Is there a counterculture?

Is there a counterculture?

Being "counterculture" is seen as an asset, as something appealing, but if said counterculture is truly a counterculture, then wouldn't the fact that it runs counter to common cultural conceptions make it unappealing, and therefor something that isn't used as an appeal?

Why don't leftists respond to alt-right claims of being the counterculture in this manner, by stating that they are indeed ideological lepers?

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because neither culture nor counterculture exist in any meaningful sense
also jesus christ that pic

The left(SJWs) doesn't want to legitimize the alt-right, because at the core, they have the same principles.

I agree in the sense of map-territority relations, yet this is no explanation.

Where do you place the core?

Why are huge brainlets so attracted to the aut-right?

SJW and Alt right are literally the same fucking thing when you think about it.

Because it's fun.

Yeah, when you get down to it, they're all oxygen users..

Alt-right are sex negative racists who think blackies can't atcheve nuffin without the white man pushing them. SJWs are sex negative racists who think blackies can't atcheve nuffin without the white man pushing them.

Jon-tron isn't alt-right

I see, just like how pedophiles and communists both want an end to bourgeois sexual morality.

Not what I meant. It'd more apet to compare pedos to animal fuckers, and commies to nazis.

There is no counterculture anymore. If there was ever one, it has long since died off. What you have now are pretentious LARPing idiots and whiners obsessed with feelings. Neither of these groups have actually changed anything and in the eventual collapse, both of these groups will more or less suffer the same fate.

Mate let me explain this to you. In the 60s there was the hippies who were the counterculture made by bad war decitions. Then came the hard core christains because of the hippies. Then came the SJWs because of the christains. And now we got the Alt-Right because of the SJWs.

what's so fucking ridiculous about the alt-right is how little they understand what "counter-culture" means. historically, the counterculture has never been something which is just a reaction to what is hegemonic, like liberal political correctness or something. the MASSIVE consumer base which the alt-right has created should tell us the entire story: "alt-right" is at this point a media slogan used to sell content and products to a gullible crew of teenage consumers. this has nothing to do with "counterculture," in america at least.

the previous countercultures have always been reviled, but not along merely political lines, but CLASS LINES. just look at the history of it: the beats, (most of) the hippies, punks, the drug scene, whatever; all of these things weren't just some political affiliation, they were working class movements which were detestable and incomprehensible to the middle and upper class hegemony. they weren't "cool" because they "rejected the liberal mainstream meteor," they were rejected BY the mainstream, and not on purpose. it's what they were, and what they were was a case of lower class expression, which bourgeois society can't handle, of course. that a """cultural movement""" composed of suburbanites thinks they have anything to do with counterculture today is frankly hilarious.

i think there is a counterculture presently, but it OBVIOUSLY isn't the alt-right. on a global level, it's probably a mix between religious extremists a la wahabists and opiod addicts considering that countercultures tend to develop alongside the drug of choice of its era

Stop posting here you sustained a major head injury.

It would be, your post didn't illustrate that though.

Like saying nigger, you mean?
You should try this out; hey alt-right boy, you think your counter culture huh, jokes on you as the area you live in is a small or medium sized town in the vicinity of a large city

leftists are too busy claiming counterculture status themselves for cool points, even though the vast majority of hollywood and msm back them up (real counterculture bravo)

and academia


and soros

The American New Wave within Hollywood was much more daring and counter-cultural than whatever garbage it is that alt-rightards watch these days.

I fucking wish radical leftism had nearly as much penetration as you guys claim. As it stands the moral of all popular culture is as it always is, vague upholding of the status-quo and liberal utopia. Marxism has been completely routed out of American academia as well. The most relevant guy we have is fucking Richard Wolff. Based or no, he doesn't have that much reach, usually invited onto news programs as a freak show can-you-believe-this-guy sort of shtick before returning to his niche. Not to mention being a pretty cuddly demsoc besides.

The idea of cultural dominance among liberals making them flabby and ill-equipped to deal with outsiders is actually a good one but being so quick to assume the mantle of "counter-culture" is kind of a curious position to me since it's basically admitting that the current appeal is just reactionary. If conservatism is the new counter-culture than what happens when it assumes power? (We'll ignore that your guy just got elected as the fucking president for the sake of the discussion) Where goes that appeal? Out the fucking window obviously, so I hope there's more to this strain of thought than vulgar resentment.

Holy shit, that's some hardcore cringe right there if that's not meant to be ironic.

Goddamn fucking Holla Forums brainlets…

…name ONE TIME that even a minor TV station, let alone a hollywood megacorp, announced "workers should own the means of production, and btw, we've fired the CEO and made this a workers' coop."

Not even one? Ever? Awww…

…now if you don't mind, I'll be ending bourgeoise sexual morality like suggests.

Irony is nowadays an imploded simulacrum or sincerity encoded with plausible deniability.

I don't think right-wingers are capable of irony that isn't dead obvious. If you ever assume that something from them is too embarrassing to be sincere remember that this was created.

"At least if whites are genocided, these ppl will die off too." - One of the comments

Holla Forums in the middle

That pic related's so cringe. Whoever made that needs to get the autism beaten outta them like right fucking now. Jesus Christ…

Lol is that nick Fuentes in between milo and jontron
He's literally said that Wahhabism muslims might have a point when it comes to how to run societies and alluded to Jews destroying america and that trans peoples doctors should kill them in an ideal society
He hates half that image

The existence of a counterculture obviously imply the existence of a culture.

In the sense of our collective mores and sensibilities, then obviously they exist, but they have been dragged so up close to each other by capitalism's drive towards homogeneity and uniformity that the distinction is superficial. It's no longer a difference of moralities, values and social practices, but mostly tribal signalling. In other words, lifestylism. Like Chomsky said, the American elites cleverly discovered that the best way to keep people obedient is to keep the spectrum of acceptable opinions very narrow, but allow and even foster lively debate within those confines. People are free to say whatever they think, but they think of very, very little. See also the endless both-sides-are-equal worthless debates between Democrats and Republicans. And all that even if you don't think culture and counterculture are a symbiosis, with the latter being no actual threat to the former, like Zizek's "poles that generate and presuppose each other".

In the sense of culture as artistic and intellectual production, then my friend, I'm afraid that capitalism already killed Western culture and replaced it with itself. What's more, like some horrible colony insect's parasite, it has gotten its victim's followers implying reactionaries can even spell "Western culture" to think the regicide is the real thing and protect it with all their might at the same time as they stay on the lookout for them darn regicides. Ergo counterculture is similarly farcical.

i think it's shapiro

I have to talk to these people every day through my job, they legit think that they are dangerous anti-establishment rebels because they have a corporate-approved government-approved NRA sticker on their car or whatever. I don't know what to do about my country, I just drink these days.

No, the internet has shattered culture into millions of subcultural splinters

Because 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 who started counter culture are actually counter race and want your land and shit no matter what culture you had to begin with.

Our ancestors had success because they too adopted a lifestyle of taking what other people had for themselves and masking that with ABC religion

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Reactionaries tend to worship figures of authorities. It says something about the alt-right that their figures of authority are pundits, celebrities and other entertainers.

You can't respond to accusations like that in a meaningful way because you would be legitimizing their mental concept of politics.

They don't care about principles or beliefs or value judgments, their main concern is a bitter contempt for the scrawny pale guy in a turtleneck that works at Starbucks.


why the fuck is pewdiepie there, do they really like him

*there was' a counterculture

hahahaha now if only they made him look like the actual Ben Carlton

that is a retarded way to subvert a culture, which is why they do it by promoting socialists unions and engaging in apologetics for ANTIFA

This is prime babble, a series of snippets constructed from snippets, as if produced by a Holla Forums chatbot in its early hours of existence. A few cliché's placed in a sequence, a name drop, an expression of angst, a pseudo-psycho-analytical snide remark at the spectacular enemy… an array of pure signals, ideological schizophrenia.

No, he's the only acceptable target they have. The alt-right exists inside a sphere in which valours belongs to the little guy, so you have these endless diatribes about smug inner city hipsters who think they know best for black people and look down on the marginalised country folk.

I've rarely heard an alt-righter say "watch sargon" while Holla Forums prides itself in being a mere referal to authority with its pavlovian "read bordiga/marx/stirner".

Anyone who calls themselves counter culture is fake as fuck.

I feel like "fake" was an insult trend that kind of stopped all of a sudden, or at least less people said it.

But that's exactly the term to describe these fucking larpers. Everything about them is inauthentic. They're fake.

If you want antifa to get more bad press try to not be so punchabld.

literally when?
The neoliberal news organizations that I've encountered have attacked ANTIFA more than they've attacked white nationalism. At least when it comes down to rioting. Private property is a larger concern to them than their liberal politics at the end of the day.

Welcome to hyperreality.

stopped reading there.

So does the alt-left.

i was asking myself the same

He said 'nigger' a few times so they like him.

Most online aut-rightists are literally 14 years old. They were PewDiePie fans before this.

He's aut-right

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Almost as dumb as the "gen z" meme.

name one counterculture that hasn't succumbed to this. TLDR counterculture has no revolutionary potential

Past countercultures at least produced some good art.

Nothing wrong with that. Not everything needs to work for The Greater Cause.

I don't think so.

reddit comment chain

Anyone know where that pic comes from?