Mrs. Sanders strikes back and puts demented corporate sheeboon in her place

Mrs. Sanders strikes back and puts demented corporate sheeboon in her place


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Haha, isn't she the reporter that confused Yugoslavia with the USSR in a tweet?


American willful ignorance shows no bounds

she's a big Russia conspiracy person too

Americans are so fucking stupid, speaking as an American.

I remember when she stopped by our town on the campaign trail and I tried to get her to give some concrete details on the coop support in Sanders' platform. She wouldn't say anything beyond "oh we love coops."

To be fair, she probably thought you were talking about coups.

I didn't know Andrew Anglin posted on leftypol

Joy Reid is arguably the physical embodiment of liberal idpol, a walking caricature of the obnoxious Hillary supporter. The mere sight of her Twitter avatar — and it's plastered positively everywhere on the Internet — makes me want to puke.

And she actually believed Russia was still nominally communist.

If her response is that she loves them, then that just makes it ten times better.

she's done a lot of things


Holy fucking shit

"biased" reporting AKA truth-telling about how Bernie Sanders abuses women

Now I usually think of sanders as the best current senator in America but he's still just a reformist succdem. Im well aware he's just a bandaid on a shit sandwich

But when I hear or see these fucking Clintonite hacks saying shit like he'd have lost to trump or that criticism of the dems are a Russian psyop it makes me want him to run for president again just to see these stupid fucking #resistance libs gets utterly mad at an actual left winger winning in a landslide

Could you please not

that's so woke

i have to check these repeating digits.

yeah, I don't see why racial epithets are necessary or even really allowed.

aside from that, holy fuck. how is Joy Reid this much of a joke.

My Grandfather lived in the Slovak part of Soviet Yugoslavia. The stories he told me about the times that Stalin, Tito and Marx used to plow down innocent people in their VWs (gifted from Hitler) lined up for bread really left an impression on me. Trump is clearly the new Stalin!

She might be trying to combine the Russian conspiracy with the accusation of Trump being a hypocrite because his wife is Slovakian. Since Slovakia was part of the USSR, maybe this makes it double hypocrazy?

You'll never make it OP

Socdems are people too.

Self-interested capitalist opportunists are not relevant to left politics