What's your verdict on alcohol leftypol? Does it have a place in communist society?

What's your verdict on alcohol leftypol? Does it have a place in communist society?

I just realized how much the Soviet Union spent on anti-alcohol campaigns. And Russians are STILL rampant alcoholics despite all.

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Weed > alcohol and there's no reason why it shouldn't be legalized. Prove me wrong.


Alc is fine by me as long as you aint a fucking idiot.

how the fuck else am I going to pretend to care about people's lives and opinions and whatnot

Alcohol is fine so long as they also have self-driving cars. Or at least cars that dispense poison gas into the cab if you try to start them and it registers your BAC is over the legal limit.

Degenerate. God, I fucking hate that stuff. Alcohol's legitimately the devil's piss.

Tell me how I know you've only ever drank rot gut.


Let me guess. You went to a bar once and ordered a martini because you didn't know the name of any other cocktail, and now believe all alcoholic beverages taste like shit. Hm.

Don't get me wrong; beer is baby vomit mixed with water, and most wines are way too strong for a novice to enjoy. But there's plenty of ways to hide the taste of alcohol in a drink so you get all of the "benefits" without needing to gag.

belgian here
fuck you

Well, it's a poison. It makes people stupid, rude, and/or violent. Making it illegal just creates bigger problems. Drink if you want, I prefer the devil's cabbage.

Alcohol is a deadly chemical that causes many deaths annually, either directly or indirectly. It destroyed my life. The problem is that banning it leads to an illicit market and huge demand from a populace habituated to its use. The masses need an escape from their drudgery, so the only alternative is to offer them one. Hash cakes and LSD would offer comparatively safer ways of getting high to those requesting such and easy access to such chemicals could be used as a carrot to move people away from the yeast piss.

I don't like to drink alcohol but I like that it dulls the pain.

Even if no, what you are gonna do?
ban alchol and cigarettes, It's enought excuse for some people to overthrow a goverment

I have been an alcoholic for 6 years so I have ambivalent feelings about it, but globally, I like it, just wish it was less expensive where I live and wasn't the only acceptable drug to use around normies. More generally I wish people would realize it is a fucking hard drug, on the level of opiates and more dangerous than things with scary names like ketamine or 2C-B.

Of course. Humans have used it for thousands of years. It's one of the easiest drug to get naturally with weed, mushrooms and opium. Not to mention it is the only drug everyone out there enjoy regularly (outside of caffeine and tobacco). If you think you can ban this, you should read more about the American Prohibition and stop LARPing.
I believe drugs should be more of a DIY thing anyway, or at least that users should be more aware of what is going on behind the scenes, what are the good dosages, the mechanisms of action, etc. People are too mystified by drugs, and mystifying drugs is like mystifying a chainsaw. Risk reduction, not repression, ok?

The British idea of drinking is getting shitfaced as fast as possible though. Most nations don't have a binge drinking problem as potent as you do, because we learn to drink slower.

These are not for everyone though. I doubt I can still have a LSD trip without it degenerating into 6 hour long panic attack. Psychedelics are good if you can handle them, but sometimes you just want to numb your mind and they aren't adequate for this purpose.

don't reply to americans, its not good for health of the board or your person

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No, but he was in love with his first wife Michèle Bernstein. Nothing happened between them, even though both Debord and her slept around. It just became a platonic thing according to Vaneigem.

All "problems" you can find in alcohol are not a problem with the thing itself and are entirely due to external factors. You should be focusing on how to make this world a better place to live, not on how to delete what may be someone's only refuge from their shitty life.

I can certainly understand that.

I want Anglos to get off my board

I drink every day, only a couple beers a day tho. Spent maybe like $25 a week on beer

Weed is objectively better but I can’t smoke anymore. Used to smoke near daily for many years but it just gives me anxiety now.

There are plenty of bevs that taste fine but beer is way too bitter and tastes like shit. Now pear cider and other ciders that is the shit.


I wouldn't totally ban it but it should be discouraged.

If it aint piss water big brand stuff its hipster hopped up "microbrew" shit down here in south georgia.

Speaking of Belgian beer, why is it so expensive in America? You'd think everything would be cheaper in America, but here in Canada I think we get cheaper imported European beer than the US does. I mean you can compare the prices of Duvel or anything like. Is it because of certain tariffs?

Do you seriously not understand travel and import costs? Are you fucking retarded?

It depends on the specific beer. I can go to a bar next door and cop a pint if st Bernardus Abt 12 for like $4.50. But in regard to Belgians for those of us in the know it’s a matter of them being somewhat demanded I think.
Cuz u can get some pretty good German pils, like Rothaus Tannenzapfel for about the same price as domestic beers. So for Belgians I think it’s a prestige thing, they are highly regarded. Even US brewers of Belgian style beers such as Allagash in Maine (who are phenomenal btw) are comparatively expensive to other domestics

Dog u can get solid German helles lagers, pils, kolsch, ect for pretty cheap in the US. That’s being reductionist

Look at who owns those breweries that make those beers. Bet all of the cheap ones are owned by someone like Diageo, now think why it would be easier for a gigantic company to flex import costs and travel fuck face.

Alcoholics get the wall surrounded by 3 other walls of a rehabilitation facility

Here we go again with the whole "you just have poor taste in drinks" shtick. I don't like alcohol cuz it brings out the worst in people. Drink all you want, just don't come near me with that shit.

This right here's the problem.


I see nothing wrong with this

Never drank, never did the drugs, never hugged before marriage.
Can I get an amen?

Love it.

I do think it's rather depressing at times to imagine how many people would rather spend their free time off work dulling their mind and senses instead of engaging in actually personally enriching dialogue.

no thanks

Hope you smoke 3 packs a day at least

Beer, wine and ordinary spirits have their place, but bumwine and four loko gotta go.

Drinking is good for you!

Any addiction that interferes with revolutionary action is counter revolutionary. If you can use it in moderation i see no problem. Fidel lived until his 90's drinking rum and smoking cigars.


It will likely have its place, not least because getting rid of it entirely has historically been extremely difficult. A more constructive approach would be to target the toxic binge drinking cultures which pervade certain places like Russia, Britain, and some Baltic countries. As well as within certain institutions like American college campuses, particularly in frats and such.

Alcoholic beverages have been a cornerstone of human civilization since its earliest years and are practically a time capsule of cultural evolution across the entire planet. It would be a shame to impulsively ban what might be an important tradition for a lot of people.

The causes of alcohol abuse are societal. People have always turned to it when they feel hopeless and want to numb the emotional trauma. If you don't like alcoholism, you need to make the world a better place to live in.

Dunno man, I like cider, but I also hate drunkards. I wish there was somehow a limit to how much an individual can get in a given time - in bars that could be easy: just have the barman keep a tab on people and stop serving them after they've passed a limit; but it would be much harder when it comes to home usage.

You can't change russians and their love for vodka.

I was an alcoholic and heroin addict for a time. Now I drink probably less than once a month. There is nothing wrong with having a drink or two in the evening curled up in a big cushy armchair with a smoke and a good book, but I don't much like getting drunk. Anything that clouds the mind is not worth whatever pleasure it may bring.

I don't much care for cannabis for the same reason, but psychedelic mushrooms are fucking incredible.


this image is all wrong.

I think the best way to control peoples alcohol usage would be to legalize and promote the use of psychedelics. They are way more safe and fun than alcohol, less addictive, and don't cause people to become belligerent assholes.

it may be wrong, but it is funny

Yea thats what happens when you've never had fat tire before, you fuckin scrub.

A lot of liquor is extra shit grade, esp vodka. But mead and beam are beautiful, wonderful things.

Esp with blunts.


I like alcohol so yes

Well actually, one the ones from my previous post (Rothaus) is a small state-owned Black Forest brewery. Other examples of German beers, such as Benediktiner helles is owned by a small private brewery and sells its beers in the US for $5 for a 4 pack of tall cans. Has nothing to do with size of brewery

If it wasn't for alcohol, I'd be a lot more depressed than I am already.

I have one good beer a week, maybe a glass of wine if I'm eating Italian or Greek. Most people I know do drink, none of them have their lives impacted by alcohol. Dependency on addictive stimulants/depressants/hallucinogens etc is due to people leading shit lives and searching for an escape.

Only hard liquor will be permitted under socialism, all producers of beer and wines will get the wall.


The fuck kind of beer are YOU drinking? Because the stuff I drink is tasty as fuck.

stfu pussy, do a shot of hard liquor like a man. pref. vodka like a tru commie


Alcohol is a tool from the bourgeoisie to keep the proletariat tamed and has been the cause of many societal ills since biblical times. It ought to be stamped out from society altogether.

Charitably assuming the validity of that chart, It might be dumb correlation or the causation might go the opposite way, i.e. high Autism Level causes high alcohol consumption, not the other way around.

Me too user. Me too.

Makes an amazing DIY fuel.

How will you stop people from fermenting potato peelings in their gardens?

Have fun building a mass movement without alcohol

Even our cousins the monkeys love making & drinking alcohol.
it's a great anti-stress.

it's shit
tastes like shit, smells like shit
I personally despise drank people, can't stand them, I don't want them to talk to me, breathing their filthy alcohol fumes into my face
been into a couple of fights because of this, because drank shits just can't keep it civilized when you tell them to fuck off

never really understood what is the point of it all either
no pleasant experiences, just numbness, and a fucking headache in the morning
might as well just take a shot of valium

Alcohol and drugs are a strong alienating component, they sure are a problem, maybe in a socialist state the alienating factor disapears, and it doesn't become quite an addiction BUT that could not be the case, it would not be a problem if it was only used as recreational


He's not wrong, beer is shit-tier drink. I never understood its popularity.

Drink hard drinks like a real man, or at least some quality wines that don't taste like vinegar.

You have a higher chance to waste your life on weed than on alcohol.

If religion is the opiate for the masses, then drugs are definitely the opiate of the masses. And alcohol is a hard drug. It should not be outlawed, but we should try to lower the use of it as much as possible.

I support this statement

Alcohol is pretty good

where my cider niggers at

Last time I checked alcohol will actually help extend your life if drunk in moderation. Why would we ban something beneficial to us health wise?

And fuck off back to Somerset Jack you fruity bastard

Pffff pussies, only xanax, only hardcore for me.

But when life is ultimately meaningless, how can it be wasted?

alcohol is one of communism's main Ingredients.

No, alcohol is a proven carcinogen and should only be used as an disinfectant. You are only harming yourself and possibly others in consuming alcohol. There are much safer options such as vaping/eating weed

So has other things such as rape and murder. Isn't the purpose communist movement to overturn thousands of years of tradition?

It's funny how there's this hyper-masculine culture around alcohol consumption, especially around large amounts of hard liquor considering alcohol actually has estrogenic effect



fuck off

enjoy your gynecomastia in moderation

Did your drunk stepdad beat you? Do you have flashbacks when you smell beer? Stop being such a fag, also

Grow a pair fucking pussy
So Holla Forums is right?

You are a massive cunt.
People like you are the reason drunks go ape shit, stupid cunt


Valium and Xanax are basically pharmaceutical alcohol. They are all GABA agonists. Benzodiazepines are less dirty tho (interact with less receptors)

Weed is way easier to stop though. You feel basically a bit more tense and have more trouble sleeping for a couple of weeks, but that's it.
On the other hand, I'm a bit afraid to go to my parents' home for Christmas since they live in the middle of nowhere and I don't have a car to go buy some booze when I want, and I don't want to start trembling and having panic attacks. Once you have been hooked on alcohol for a long time, it's really hard to stop.

See .
Moreover, there is no such thing as a victimless crime. As long as you aren't harming anyone when you drink and is okay with trading a bit of life expectancy for a bit of fun, there is no problem.
I don't want to live in a society with no drugs allowed, especially alcohol, the most basic of them all. There is nothing wrong with sharing a good bottle of red wine during a family dinner, nerd.

I drank alcoholically from the ages 11-20. I've been sober for a while now and able to reflect on how it negatively impacted my life, but that doesn't mean it has not place in our society. I firmly believe that addiction is genetic and environmental and with proper care and nourishment addiction rates will plummet under socialism.

ama about alcoholism and getting sober

You're genuinely retarded.

Is tapering a meme, in your opinion ? I don't want to go to a rehab center and I'm afraid to get addicted to benzos if I ask a doctor for a treatment at home. I managed a few times to reduce my consumption to a couple of beers a day with this method (and weed), but I always relapse for some reason or another.

Cold turkey is really your only good option if you want to get sober at home. The question is how physically dependent on alcohol are you. When I first sobered up I went through DTs and it was a truly horrible and potentially deadly situation. It's much safer to try to get into treatment facility for alcohol detox. I haven't met an alcoholic yet that has been successful in tapering down there alcohol consumption. Just periods of reduced consumption followed by binging. Go to meetings I don't care what group just find a group of alcoholics and addicts and stick with them.

I don't think this would work for me, I've been drinking everyday for 6 years. Maybe cold turkey after tapering for a week or two, but it would be too dangerous otherwise.
Well that's what happened to me too.

You can try tapering of with beer or wine but really its a crapshoot. Have someone else moderate your alcohol intake, entrusting an alcoholic to moderate his own drinking is silly.

It helps social anxiety at parties or other social situations.
If only there was a better way, but courage is only legal as a liquid.
Cannabis is more fun, but lately I've been more anxious and in-my-head during it, so I wonder what's the issue with that.
Did shrooms once, puked the first couple hours but it was fun and trippy, especially after. Also lots of thinking, but a better kind of thinking.

Alcohol pre-dates capitalism and feudalism. Just don't over do it. With more drugs free to use people won't do as much harmful drugs including alcohol to excess.

In true moderation, it can improve one's mental health by helping one to relax, but it's so difficult to actually drink in moderation that it's a properly dangerous drug. Cannabis is much better.

Nice post.

Ban it and stop all mass production. Sure people will try and make it in their garden but so what.
Can't believe people's idea of Communism is to indulge willy-nilly in all the dregs of Capitalism.

Is facking cold and sad in russia blin, alkohol is shit but sometimes need shit to deal with bigger shit

hashish is less make kill but is shit as well tavarish, is good sometimes, can make dangerous men sit around laugh together like schoolgirls, but smoke all the time make man weak and soft and not care about important things. Make woman lazy as well, liking to fack but not with much effort, do some situps beech you heff beer belly

Favourite drinks, comrades?
Prefer beer myself

This has been tried before, it ends up with a black market flooded with product from elsewhere or worse homemade product cut with dangerous subtances, like methanol which makes you go blind.

I hate alcohol because I can't read theory when under the influence. For example, if I drank alcohol on night out I wouldn't be able to read theory while I pretend to be texting or going to the toilet

Marx enjoyed a stroll to the pub, so why shouldn't you?

Beer, vodka, wine, liquor, you name it. I'm more picky about the quality of the drink than its type. Can't drink whisky or wine that hasn't aged well, the taste is too vinegary. Lately I've decided to go sober.

what is p hacking

Alcohol (especially the distilled "hard" varieties) is insanely bad for human health. You shouldn't take it. Wine is OK though.

Beer's fine, spirits can go fuck themselves.


t. burger

I can't hate you after you post this, especially if you actually know what it's from.

Might as well red drink grape juice if you are advocating for health, alcohol is alcohol no matter the source.

And those loving English feet they walked all oooover us

Alcohol is great
Just don't go completely overboard with it

Anyone else read theory high?