Noel gallagher gets the bullet

Noel is a cuck and Liam is better

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The Stone Roses are better than Oasis anyways.

Didn't he play in Israel recently?

The gallaghers are burgouise and stone roses are working class chaps, fuck the gallagher cunts with their shit radio music

Is it bad I now have it stuck in my head as "I AM THE REVOLUTION".


Noel would have got the wall anyway.
Oasis suck

Stone roses is totalky another class.
When it comes to britpop: Pulp>>blur>>>>>>>>>oasis

Jeremy is a commie.

The stone roses are actually pro communism.
It's weird seeing libertardians and fash bigging them up.
Noel is a muppet who thought Blair was the messiah. Poor judgement loudmouth nobody.


Oh man, really?

Great taste comrade

Why does the British press give so much attention to people that dislike Corbyn?

Because they're so far right a pink socdem like corbyn threatens them. We must support corbyn, abbott, and mcdonnel from Tory and Blairist imperialism.

Because like Sanders, Corbyn represents a crack in the dike holding back reaction against "austerity." Curtailing Capitalism's excesses would directly help the people and alleviate the crushing burdens placed on them, and if people were allowed to experience this their house of cards would immediately come crashing down.

Would Corbyn as PM accelerate revolution or delay it?

I would say accelerate it by making leftist ideals more mainstream.

It's hard to say. I'm not an expert on British politics so I can't say definitively how his victory would affect things there. I think it would majorly depend on how successful he or other reformists like Sanders were, and what the necessary reaction would be like.

If we use FDR as an example, his reforms both improved the station of the working class, but also placed the US govt in such security that they were able to decimate the revolutionary element that made those reforms possible and necessary, and we're towards the tail end of them being rolled back now. If global socialist revolution was a real threat in the 20s and 30s, then FDR's reforms contributed to delaying it for nearly a century.

However, neither Corbyn nor Sanders are FDR, and the 1920s are going to be as different from the 2020s as they are similar. We can't just look back and say "this is how things are going to happen."

If Corbyn or someone like him did succeed in overtaking political power and were able to institute some of the reforms that they are after, the lot of the working classes would be immediately improved, if just a little. This might placate some, but I don't believe that most are in such comfortable positions that they would be satisfied with or even desire a return to the status quo. To satisfy the working class in FDR's day required a major reconstitution of American society. Take the transformation of the Tennessee valley, for example:

Could we see something today on such a massive scale? It's not impossible, but I doubt it.

I think that whatever progress or improvements might be won would be dismally short lived, either because they fail to anticipate rapidly developing economic situations, environmental disaster, or outright political or industrial sabotage. I strongly suspect that even if progressives were able to win office, the various other limbs of bourgeois government would conspire to thwart their reelection and their programs.

However, we see here a very big rub. People are already angry, and getting angrier. There's a good chance that political defeat would knock the wind from this growing sentiment, but I think there's an even better chance of it inflaming political action from below. This is why they are so desperate to keep people like Sanders and Corbyn out, because keeping people from getting what they want makes them mad, but giving people what they want and then taking it away makes them

There are far too many factors at play to say definitively one way or another, but this is what they fear, especially because the bourgeois are rapidly running out of excuses to not give people what they want, and were they to get it only for it to be taken away, the blame and the shadow of guillotines would fall squarely at their feet.


Yes, the bastard has a commie on his team. And has given speeches were his workers had to photoshop out the communist flag.

Wew, I've never been interested in bong politics, but that media campaign is, out of the media campaigns launched against alternative left politicians like Sanders, Melenchon or Wagenknecht, definitely one of the most vile and ridiculous ones I've seen.
Somebody please unironically kill that bitch

Accelerate it: Corbyn and McDonnell are genuine DemSocs. I think what would happen is either: A) they take power just after a financial crash of such magnitude that capital has no power to resist socialism or B) They cause the deep state to coup them (which could lead to a victory and implementation of the political dictatorship of the proletariat).

Although one thing, both the army and the police are the weakest they have been in decades: the tories are now cutting troop numbers even further and police chiefs were cautioning the tories not to cut them back in 2011 saying there would be more terror attacks. The deep state might not have the ability to try and overthrow them,,,

Evidently it didn't go unnoticed by the general populace that he was just being smeared left, right, and center. iirc it actually helped him because he was obviously popular, and people noticed.

I can't find the exact video atm, but I remember during the snap seeing interviews even with non-Labour supporters saying "It's bullshit the way they treat him"

damn, and I thought the Guardian had finally made a video worth sharing

How the fuck can you be friends with Russell Brand, have a working class background, and still be this much of a classcuck?

Hot take: Oasis > Blur but Damon >>>> Noel
Stone Roses being untouchable goes without saying and The Jam is another proto-Britpop band that doesn't get enough love
Someone webm this pls.

Daily reminder that Pulp is the real lefty britpop band. I don't view MSP as britpop tbh.


every time that video gets posted I watch it again

fucking tony blair
i mean how much of a wank do you actually have to be to hedge a bet like that? if you're going to stab the leader of your own party in the back (well really if you have a reputation like tony blair, it's probably a boost.) at least go the whole way and say, "No ifs, no buts, he'll lose" rather than "he'll loseā€¦ according to the soothsayer"

Not a webm (so won't work on 4chan's /gif/, etc.) but if you want to post it on Holla Forums, MP4 works if that's any use. (Apologies if it's not.)

GOOD taste
and related Mark Fisher as I'm bingeing:
(would also have included Eton Rifles for relevance to UK politics but alas the video file is too big.)

Honestly it makes me tear up just a little and I'm not even british.

just a reminder eveyone that noel gallagher has a lass playing the fucking SCISSORS in his band. honestly, the absolute STATE of him.

It was actually really funny to see how the media responded to Blair saying that. They were running around like headless chicken not knowing who to slam

How weak are the morale of the troops? How do they feel about say, Blairist interventionism? If they hated being tools of imperialism, it's possible they could switch, if only to avoid being sent to the next site of imperialist war, right?

Beady Eye >> Noel Gallaghers high flying shit stains

Just gonna leave this here

Wait really? I fucking love them so much and you made my day better. I just love those bands like MCarthy and the roses

Tbh I discovered them through Bill Elliot: which btw is a proletarian af film.

I honestly don't know, but the army is getting a pretty major shakeup right now: two commanders in Scotland just got done for making people wank to gay porn as a punishment,

Yes really. Very far left.