars because the man is a bit drunk.

I'm sincere, this isn't bait, but can't we just turn it down a slight tad. Like sure, whatever you can do that, but when it's nearly the entire thread…..


She does some filter that makes her look weird.

I hate to sound like an asshole, but this immaturity really does get annoying.

I'm just really surprised by the lack of Holla Forumsypes in the comment section, what's goinging on?

There's usually a delay before they learn about it.

I'm being a little intentionally inflammatory when I say this, but it's unironically in our best interest to find the hottest female leftist who isn't an idpol retard and promote her as much as possible.

I 100% agree. Mexie is a gift and she could BTFO all the alt-right chicks without breaking a sweat, as they are dumb as fuck.

I also don't get why people say she's IdPol. I mean she was in FinnBols stream together with the Roo despite them having a massive Twitter meltdown a month ago.

I agree that attractive people will help but if people come to discussions about a leftist and the only discussion is how hot she is they're going to very quickly learn that the actual content is not what people pay attention to. Then you have the same hollow idpol who's only fight with others is how hot our person is vs how hot others are. It's fucking dumb.

I suppose you're right, but when the whole thread begins with nothing about the content but rather the person, then yeah, I think we should dial it back a bit.

But I agree with you.

She literally says she's idpol boi.

She's said that she despises bourgeois IdPol, all she was saying was when groups are clearly disadvantaged by law they should fight for equal rights. That's not IdPol, that's fighting right-wing IdPol. I don't think she ever said she wants more transwomen to be CEOs.

Oh word. Are we cool with that shit on this board? I've seen people immediately yell at anyone saying the word "racist" on here.

That's because we sometimes get some reddit trash who thinks Cuphead is racist because it's based on 30s style cartoons. I'm pretty sure 90% would get on board with granting people equal rights.

90% of Alt-right "chicks" have dicks and non of em belive a single word they say.
they're the equivalent of the gamer girl on twitch, they do it for neet bux

no cis women are actually attractive

vegan thot
shes aight

This is an oxymoron. A quick look at Mexie's output clearly shows she's one of the same """intersectional""" trash that runs reddit. She's not different to them. I can only conclude her videos keep getting posted because of the usual channer habit of obsessing over any vaguely attractive woman who even slightly panders to them.

stopped reading right there

She's more idpol than your average leftpoler, but he's not reddit tier at all. This is the most anti-idpol socialist circle there is, and yes, she's not as anti-idpol as us, but she's more anti-idpol than most of D.S.A., SAlt, and especially reddit. She is a socialist, not a liberal.

I think her stuff gets posted because she actually knows what she is talking about. There are plenty of way hotter communist girls, have you seen ☭TANKIE☭ twitter? Yet they don't get much attention because they are insane. Cancerous IdPol can be found in people like Thom Avella, Contrapoints, Shaun, Anarchopac (holy shit) and mostly recently also Muke. Not Mexie, she is reasonable.

General reminder that ID-pol isn't a bad thing, and that most anti id-pol leftists are disgusting reactionary

Good, hate to distract you from all those reddit posts you need to plough through.

I beg to differ.

Twitter is a fucking toilet, useful only for pumping shit into. Mexie just appears more reasonable as she's self aware enough not to openly blurt out some of the crazier shit you see from the people you mentioned. I don't get the impression, based on what I've seen, she has any disagreement with them in the substance of what the mentalists come out with.

Hi Holla Forums

keep going, explain how I'm reddit for the claim: "'bourgeois idpol' isn't an oxymoron"

If it's not an oxymoron (which it may well not be), how would you describe it?

3D is shit by definition.

As a combination of an adjective and a noun. You're the one claiming it's an oxymoron, so how about you provide some reasoning for this claim?

Evasive answer.

You're a fucking retard. I'll make it really simple for you soybean brain
1. An oxymoron contains a contradiction
2. idpol is a noun
3. Bourgeois is an adjective
4. Words of different parts of speech cannot contradict one another
5. Bourgeois idpol isn't an oxymoron


Nah, I'll call bullshit on this.

Indeed, it's not like it's particularly difficult derive the intent behind my error. Thing is, "bourgeois idpol" is the term that the worst sorts of idpol redditors use to describe the hilldawg faction. Note the extremely aggressive defence of the term by .

non-reproductive ideology. there you go

< implying you ever use bourgeois as a noun
That would be because bourgeois is the adjective form of bourgeoisie, like how your objection is the height of bourgeois pedantry

I've never used the phrase in my life. I think it sucks I wasn't even agreeing with the argument, I was just blown away that you hadn't picked up on it.

t. virgin

No, bourgeois is a singular, bourgoisie is a .

We talk about raping muke all the time and nobody bats an eye. Maybe it's time to realize that this is a product of her being on the internet more than her being a woman. Nobody here even suggested the kinds of things that have been suggested of other youtubers.

Right you are, I apologize for my mistake

Why would she ok with some supremely misogynist bullshit thrown at her?

Or, we could just talk about the content of the video rather than what the person looks like?

I think she's quite attractive

What kind of replies did you expect from a board, where this is advertised:


This, but watch how many people get butt hurt by your comment who are actually triggered by someone criticizing white idpol

how is bourgeois not a noun though, when you got compound words like petite bourgeois

words can be both nouns and adjectives

It's the truth XDDDDD

you guys could've discussed the merits of the interview, but instead you've all replied to the one user who commented on her looks. Well done, that really matters and is totally not feminist idpol at all.

Just nuke this thread tbh

Married bachelors beg to differ.


Huh, I've finally watched the video, pretty good stuff, this kind of knowledge was widespread among left circles in the 80s and 90s but since it's a pretty detailed topic I haven't seen it properly presented or discussed on the fast paced interwebs.
Better than anything Muke's ever put out.

It's because she's read more than 2 books

She studied it at uni, didn't she?

Yeah, she's graduated. Don't remember in what, though.

Holla Forums's got a 20% black boobie-streamer that gets bullied online for a living, Holla Forums's got a dialectically savvy Marxist mistress with cleavage to get lost in.


You've set the bar very low, there.

She graduated in Political Economy and also works in academia in that field.


I don't find her particularly attractive either, but she is still dope as fuck and makes cool videos.


That's completely unnecessary. I was thinking to myself why is it that Mexie even puts on make up and show cleavage in her videos but then I realized it's a propaganda tactic for brain dead losers like you.

She's dressed more conservatively in her videos. Her Instagram has more daring pictures.

Right, I only just watched this video. It's good stuff. This sort of thing needs to be known by everybody and we need specific case studies of countries where all the evidence is on display so that we can combat the propaganda in crisis situations.

You're on the internet and she put herself in a video. What do you expect? I don't see you complain every time people want to poz Muke's neghole.

Reminder that at least one member of the
was head of the IMF.

this makes her vastly more qualified to talk about socialist econ shit than literally anyone here, so we should respect her for that regardless of if she entertains idpol pretensions

None of the european parties with "socialist" in the name are even remotely leftist, not even succdem. This has been the case since at least the eighties.

shut your trap howard

It's irrelevant to her, because she's a lesbian.

She’s not really hot to you guys? Think you guys have impossibly high standards.

Do you think maybe you don't think she's sexy because her videos are very non-sexual and she doesn't draw attention to her attractive features because she's trying to be informative not sexy? Does it occur to you that sexiness is in part a matter of presentation?

Bunch of fucking virgins holy shit.

No, everything ever only exists to please me. If it's not pleasing to me it's useless and shouldn't exist.