What are some practical way we could make anarchism more popular...

What are some practical way we could make anarchism more popular? Most people either don't know it is a serious political belief or think it is some kind of warlord ridden ancap world. Even those supposedly on the left are not much better, often they have very embarrassing misconceptions based on nothing but lies. Since it is clear that anarchism is the way forward, we have to work really hard to change this if we want to end the dictatorship of capital.

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No it's not.
It's fucking stupid.

Focusing on the actual interests and problems of the people and providing them solutions that benefit them. But hey, you'd probably be communists then

See, this is what I am talking about!

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I'm not even angry at anarchists, just smugly aware of their perpetual failure

Except it's anarchists who are running mutual aid disaster relief networks all around the world:
They feed the poor, organize communal defence and provide shelter. Anarchists are actually providing solutions, and not just in theory!

Meanwhile what are the communists doing? Running parties that receive less than 1% of the votes in elections? Smuggling drugs? Writing angry tweets? Don't make me laugh!

Seriously, the more time passes, the more I understand how, while noble, more desiderable and positive anarchism is it's simply impossible to achive.

Like anyone would care about what the guy posting with the NRx flag thinks.

Steal back "libertarianism" from the free market cultists.


So, you are doing Charity now? That's not exactly new.
Communists and Social Democrats manage some countries, and before they did that, they created organisations and policies which convinced people to support them.


Anarchists are organizing communities and building dual power, it's solidarity, not charity.

And what do communists do with that support? In the end they always end up siding with capital.

How do we do that?

Well, so what did you do?
Because maintaining capitalism with some significant improvements is the only available option.

Practice talking to people and learn how to articulate your points without dropping taboo terms or requiring a lexicon to translate. Charity stunts like FNB or the pothole fillers can help but are limited in scope, do them but don't make them your only thing or cost a lot of time. Organize small reading groups and try to teach skills or have barbecues if you get big enough.

They already are.

I'll stop thinking that when all the warlords of Africa are gone.


That's because it is. Look at Africa.

What does Africa have to do with anarchism? It's full of states.