Best Korea still holds

Imagine getting Cucked as much as the US Gov does now on a common basis

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Thanks to leftist erosion, the U.S no longer has the strenght to do that.


Wait, so the US government thinks that China has any sort of influence in Pyongyang? I think they are having some unrealistic expectations as what China can do.

If they close the oil pipeline north korea collapses.


Dugin's vision of multipolarity is coming true…

In all honesty the fact that we're just casually discussing the possibility of nuclear war triggering mass conflict in the South China Sea to secure themselves and their power with millions dead is fucking nightmarish. And it's all the worse because the current American administration is pushing their fucking hand with this shit.

Posadism jokes aside

Please do not use the nukes, regardless of what nation you represent. Atomic explosions aren't cool, probably deadlier than heroin. Not good, do not annihilate millions of innocent people in Asia.


That's it, leftypol has peaked, shut it down.

I mean, where is the lie?

Where ya been we peaked a few months ago and now just like America its all down hill from now on.

The "atomic bombs are probably deadlier than heroin" shit was obviously a joke on my part. You just really take things to seriously. I was trying to downplay the possibility of a nuclear explosion in a populated area with a dumb joke.

I guess Im not so good at the self deprecating humor cause my post was supposed to be a joke as well

the Chad Juche vs the Virgin Dengist

how many times does he need to get btfo by Kim in order to stop?

i'm going to fucking kill trump

I just realized something.

Kim is the only person on the planet who likely has no idea about what Trump says about him on twitter.

Possibly the deaths of millions of people over something that could have been avoided but he refused to quit twitter because he is annoyed at North Korea, and decides to keep pushing on Kim further and further because like most retarded bloated aged men, he refuses to accept he was wrong and making things actively worse for everyone.

The first moment moment in history where social networking was the cause of a genocide the likes of which haven't ever been seen before.

The narrative of an escalation with the DPRK just because of Trump's Twitter ramblings is the liberal narrative, but you can't be this naive to think that this is the reason for the US being hellbent to destroy the DPRK:

North Korea has internet and I'm pretty sure their intelligence agencies would report it to him anyway. Meanwhile there are millions of people who don't give a fuck about Trump, twitter or politics in general.

Kim also speaks English.

You seem to have forgotten Red Star OS 3 had a reskinned DE.