What gives you hope for the future, Holla Forums? There seem to be so many catastrophes approaching...

What gives you hope for the future, Holla Forums? There seem to be so many catastrophes approaching, and so much suffering and poverty in the world already, which seems to be met with nothing but either apathy or misaimed rage by most people.

Seeing that in person. People are waking up, it is beautiful.


Nothing. I grow increasingly convinced that the Fermi Paradox might be due to civilization being a one-way ticket to annihilation.

Pol Pot was right tbh.


Capitalism is not compatible with a living planet. One way or another this shit show is coming to a end.

Yes, when the world was in the hands of a war criminal and his poodle.

Uhh… playing tabletop games with my friends every week.
That's really about all I've got going for me right now. Wonderful co-operative escapism.

neoconservative capitalists

Neoliberal capitalists

get this reddit shit out of here

Their policies practically lead to the adoption of the term.



What the fuck is that from?

you deserve to feel this upset

There is no hope for the first world.

I think advanced civilizations just don't last. The relationships between the billions of people on earth and the distribution of resources between them are just too complex for human being to manage. Disaster is inevitable even if it doesn't involve WMD. But human are resilient and can adapt to anything, we'll be on Earth as long as it has something resembling a biosphere.

This, also the only humans that are gonna get almost extinct are whites and honestly im not against that

lmao, good meme kiddo

Big picture stuff:


I hate these comics

Yeah, that's the point of the image. The world is shit and people are either turning full reactionary and blaming the wrong issues, or burying their heads in the sand and pretending the established liberal elites will fix things.

I'm sure global warming will only strike down the evil whiteys.

once whites are extinct, we can get the real future we deserve

This is art

Capitalism has been under pressure before; it always survives. Hell, lately capitalist crisis has just meant shit gets worse as there isn't even a real workers' movement anymore and Porky just tosses the burden down to the masses. Automation has also been going on for decades - I just read an article by Huey Newton from 1970 where he also claimed that automation would soon end capitalism. No such luck.
Also, I don't see this great socialist resurgence. Most of these people are just red liberals who want to stop the welfare state from being totally dismantled. Which is fine, but it won't seriously alter the current course of world politics. We won't save the world by voting for Corbyn. Also, this perspective kind of neglects the far greater reactionary surge we are dealing with.
This is irrelevant moralism which I don't give a fuck about. Billions in poverty and the world is heading towards climatological disaster, but at least people were a bit more polite!

Yeah we missed our chance in 1918. Porky developed jets and drones while everyone was wage slaving for consumer goods, no chance at revolution anymore. Capitalism transcends the crises it creates while crushing opposition in the process.

Nothing really does. The way I see it, you can either live the truth and be forever miserable, or constantly drown yourself in enough pop culture bullshit to distract you from reality.

Nothing, don't even care after figuring out there is nothing you can do that really matters.

Part of the apathetic I guess.

Having a bf to live through the collapse with and then build socialism together

I doubt there will be a collapse. Crises like overtly dominant automation or climate change don't just happen from one day to another, they are slow processes. Plenty of time for the masters to adjust their rule accordingly and slowly slide us into more degenerate forms of societal control as it becomes necessary.

But think about the cyclical reproduction of the conditions of capitalism, it is precisely in this consistent resurfacing revanchism, all the contradictions in all spheres, that continuously mobilizes discontent. We are certainly not living in an era of development and contentment, but rather one of consistent, listless anxiety and agitation. We may have no collective leftist project that fully encompasses the emancipatory potential of the communist project, but it is precisely in these constantly resurfacing tensions that we see the potential, hopeless in the present day orienteering and cooperative politic, for a new order. We've work to do, and a great deal of it. The greatest feats of leftist philosophy and revolution came in dereliction of the hopeless - like Lenin, in 1917, who despite the hopeless seeming collusion of the reformist and radical leftist parties in Europe with the first world war, returned and mobilized the whole of the proletariat of Russia, a land of only recently abolished feudalism, an intense and nigh omniscient imperial bureaucracy, and an exceedingly conservative populace - toppled, all beginning with a soviet of workers and soldiers deputies in Petrograd.