Jesus Christ was a communist and christians should be communists too...

Jesus Christ was a communist and christians should be communists too. Christian capitalists deserve to go to hell and there's nothing wrong with killing as long as it's for the greater good.
Also Jesus' image of being a white long haired blue eyed man is the a symbol of imperialism.

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Jesus was a man. Er, he was a god-man. Uh, actually he was a god-god. Because he was Jesus.

This but it was never ironic in the first place.

Jesus was a black jew from a part of the middle east where greek was spoken

"Jesus" was a Jew. The Talmud also explains why he was crucified, and it's not for what you think.

Wasn't it for fucking with the roman pagan religion?

Oh. Sedition. Right.

The Church fathers and some of his apostles were awful tho

Jesus and his followers rose up against the comprador Jewish ruling class (the Pharisees) in Palestine and the Jewish elite has been buttblasted about it ever since.

Ever since Judaism has been pretty much the most reactionary religion in the world because modern Judaism was formed in reaction to the doctrine of Christianity

Some guy made a Christian communist manifesto. Good read for all self-proclaimed Christian communists.

That's not it at all.

Read the Gospels (and by that I mean, READ the Gospels, don't just skim through them uncritically). Gospel of Mark, for instance, portrays Jeebus in a highly unflattering light, showing him as an apocalyptic preacher who was ridiculed by everyone. Matthew is the most Jewish of the Gospels, Luke is the most anti-Jewish.

Also, I've studied early Christianity as well and can say what you're saying makes no sense.

Read Dr. Chris Hyatt's blackbook, the twisted man. I believe in the saving power of the symbol of the cross. The figure of Jesus is being replaced by an Owl Goddess that you see when you're an exile and on San Pedro Catus and are fully convinced you are Here Comes Everybody.

נו? ולמה צלבו אותו לפי התלמוד?


That was actually what was good about him is that he was a militant. The Apostles were drawn largely from the lower-classes of Jewish society.

Also consider the economic meaning of Jesus’s doctrine in the first place one of the most memorable scenes in the Bible is where he throws the money changers out of the temple. By making all men brothers in his doctrine he basically outlaws usury altogether as Deuteronomy outlawed usury among Jews and other Ancient Jewish traditions such as that of Jubilee (inherited from Sumaria) were also quite critical. The New Testament is also hella class conscious and I think it’s telling that Christ seems to hate the native elites even more than the Romans. It fits with his upbringing and after all familiarity breeds contempt.

Also the New Testament was hella class conscious read Engels and Nietzsche together.

The Jews who went into exile are largely believed to have been members of the Jewish upper-classes by modern historians i.e. the Pharisees. And it’s unsurprising to me that they had a different take on the whole thing. Isn’t it a little weird that the Zionist secret society that led by Brandeis in the US was also named “The Parushim” or the Pharisees? I think a lot of Judaism still incorporates that perspective which is more from the point of view of the master than the downtrodden peasant.

Having read parts of the Talmud I don’t think the Jews rejected Christian spooks because they had better intentions or better spooks.



Jesus died so that the dialectic might be revealed to us

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/christian/ is such a reactionary neomonarchist shithole.

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Jesus was never interested in politics, maybe his teachings align with your ideology but that doesn't make him a communist.
Dipshits like you who keep claiming jesus was (insert my political ideology) are the cancer of christianity, whether they are leftists or neocons



jesus was too much of a wimp to have strong political convictions, christianity is a centrist religion.
Islam is the chad socialist religion



Jesus' message transcends earthly politics, economics, and ideology. In fact it seeks to destroy that with revolutionary love instead of violence and exploitation.

Islam is peak alienation of a religion.

I firmly believe that Communism is the second coming. Also Exodus is the most "leftist" part of the bible bar none.

What the hall was their problem.

good communists are christians and christians are good communists


It needs a bit or rebranding but christian communism could flourish in the US south

I'm not a christcom but I had an idea for a name for a christcom organization randomly the other day. How's "Praxis What You Preach" sound?

Do mainstream Christians ever discuss capitalism? Seems like one of the worst sins imaginable.

It's pretty good name

In general most mainstream Christian preaching generally shy's away from naming capitalism as directly sinful.

An absolute shame on my opinion.

No. Jesus Christ wanted no one except his disciples to live a communist-like existence. He never insisted that the entire population live that way. In fact, he encouraged what could now be called sectarianism within families rather than see them break apart.
The very beginning of the Bible, like the very beginning of America, was more socialistic than communistic, because you could at least keep your parents. The Bible illustrates quite well that egalitarianism and internationalism are bullshits that have to be propped up by threats of violence.

Christians are smart not to follow the bouncing goal posts.

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This nigga doesnt understand historical materialism

Giving people something for free and helping them out of the kindness of your heart isn't communism, it's just kindness. You aren't a communist for sending your kids to school or for paying for your poorfag nephew's hospital bill if his parents can't pay for it.

Being forced (yes - forced, because that's what government does) to give people something that you wouldn't otherwise want to give them is communism because you aren't doing it of your own free will. God loves a cheerful giver, not people who are only kind at gunpoint.

But user there's no difference between good and bad things, it's all part of the divine plan

The point of socialism is to convince future generations to give cheerfully. However, when faced with generation gaps their cure is eternal revolution, which encourages miserly hoarding more than cheerful charity.


Can't wait for the triggering of a rightists bringing up Dostoeyevsky hating socialism and citing Jesus as a rightist

Daily reminder Jesus was a Pharisee schismatic and you're worshiping a Pharisee clique without realizing it.

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אני עדיין מחכה לתשובה


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Burninating the merchants!

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Nope, Jesus was capitalist and supported private property. Communism is godless, antibiblical, materialist and can't fix a thing about man.
There is a surprising sentence in a description of the church in Acts 2 that has led many people to wonder whether the Bible supports communism, and has led some people to defend strongly the idea that communism is actually biblical. The passage reads, “All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need” (Acts 2:44-45). This statement seems to imply that communism (which has, at its heart, a desire to eliminate poverty by “spreading the wealth around”) is found here in the earliest of Christian churches. However, there is a crucial difference between the church in Acts 2 and a communist society that must be understood.

In the Acts 2 church, the people were giving to each other out of their own good will to those who had a need, and they were giving freely, without regulation of how much they were to give. In other words, they shared what they had out of a shared love for one another and a common goal—living for Christ and glorifying God. In a communist society, people give because a system of government forces them to give. They don’t have a choice in the matter as to how much they give or to whom they give. This, therefore, does not reflect on who they are; it says nothing about their identity or character. Under communism, the cheerful, generous giver and the stingy man are both required to give exactly the same amount – namely, everything they earn.

The issue is one of cheerful giving (which the Bible supports) versus forced giving. Second Corinthians 9:7 says, “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

When we use the Bible as our framework, we can begin to construct the model for a government and an economy that liberates human potential and limits human sinfulness. In Genesis 1:28, God says we are to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. One aspect of this is that humans can own property in which they can exercise their dominion. Since we have both volition and private property rights, we can assume that we should have the freedom to exchange these private property rights in a free market where goods and services can be exchanged.

From a Christian perspective, the basis of private property rests in our being created in God's image. We can make choices over property that we can exchange in a market system. But sometimes the desire for private property grows out of our sinfulness.

Correspondingly, our sinful nature also produces laziness, neglect, and slothfulness. The fact is that economic justice can best be achieved if each person is accountable for his own productivity.

One of the major moral arguments against capitalism is greed, which is why many Christians feel unsure about the free enterprise system. Critics of capitalism contend that this system makes people greedy. But then we must ask whether capitalism makes people greedy or do we already have greedy people who use the economic freedom of the capitalistic system to achieve their ends? In light of the biblical description of human nature (Jeremiah 17:9), the latter seems more likely. Because people are sinful and selfish, some are going to use the capitalist system to satisfy their greed. But that is not so much a criticism of capitalism as it is a realization of the human condition. The goal of capitalism is not to change bad people but to protect us from them. Capitalism is a system in which bad people can do the least harm and good people have the freedom to do good works. Capitalism works best with moral individuals.

Those who complain of the influence major corporations have on our lives should consider the socialist alternative where a few governmental bureaucrats control every aspect of our lives.

Though greed is sometimes evident in the capitalist system, we have to understand it’s not because of the system—it’s because greed is part of man’s sinful nature.

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A board dedicated to a reactionary mythology empowered by a monarchy and capital accumulation through imperialism is a reactionary shithole? Imagine my shock…

This isn't really how capitalism works, though, is it?

Workers, in most cases, are not trusted to oversee their own labor, and their work primarily pays their employer. They don't actually see the results of their productivity - indeed, what they're accountable for is their employer's productivity because the profit and the product do not go to the workers. They get all of the risk, accountability for someone else's profit, and no real say in either productivity or the product of their labor.

The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Capitalism just rewards such people with large amounts of power and influence. The current "freedoms" of capitalism are a relatively recent development - in early America, corporations had legally limited lifespans and incorporating was very hard to do. The structure was essentially inherited from monarchist and mercantile societies, and it was recognized that these large entities held the potential to impede personal freedom and exempt themselves from participation in civil society.

In the interest of "freedom," the bloated corporate state has been granted rights, lifespan, and influence which a regular person (as opposed to a corporate "person" - a legal fiction) does not possess. This was a "freedom" extended to allow one party to chain another. The very perception of economic freedom and what it means to have it, in the current context, has changed radically to mean welfare and dictation for the rich.

But what it actually does is protect moneyed private interests from the rights of the public. Take for instance the current opioid epidemic. It is a direct result of pharmaceutical groups aggressively selling the stuff to doctors and encouraging them to prescribe it liberally. Hundreds of thousands dead, millions hooked, yet all these groups have had to do is pay comparatively meager sums out in lawsuits. A human person who pushed such drugs and murdered so many would get the death sentence. A corporate "person" and its shareholders get a fine and are allowed to continue selling opioids as though they could now be trusted with it.

No petty dealer could ever do that kind of damage, but he could slightly threaten the profits of those who do and so stopping that type is seen as priority.

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Islam is horribly oppressive to women so no. Fuck Islam.

Why are there so many religious communists. Seriously, it's current year.

Wrong. In a lower phase communist society the workers are entitled to everything they produce. In a higher phase communist society property will have lost its meaning.

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