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Find your local neo-nazi fuck their daughter or son, brag to said local neo nazi how much they enjoyed fucking a far left member of society… repeat. If possible post such stories in a blog…. and maybe get it trending

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y the bait?


I think it's a good idea….. personally done it once it was really vindicating.

Wear a Condom take one for the team…

Might I add this was something I did by accident at first mind you the chick was loaded driving a BMW ugly as heck never knew her dad would of been the Golf Course Neo-Nazi type was epic during thanksgiving.

M8 u got some issues. Sort them out then come back.

I really don't It's been 5 years and I realized it was about the best form of protesting ever…. Nothing really changed fuck nothing does but it was my one way of getting back the system….

During the summer of Occupy… I couldn't make it to Zucatti I'm from the midwest. I ocupied that bitches BMW I think it was epic…. and…. all the fall out… I believe it's still happening.


Fucking people to piss off nazis is not good praxis comrade. Organize with your local CP and stay way from violent acts or anything that would make the left seem like what it isn't.
Read the following.

Normies are pretty much a blank chalk board whom you can draw anything in, any political position they will agree and blow their mind, since they never had any political philosophy and theory outside cnn and facebook.

There was some user that tried to transform someone into a ortodox Marxist and ended up being north Korea fedora tipper big defender.

They will go full burger on the ideologies, so is better to let them discover the red pills by themselves tbh.

Converting seems pretty akin to religion anyway.

and you're not saying it doesn't have a huge effect religion my gosh opiate of the masses…. I'm just so pissed that these fucking Fascists are every level of Government here in Michigan. I work 40 hours a week to live in a fucking hole…… It was catharsis…. I don't believe shit is ever gonna change.

I didn't convert her shes apolitical now she just has unwanted daddie issues and Daddie needs a new wife…. it was kind of epic…. I'm just saying instead of occupying parks and town halls, occupy their minds….

It isn't unlawful to screw Rush Limbaughs daughter…. ok…. Marxism will never exist in the land of the Freedom Fries and Extra Fat Milkshakes. I'm just saying occupy their scorn.

By the way I have the hindsight of watching Amy Goodman in the 1990s and seeing how little shit has changed if not gotten worse.

I organized with Mimi, he never stood a chance in hell of getting maybe more than 4000 votes even tho he was on the ballot.

For gods sake man!
Agitate, Educate, Organize.

Outside of the Weather Undgeround and Trolling Neonazis like Hal Turner, back in 2005 we have no winning streak… so if we can win…. ruin em.

I have been for 20 damn years and upon reflecting outside of calling Hal Turner at 2am and screwing that one chick nothing has ever worked…. We almost got a Green Party guy on the board of Regents for U of M back in 2006.

You could transform your 3dpd waifu and live happy with her.

No need for dummies normies to half assedly know about the red pill, they will never apply theory in any way and there is a good chance they will just end up being terrible allies that get rolled over in antifa protests or record themselves shooting pepes.

Normies are dumb, is better to only get the intellectuals in your side.

As long as you like her and don't do it just to be powerful or wathever, go ahead

I'm an anarcho-Socialist at this point I screw over people who are the problem, and give to people who are the solution…. I don't think we can vote our way out of this mess. Outside of mass hunger nothing will get people off their asses.

This was a fling I had in 2011, I've been Married since 2014 and my wife is intellectual and she is red pilled i'm just trying to tell you younger sons of Guns the two things that maybe made some what if a difference.

You young as fuck but ya got spirit

I would never marry a bitch like the one I screwed in 2011 end up working in her fathers Grocery store fuck that.

I'm old and I feel like I am dying and reflecting on 20 years of activism and seeing Richard Fucking Spencer speak at U of M has got me pissed.

here's another idea:
1. whip out dick in front of public crowd
2. cry out as they laugh at the abscenity
3. call them antisemites if they don't lock eyes with you

I swear there was a time in Ann Arbor if his type even walked into the city limits we'd shove a broom so far up his ass he couldn't walk straight for a week.


Thats fucking stupid….. you know that. My three point plan caused a divorce and a long drawn out fight of distrobution of capital. I"m saying if they want us to live like paupers, we will make them prisoners in their penthouses.

Did 4chan have women wet their pants for equality? …. to make a mockery of them… Gosh if we could just make a dumb idea go Viral among the fucking right….. like the time they believed that Onion piece on the Giant Abortion mall had it laughing for weeks fuck

Outside of Sabotage, General Strikes, Disruption, and Annoyance I don't see anything changing. The capital keeps flowing to the 1% find them and make their lives hell.

Tell me what have you done to make this society more tolerable? Then you may trash my idea. OP

Revolution is a violent act.

yeah OP, explain yourself

I told you the few things I did to make this society more tolerable be a homewrecker to the wealthy… ok thats my one win…. I organized with Brandon Moore in 2008 Soylstik in 2016….. 40% of americans love their fascist retard…. What have any of you done to cause choas among the right?

This is why I always pay more for premium class when I'm on planes: So that I won't sit next to an american

I know we suck as a whole but I'm stuck here and I'm going to make their lives hell…. The reason were all in Coach is cause they got us working till broke.

It's like that film snowpiercer we can't take the train we wouldn't want it if we could so run it off the tracks.

I nutted in my local church and wiped the goo on the seats
Jews: 1 Christcucks:0

What does Judaism Vs Christianity have to do with the Far Left….

it's more like harry potter vs baldemort tbh

what, are you trolling right now?

your an idiot and thing Jews and Christians are in some kind of war…. it's not the same as left and right ok it has nothing to do with that. Even the Arab Leauge had socialist memebers Baath party ring a bell? Kurds are far left… There are far left Jews Ginsberg, Also you forget liberation theology in Christanity.

Yeah there is a class war and fuck the Rich are winning it…. so drive it off the rails like that new offspring song…. ride the bomb to hell.

the jews own communism you dumb class cuck, why would you even argue this? do you hate Jews?

I'm not a loser it's just that my winning is more like Charlie Sheen wins… I know it's an atypical way of winning.

so you have AIDS now?

That is fucking ignorant Jews do not own communism they own Judasim thats it Moasic law…. and I don't hate jews, arabs, fuck it it's the human race ….. we come in all shapes sizes and colors.


I fucking feel like it 20 years of fighting for equality and seeing Trump at the helm sure fucking feels like aids. All I am trying to tell you guys as everything turns to shit have some fun.

you say you don't hate Jews but you're trying to steal communism from them. you probably love Hitler too you fucking piece of shit.

Holy Shit thats some hard core trolling. Hitler is an anathema to everything I've tried to do for 20 years.

you could always call corey feldman up and have him spread his ass in place of haim

you think being Jewish is trolling? you sound like a piece of shit trying to justify why you hate Jews so much.

Thats so obscure I don't even get it.

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Can't wait to see a volunteer showing how the OP is samefagging all over

I am, but I have alot on my chest.

this is essentially Holla Forums if you can talk this much shit on Jews without getting a ban. you fucks don't know how much we have done for you. you hate us as much Hitler did.

Is it really samefagging if someone really wants to have a live discussion on how the system has failed…. it's not like some other topic is suffering under the weight do you guys ever have live threads hell if a few of you wanted to pm on a chat site I'd be up for that.

it'll probably be a nazi honeypot, don't do it

Fuck hermione

Fair enough of a warning ok that was a dumb idea you were right…. but someone was bitching about samfagging

Fair enough argument but what works… I have tried for 20 years.

I'm sayig you're a nazi you fucking Jew hater

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I have nothing to say bad about any person based on genetics or region of birth.

Fuck it I'm gonna have a smoke and listen to music if I can't even comisserate with comrades it's a bad day. It was more of a joke post but that crap did kind of work….

I hope you choke on your cigarrette you antisemite

Breh let's go rob stuff.
I'm soon to be fired. I have lots of money but it will end and i'm not willing to go work again. Banks, Casinos, gold travel the world, get money when you need it and fuck the rest.

Always wanted to Visit Santa Fe again…. lets start a commune out there…. bring some women, some cattle screw smoke rock…. start something new cause this all sucks….. I don't want to be a slave to the system…. if you're since lets call it the Santa Fe Communique

Yeah women love skinny feminine men!

People joke cause I look Lenin and my best friend looks like Putin…. I'm not even Russian and he's Lithuanian.

The longest I've gone without pussy living with me is three weeks…. I don't have trouble in that department…… If this marriage falls apart and I get in too many more child support could be an issue. No it's better to be never laid than laid everyday and having 50k in back due child support while you sit in county. What are you 15 you think pussy affirms you?

I am self affirming…. self actualization doesn't make you suddenly unmiserable it's just realizing where you stand.

I'm just like prince's mother I'm never satisfied….. why can't we just love each other… this is what its like when the drugs make you cry…. I have cock and it's drippin ozing white stuff I tell you it's not cum, I have severe stds…. dream if you will a picture of my cock goin down your throat,,, your mouth is all fire….. this is what its like when the drugs make you cry

Sorry mate…. I just can't.

Mate….. is that some kind of britfag talk you got there sissy boy…. they teach you that in English school….. fuck I don't even know who I am anymore I shall retire because I have become pacified…. it's pointless all fucking pointless…

I know how you feel. I'm not an anglo btw. I'm just waiting for my boss to fire me, get my severance and going aroun the world. Meet people, see crazy shit. I hate the infinite pointless grinding of this life. I just want something new everyday.

>slowly start moving more and more left towards where she had started at over time, without any of her input
I'm not sure how things happened like this

Shit topic, shit posting. You talk…. like this…. and it really isn't…. epic like, at all dudeson.

My intent was not to change said woman's views the intent became to destabalize her wealthy parent's life…. at first an accident then it became intentional…. I would never fuck an alt-right or even right bitch…. Like everyone missed the point you don't have to use your dick to screw up their lives just inject yourself emotionally into the opposition and cause chaos.

I'm sorry you do not like my non formal way of speaking….. I'm just saying use Chaos as a means to further the goal of equality, wither it's emotional, sexual, or financial.

Look, this isn't Warhammer, I know it is fun to be a duck head from time to time but ALL you did was get your dick wet and talk about how you stuck it to the man. Socialism hasn't been furthered, nothing has happened except this shitty post. You can't just "further equality" by smashing alt-right hoes. Slacktivism or w/e. Shit praxis.